The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon


The same Cross emblazoned on the shield of the Knights Templar.

File:Templar Sigil


All members of the Knights swear an Oath to serve and protect New York City at cost of their own lives, even if this means taking on the very consilium they are percieved to serve.


Known as the Temple, its location is a mystery. It is believed to be near the bar the Templars frequently hang out at.




Michael is a massive image of a man. He stands close to seven feet tall, and is proportionally as broad across his shoulders. He is heavily muscled, and his body contains a low amount of body fat. He has a broad jaw, and prominent cheek bones. His light brown eyes are warm when calm, and fiery when angered. He keeps his hair cropped short, and he frequently wears jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. If approached casually, Michael does not appear to be the leader he is. He is gruff. He drinks often. He speaks openly and candidly no matter who he offends. He likes woman, a lot, and his hands wander when he is drunk. When it comes down to business, whether with the force or the Consilium, he becomes deadly serious… though he occasionally cracks and makes a joke.

Known Info:

1st degree master, Blessed of Heavenly Path and Champion of the A.A.


Appearance: Martin is handsome, in a rugged sort of way. Strong features, and sharp blue eyes give him a distinctly Aryan appearance. He plays the part well in uniform, but the discipline breaks down out of uniform. He generally wears expensive suits like he rolled out of bed in them, and he has an easy going attitude that frustrates many people on the force. Known Info: Next to Michael, Martin is the oldest of the Templars. He is a Gulf war veteran, and did a stint in private security.

Enchanter of the Thistle Path, and Major of the A.A.
Rumors: Was once a member of the Adamantine Arrow Free Companies.


Appearance: Bronzed skin, dark eyes and round face. Joan's features are every bit as strong as her personality is. She moves with unsettling intensity. Her long black hair is generally pulled into flawless corn rows, and her clothing is always professional... and masculine. While small, she has a rough look and a presence which makes her seem large.

Known Info: Joan was always the good kid in a bad neighborhood. The middle child, she saw her older brother fall in with a gang at an early age. Tough but smart, Joan kept out of trouble as her brother fell into deeper trouble. She awakened when gang violence claimed his life, and then she joined the police force.

Mastigos A.A
Rumors: In a relationship with Faith.


Appearance: Tall and etheral with perfect skin, Faith looks more like a model then a cop. She has smooth brown skin. Dark eyes. Full lips. Long curly black hair, and a high cheek bones that give her a regal look.

Known Info: Faith was found by Joan shortly after they both awakened. Faith is a few years younger, and formed close personal ties to the rest of the Templars before she was old enough to join the Police force.

Acanthus A.A


Appearance: The snarky detective looks like a human rat with a long nose, creepily thin mustache and distrust inspiring tone. Tall and lanky, he seems as thin as Michael is wide and his arms seem to go on forever.

Known Info: Not much. A general wise ass that is useful part of the cabal despite on getting on everyone's nerves.

Acanthus A.A



Known Info:

Obrimos A.A



Known Info:

Moros A.A


Appearance: Julian has the look of a natural athlete. He is just over six feet tall. He had a short cropped shock of blond hair, and a broad firm chest. Despite his obvious physical similarities with Enigma, they seem to end with genetic traits. Julian's clothing is consistently clean, but it is rarely ironed. His suits are pleasant but uncreative. He seems striking unnoticeable when put among the other slightly good looking men.

Known Info:

Enigma's brother. Detective for the NYPD, and he handles missing person cases. He is trying to get into homicide. Recently found himself apprenticed beneath a Tamer of Fire, oddly following the example of his younger brother.

Obrimos A.A.

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