The Thornkanzies is an American animated television series produced by Klasky-Csupo (the creator of the Rugrats), Meatball/Overine Productions and Columbia Tristar Television.


The show revolves around a dark-brown skinned family with black hair: Steven Thornkanzie, who wears a green sports jacket, yellow shirt and white shorts, Martha Thornkanzie, who wears blue shorts, Steven Thornkanize Jr., who wears a red shirt and blue pants, Emerald, who wears a pink dress, Joshie, the youngest of the Thornkanzie children who remains silent and Charlie & Flora, a two-headed cat who is the pet of the Thornkanzie family who have no legs.

References to other K-C programs

  • In the pilot episode, in the following scene in which the Thornkanies go to the pet shop for a pet, one of the pets locker names is Spike, the Rugrats' dog.
  • In the episode Emerald the Beauty Queen, when Emerald is marching on the road to the supermarket with no pants, the crowd can be seen watching her, one of them being the Rugrat named Angelica.
  • In the episode A Thornkanzie Thanksgiving when Steven and Martha are driving their vehicle to their children's play, the traffic is slow in the same way as when Stu and Grandpa are in the parade in the Rugrats Chunnakah special.
  • In the episode Steven in Chains

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