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Dedictated by CoolZDane Baddwing MichaelSar12IsBack and TheCityMaker


  • Narrator: Coming This Summer From Beetlegeuse1981 Pictures
  • Rabbit: Up there, high, high in the dark
    bell tower, lives the mysterious bell ringer,
  • Patch: Good morning,
  • Crane: Tweet tweet,
  • Patch: If I picked a day to fly,
  • Crane: Tweet tweet tweet,
  • Patch: Oh, this would be it,
  • Danny: Oh, man! I thought he'd never leave! I'll be spittin' feathers for a week!
  • Pudge: Well that's what you get for sleeping with your mouth open.
  • Narrator: He live his sullet tarry life, Behind stonewalls,
  • Nuka: Remember Patch,
  • Patch: Yes, master.
  • Nuka: This is your sanctuary.
  • Rabbit: (singing) There it is, the moment you've been waiting for
  • Narrator: Outside, were's the world is in own the dream down.
  • Nuka: Look at that disgusting display
  • Tod(Young): Yes sir
  • Narrator: Until he met Rita the Fox

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