The Three Little Pokemon Trainers is the first episode of the second Season of Pokemon Puzzle League: Happily Ever After Fairy Tales For Every Child Edition. It aired on September 12, 1998.


  • In this adaptation of the Three Little Pigs, Casey, Sakura and Cherry are all at Camp Puzzle League and are invited by DJ Mary. Casey asks Her Father so that she, Sakura and Cherry can get into the contest in which he agrees. Soon, Casey, Sakura and Cherry have put on Girl Scout uniforms and opaque tan tights and are singing the national Girl Scout Anthem. After that, they stay at the camp and the three remove their flats to play a pantyhosed game until night falls. They change to their pajamas, keep their tan tights on and went to bed. By morning, they are invited to a spa just after they take off their pajamas and tan tights. However, trouble falls in when the big bad boy, by the name of Tsuyoshi of the Festival Crashers, is in town. Just as Casey has built a house of straw, Tsuyoshi appears and commands her to let him in, but she doesn't. Tsuyoshi uses his Hitmonlee to knock the house of straw down and Casey runs away in panic. Later, Sakura has built a house full of wood when Tsuyoshi comes back. He orders the Kimono Girl to let him in, but she can't. Hitmonlee knocks the house of wood down and Sakura runs away screaming. Later, Cherry has just built a house of Bricks when Tsuyoshi appears. He commands her to let him in, but she refuses. Hitmonlee tries to knock down the house of Bricks, but it hurts its foot because it's too hard. Quite soon, Raiden appears and his Feraligatr sends Hitmonlee flying. Tsuyoshi is then tangled in a rope and quickly surrenders. As the episode finishes, Casey, Sakura and Cherry, in their choir uniforms and opaque white tights, sing in a chorus One World from The Cheetah Girls.


  • Kerry Williams as Casey, Sakura, Cherry
  • Amy Birnbaum as DJ Mary
  • as Casey's Father
  • Wayne Grayson as Tsuyoshi
  • Dan Green as Raiden


  • This episode has Casey, Sakura and Cherry as the Three Pigs, DJ Mary as the pig singer, Casey's Father as the first Pig's Father, Tsuyoshi as the Big Bad Wolf and Raiden as the Superhero Pig.
  • This is the episode where Time Lapse is used. It shows Casey building a house of straw, Sakura a house of wood and Cherry a house of bricks.
  • Also there are three musics, Flight of The Bumblebee (when Casey builds a house of straw), William Tell Overture (when Sakura builds a house of Wood) and The Barber of Seville Overture (when Cherry builds a house of bricks).
  • Who's That Pokemon: Primeape.
  • Pokemon-a-Long: Together Forever.


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