This story focuses on Alex's Senior Year.


  • Elizabeth Knicks High School
    • Gymnasium- Where rallies, graduation practices and P.E. Classes are held.
    • Cafeteria- Where the students have their lunch. One one occasion, there was a speaker that convinced the students (mainly Daniel and Alex) to join their health program.
    • Auditorium- The Seniors took part in a play in the episode The School Play. This location was also used in The Photoshoot when Alex, Stephanie, Evelyn and Damaris got their ID pictures taken.
    • Library- The students sometime hang out there at Lunchtime.
    • Bingo Room- In the episode, The Christmas Party, the students (except Isaiah, James (Both of the former did not bring their gifts), Taylor (Got in trouble), and Miranda (who was absent in this episode)) did a White Elephant gift exchange and traded gifts with each other after the game.
    • Practice Field- The Seniors once had their end-of-the-year BBQ after the Senior Rally.
    • Football Field- The most prominent settings in this school. The Seniors' Graduation ceremony took place there at the end of the story. It was also used when the characters ran track in P.E. class.
    • Softball Field- Used in The Baseball When the Juniors compete against the Seniors, paying homage to the 4th vs. 5th Grade battles done in some schools, nationwide.






  • Miss Molly- The teens' History and Science teacher. James and Miranda also have her for homeroom. She takes place in Room 20.
  • Chef- The Lunch Lady.
  • Miss Jo- The toughest P.E. Teacher at the school. Every main character (except Daniel and Alex, who were in Health class for the whole year) took this course instead of Health in the first half of the book. Some of the main male characters (Manuel, Gus, James, Isaiah and Spencer, in this case) stayed in this class in the second half of the book. Gus and Manuel also have her for Homeroom. Her homeroom takes place in Room 21, and (sometimes) the Girls Locker Room.
  • Miss Claudine- Their English teacher. Alex, Daniel and Taylor are also in her homeroom class. She takes place in Room 26.
  • Miss Richardson- Stephanie's English teacher. Damaris and Spencer have her as their homeroom teacher. She teaches in Room 23.
  • Miss Courtney- Their Math teacher. She teaches in Room 24.
  • Ms. Gidget- Their art teacher. Her appearance closely resembles Brett Aspel. She teaches in Room 22.
  • Mr. Flentye- The school's Health teacher. When Semester 2 began, Alex and Daniel both remained in his class since Semester 1. All of the main female students (Taylor, Evelyn, Damaris, Miranda, and Stephanie) joined in the second half of the book. He also serves as Isaiah, Evelyn, and Stephanie's Hoemroom teacher. He takes place in Room 19.


  • Miranda
  • Manuel
  • Stephanie
  • James
  • Gus
  • Alex


  • Damaris
  • Spencer


  • Evelyn
  • Isaiah
  • Daniel
  • Taylor


  1. The First Day of School
  2. The New Math Class
  3. The School Portraits
  4. The Airport
  5. The Book Fair
  6. The Barbecue
  7. The Catalina Trip
  8. The Halloween Episode
  9. The Auto Show
  10. The Egyptian Exhibit
  11. The Anti-Smoking Campaign
  12. The Thanksgiving Episode
  13. The Minimum Days
  14. The Boot Camp
  15. The Christmas Party
  16. The Aquarium
  17. The Heartbreak
  18. The Spirit Day
  19. The Photoshoot
  20. The Semester Break
  21. The School Play
  22. The All-School Rally
  23. The Health Class
  24. The Money
  25. The Movie
  26. The Art Class
  27. The Arbor Day
  28. The Report Cards
  29. The Easter Vacation
  30. The Sole Survivor
  31. The Fire Drill
  32. The Fiesta
  33. The Betrayal
  34. The Wild Party
  35. The Senior Rally
  36. The Baseball
  37. The Excursion
  38. The Senior Barbeque
  39. The Graduation
  40. The Epilogue


The Community College is in the works. It is expected to be about Alex going to college and meeting new friends.


  • With the twelve main characters, there are more male students (with seven) than there are females (with five).
  • There are twelve main characters in this book.
    • There are six Seniors that were in the book: Miranda, James, Alex, Stephanie, Gus and Manuel.
    • On the other hand, there are only Sophomores that are the main characters are Evelyn, Daniel, Taylor and Isaiah.
    • The only Juniors in the book are Spencer and Damaris.
      • Thus, the vast majority of the main characters were all Seniors.


  1. The Teens of Room 20/Ed Edd n Eddy
  2. The Teens of Room 20/Total Drama Island
  3. The Teens of Room 20/Total Drama Island 2

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