The Time Machine is the twenty-first episode of Digimon Adventure 2.

The English version is written by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Akiyoshi Hongo, John Ludin, Eric Goldberg and Howard Ashman, based on the Story idea by Adolph Green, Betty ComdenRon Clements and John Musker.



(OPENING SCENE: The Jolly Roger. Everybody is looking at the exploded Garurumon's Cliff. The DigiDestined, the Digimon and the Genies look sad and scared.)


Digimon Emperor: We're terribly sorry DigiDestined, but Davis and Yolei are now gone for good. Jafar: 

Dr. Frankenstein: Ja. And most of all, they didn't even said their last goodbyes to each other.

Captain Hook: 

All: Adieu. Farewell to thee. For parting is such sweet sorrow.

Dr. Frankenstein: And now, which will it be, join us (angrily) or walk the Plank?

Kari: Dr. Frankenstein, we will never join your crew. We had enough with your silly inventions and your.....

(Zeppo covers Kari's mouth with his hands.)

Zeppo: Shhh. Quiet. You don't want to disturb the plan do you?

Dr. Frankenstein: What was that she said?

Zeppo: Well what she means is...Er. We will never *resist* to join your crew.

Dr. Frankenstein: Is that so?

Zeppo: Yes, sir.

Dr. Frankenstein: As you wish. Ladies first, me dear.

(Song: The Criminal Cried from The Mikado.)

Dr. Frankenstein: Gotten Himmel!! My Creation!! It is ruined!!!!

Veemon: That's it, deals off, Frankenstein!

Hawkmon: You cheated.

Veemon and Hawkmon: And we know you would!

Captain Hook: We'll get you for this, mangy Digidestined! If it's the last thing we do!

T.K.: I say Captain, do you hear something?

Captain Hook: No..

Dr. Frankenstein: Look!

Digimon Emperor, Captain Hook, Jafar and Dr. Frankenstein: CROCODILE!!

Hawkmon: Boy, that Crocodile really has a big appetite for these Crooks. Get out you big Brute you. Off with you. Go on now. Shoo, shoo, shoo and take your Ticking Tocking Clock with you. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big Reptile like you.

(The Crocodile spits at Hawkmon)

Dr. Frankenstein: Ooomph! You think we're beaton?

Digimon Emperor: We were just distracting you in the battle, so you'll forget where we hid the Jolly Roger.

Jafar: To power the latest invention ever created.

Veemon and Hawkmon: Good Lord, not!!!!!

Dr. Frankenstein: Yes my friends. The Time Machine!!!

Captain Hook: We'll be leaving right now! But we'll be back Digidestined.

Groucho: In that case, we've got no choice but to do THIS!!!

Dr. Frankenstein: Oh and by the way, while you are all running against us, then you better pick up the pace!

Zeppo: WELL!!! How about that for defeating the Emperor, Hook, Jafar and Frankenstein, Cody?

Cody: Gosh, we sure showed them. Now about my three wishes....

Zeppo: Am i hearing you correctly, three? You are down by ONE MORE!!!

Cody: Uh no, i didn't actually wished to defeat the Bad Guys. We did that on our own.

(Zeppo drops his Jaw.)

Zeppo: Well i feel Sheepish. All right you Lummex, but no more Freebies. Not counting that Hawkmon has a Feather that is lighter than i thought.

Hawkmon: Fair deal.

Cody: So, three wishes. Hmm.. and i want them to be good. What would you wish for? (Cody turns to Zeppo who is sleeping on a Hammock.)

Zeppo: Me?

(Zeppo falls out of his Hammock and onto the ground.)

Zeppo: No one's ever asked me that before. Well in that case, the one Wish that i wanted more than anything else in the world was..... Freedom. It's the only Wish i could ever want in the entire land.

Cody: So, you're a prisoner?

Zeppo: Of course, it's all part and parcel of the whole Genie Gig. (Grows to a gigantic-size Phantom) PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWERS!!!!! (Shrinks down inside Cody's Ring) Itty-Bitty Living Space!

T.K.: That's right, the codeword of the Genie.

Groucho: It all runs in the Family.

Zeppo: But oh, i yearn to free. My Brothers and i had the same wish ever since we've been created by Mukhtar. But we don't like to go (Poof) What do you need? (Poof) What do you need? (Poof) What do you need? To be my own master. My Brothers have been freed from their Lamps, but not me. I was still trapped inside this Ring for Ten-Thousand Years, it'll give you such an ache in the Neck. For Ten-Thousand Years, i always knew that in my heart, such a thing will be greater in this World than all the Magic and all the Powers and all the Treasures in all the World! But Jiminy Cricket, what am i talking about, am i in a Movie Theatre or something? Let's get real here, it's not gonna happen.

Cody: Why not?

Zeppo: The only way i could get out of this, is if my Master wishes me out. So you can guess how often that's gotten into you.

Cody: Then i'll do it, i'll set you free.

Zeppo: What? (Zips to Cody) You mean it, you really mean it, Cody?

Armadillomon: Of course he means it. After he makes his first two wishes, he'll use his third Wish to set you free and you will join your Brothers after that.

Zeppo: Well, it's open. Gonna be a long time, but.... all right, it's perfect. Cody, you'll use your last Wish to make me a Free Genie.

Cody: It's done then.

Zeppo: Excellent, i knew you would do fine. Now let's make some Magic!! And how about it, what is it you want most?

Cody: Well.... there's this Grandfather of mine and....

Zeppo: EHHHH WRONG!!!! I'm an Axe Murderer or a Serial Killer, remember?

Zeppo: Now let's see uh... () "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"? Nope, "A Christmas Carol". "Back to the Future" Aha, "The Time Machine".

T.K.: But what about Yolei and Davis? We still haven't found them yet.

Harpo: Oh do not worry about them, T.K., we're gonna catch up with them.

Zeppo: Yeah, i know, you're trying to waste me. I should probably be a little Fry, but hey, we Genies do the Magic around here, right?

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