The Guardian Warriors were hanging out at the Fun Place one day. They were talking about their mysterious new ally, Ultra Warrior. With Ultra Warrior's help, the Guardian Warriors had destroyed the evil warlord Gerox. The Guardian Warriors did not know who Ultra Warrior was. Just then, the teenage girl and her rock band came into the Fun Place. The Guardian Warriors warmly greeted them. The Red Guardian Warrior greeted his girlfriend, the teenage girl. The teenage girl talked with her boyfriend and the other 6 Guardian Warriors for a bit. Then the teenage girl asked the Red Guardian Warrior "Have you been practicing your guitar?" The Red Guardian Warrior said "Yes, my love!" The Red Guardian, the teenage girl and the other band members went up on stage and set up their instruments and equipment. The Red Guardian Warrior took his red electric guitar out of its case, plugged it in, and turned it up. The teenage girl took her pink electric guitar out of its case, plugged it in, and turned it up. The other 6 Guardian Warriors and the other people at the Fun Place gathered to see the concert. The band then began playing. The Red Guardian Warrior played his electric guitar. The teenage girl played her electric guitar and sang. The band played rock music. The band sounded awesome. They ROCKED! They sounded really good. The other 6 Guardian Warriors and the crowd cheered.

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