This has Thomas and his friends in looking different as of Ned Grabiec's drawing. The engines have different voices and are cartoon characters.


Thomas Sangster as Thomas the Tank Engine-the main protagonist of the series

Colin Firth as Edward the Blue Engine-the friendly blue engine

Seth McFarlane as Henry the Green Engine-the long fast green engine

Pamela Hayden as Gordon the Big Engine-the powerful fast blue engine

Tyger Drew-Honey as James the Red Engine-the splendid red engine

Oscar Steer as Percy the Small Engine-Thomas's best friend and the junior engine

John Lasseter as Toby the Tram Engine-the oldest steam tram on Sodor

Kelly MacDonald as Emily the Eremald Engine-the first female member of the steam team

Ned Beatty as The Fat Controller-the director of the railway

Kelsey Grammer as Devious Diesel-the main antagonist of the series

Frank Kelly as Diesel 10-the other main antagonist

Kelsey Grammer as Arry and Bert-Diesel's best friends

James Fox as Spencer-the fast silver snobbish engine

Nancy Cartwright as Whiff-the leader of his own waste dump

Ardal O'Hanlon as Scruff-the second leader of Whiff's Waste Dump

Owen Wilson as Stanley-the strong, shiny new boy next door

Oscar Steer as Skarloey-one of the oldest narrow gauge engines

Thomas Sangster as Rheneas-the third oldest narrow gauge engine

Jim Norton as Sir Handel-the blue no 3 narrow gauge engine

Oscar Steer as Peter Sam-the no 4 narrow gauge engine

Tom Hanks as Rusty-the first narrow gauge diesel

Pierce Brosnan as Duncan-the tallest narrow gauge engine

Frank Kelly as Duke-the oldest narrow gauge engine

Tim Allen as Freddie-the bravest narrow gauge engine

Diedrich Bader as Mighty-the oldest half of the 2 in 1 engine

Richard Kind as Mac-the younger half of the 2 in 1 engine

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