1. Thomas And The Snow

Thomas has to take Annie and Clarabel through the snow. He hates snow and doesn't want to do it athough he loves his carriages very much he promises to take them. Annie and Clarabel don't like snow either. They can't see anything except Clarabel can see the back and the passengers can only see snow on Annie's windows. Annie can't even see the back of Thomas. Thomas can hardly see and rides off the snowy mountain and ends up next to the track of Culdee Fell. Culdee tells Donald to collect Thomas like he collects Culdee. Donald takes Thomas home.


Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, Donald and Culdee.

2. Fancy Dress Competition

There is a contest to find the best dressed engine. Thomas dresses up as a clown with the reddest nose and yellow and green paint, Harold dresses up as a falcon, James dresses up as a tomato and Murdoch dresses up as an engine made of bubblegum by putting pink paint on him to look like bubblegum. Gordon says they all look rubbish but he learns his lesson when they all win first prize.


Thomas, Gordon, James, Murdoch, Toby (cameo) and Harold.

3. Thomas Goes To School

Thomas wants to go to school like the children. The Fat Controller tells him when he went to school he got bored and never went to school again. James gets to give the children a lift to the school except Friday's. On Friday, Bertie or Bulgy take the schoolchildren. Thomas has to take Troublesome Trucks past the school but they do him a favour by pushing him into the school wall like he crashed into the Stationmaster's house years and years ago. The teacher scolds Thomas for breaking the school. Thomas apologizes but doesn't scold the Troublesome Trucks. He finds out what school is like and at breaktime. Thomas is used for a playengine for just one day.


Thomas, James, Bertie, Bulgy, Troublesome Trucks, Fat Controller, Schoolchildren and Teacher

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