The Thomas Club Movie


At the beginning Bash, Dash and Ferdinand show Diesel, Mavis, Arry, Bert, Derek and Daisy a band they performed at Misty Island. Diesel, Arry and Bert boo it. They bump the three logging locos into the back of the shed and bash their drum with Troublesome Trucks. The next day Thomas, Percy and James pull their friends back onto the tracks when Diesel, Arry and Bert have gone to work. Dennis tells Thomas that the sheds are very old now and what happened to Shedengine a lazy diesel engine who stayed in his shed all day. Diesel had rudely bumped into the back of Shedengine and Shedengine had rolled away from the shed sideways on the Sodor Bridge, Hank the American Engine had knocked him into the sea by accident. Thomas late meets Hank and Hank tells him it did happen. Thomas then remembers when Dennis was very lazy and crashed. Diesel 10 is working with Splatter and Dodge when Thomas comes along knocking down some old scrap in the way of the tracks. The pile collapses onto Diesel 10's shed. Diesel 10's shed falls down trapping Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge and the scrap. Diesel 10 gets angry and tells Thomas to go away. Splatter and Dodge have had enough too. Diesel hears what Thomas did to Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge. He gets angry and so do Arry and Bert. They chase Thomas but Gordon causes an accident when shunting Henry. The five engines collide. The Fat Controller blames Diesel and Diesel is punished to stay behind Percy and Duck in the shed as Duck now lives with the steam engines as Toby has his own shed. Duck lives behind Percy and tells Thomas. Stanley has heard about the accident and comes to sort them out. Gordon and Henry go to the Steamworks to get repaired. Victor gives Gordon and Henry new buffers. Bash, Dash and Ferdinand all arrive too to have their drum repaired. Dash thanks Victor for the repaired drum and Ferdinand says 'That's right'. Splatter and Dodge plan to punish Thomas by making him cross the longest bridge on Sodor. 400 meters long. If he falls he dies into the sea. Thomas wants to tackle the bridge. Thomas crosses it very fast and doesn't fall. Splatter and Dodge chase him but Diesel 10, Diesel, Arry, Bert and D261 come along blocking Thomas then Splatter and Dodge come behind Thomas and biff him off the bridge but Harold rescues Thomas by pulling him. The nasty diesels groan and are shocked but then Emily, Edward, James and Gordon block Diesel, Arry, Bert, Diesel 10 and D261 while Henry, Duck, Toby and Percy block Splatter and Dodge. They push them off the bridge and they fall right into the sea. Onto barges. They float away and don't come back for a long time. Thomas, Harold and the engines go back to the sheds. The Fat Controller tells them that the diesels will need repairs and then gives them a surprise-the Narrow Gauge Engines in one big truck called Bigtruck. Bigtruck lends the narrow gauge engines flatbeds and Duke, Sir Handel and Peter Sam tell all the engines stories from ages. After the credits Harvey and Murdoch come up. Harvey feels sad because he missed out on Duke's stories but Murdoch says there may be more so they go to enjoy.


Ben Small-Thomas, Toby and Ferdinand

Keith Wickham-Percy, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Duck, Bash, Dash and The Fat Controller

Kerry Shale-Diesel, Arry and Bert

Rob Rackstraw-Dennis

Tom Hanks-Hank, Duke, Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Harvey

Matt Wilkinson-Diesel 10 and Victor

Neil Crone-Splatter

Kevin Frank-Dodge

Piece Brosnan-Stanley

Teresa Gallagher-Emily

John Ratzenberger-Murdoch

Michael Angelis-The Narrator

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