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The Thomas the Tank Engine Movie is a 1997 American children's model fantasy-action comedy film. It is based on the popular kids show "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends", and the book "Sir Topham Hatt in Danger" by Christopher Awdry. It features elements from Spiderman cartoons and it's movie series (the least kind of Spiderman), Digimon the Movie (the horrible anime movie) and the TV Series. This film is distributed by TriStar Pictures in association with Britt Allcroft Productions. It features the voice talents of Ringo Starr as Thomas, who narrated the story about his adventure, George Carlin, Julie Kavern, Didi Cohn, Michael Angelis and Tom Hanks. It is rated G. This was released in theaters in November 1, 1997.


When Diesel 10 arrives and threatens to replace Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas and Edward must team up together and rescue Sir Topham Hatt while Percy and Rosie are having a day off.


  • The Season 4 models and sets are used, and the music by Randy Newman is used.

Opening Previews

April 7, 1998 version

  1. Columbia TriStar Home Video logo (1993-2001)
  2. "Coming Soon to a Theater Near You"
  3. Madeline trailer (I'm not a huge fan of the live-action film)
  4. Yoshi's Island The Movie trailer (CGI-animated) (Rated G) (Distributed by TriStar Pictures and Pixar)
  5. "Coming Soon to Home Video"
  6. The West Wild Adventure (animated) (Rated PG) (Distributed by Columbia Pictures)
  7. "Now Avaliable on Home Video"
  8. Starship Troopers trailer
  9. The Sandlot Special Edition trailer (if it was made by TriStar instead of FOX)
  10. The Second Jungle Book trailer
  11. Thomas the Tank Engine Movie Soundtrack
  12. FBI Warning
  13. Surround Sound logo
  14. Format Screen
  15. TriStar Pictures logo
  16. Britt Allcroft Studios logo
  17. Start of Film


  • Percy getting stuck at the cliff edge is similar to the scene which Tombo is in danger from "Kiki's Delivery Service"

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