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TinyToons characters
The Tiny Toons & Looney Tunes Show is a TV show (based on the original Looney Tunes characters and series from 1930-1969, Tiny Toon Adventures characters and series from 1990-1995, and Animaniacs characters and series from 1993-1998).


The concept of the show revolves around Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck, and the Warner siblings hanging with the Tiny Toons gang: Babs Bunny, Hamton J. Pig, Fifi la Fume, Shirley the Loon, Montana Max, Elmyra Duff, Calamity Coyote, and more. In the show, Buster and Plucky meet the Warner siblings in their adventures together in Los Angeles. The show features the characters living in different homes and going to a different school than in their previous show.

The series will focus more on characters like Fifi la Fume, Little Beeper and Calamity Coyote. The series is also a small crossover of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs.

Each season will mostly have sitcom related episodes from time to time. They will also feature some cartoon humor, preteen to teen drama, variety, and parody episodes. The stories of each episode will have either modern or orignality to them. In Season 2, they feature new characters like; Animaniacs - Slappy Squirrel, Mindy, Buttons, and more, Lightning Rodriquez, the rejected duck versions of the Warner Siblings, and many more.


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  • Charlie Adler as Buster Bunny, Roderick Rat, and Grovely
  • Tress MacNeille as Babs Bunny, Rhubella Rat, Dot Warner, Miss Flamiel, Babs' Mother, Plucky's Mother, Mindy's Mother, Hello Nurse, Emily Duff, Marcia the Martian and Baby Duff
  • Jeff Bergman as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Plucky Duck, Roger Duck (Plucky's father) Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester and Tweety
  • Fred Armisen as Speedy Gonzales
  • René Auberjonois as Pepé Le Pew
  • June Foray as Granny, Melissa Duck and Witch Hazel
  • Gail Matthius as Shirley the Loon
  • Billy West as Hamton J. Pig and Elmer Fudd
  • Candi Milo as Sweetie
  • Maurice LaMarche as Dizzy Devil, The Brain and Yosemite Sam
  • Danny Cooksey as Montana Max
  • Kath Soucie as Fifi La Fume, Lil' Sneezer, Margo Mallard, Bimbette, Buster's Mother, and Rhoda Queen
  • Kristen Wiig as Lola Bunny
  • Frank Welker as Furball, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper, Gogo Dodo, Byron Basset, Barky Marky, Saul Sheepdog, Checudda and The Road Runner
  • Bob Bergen as Porky Pig
  • John Kassir as Pete Puma
  • Eric Bauza as Marvin the Martian
  • Jim Cummings as Tasmanian Devil, Melvin the Monster, Nasty Condor, and Knuckles Cutlet
  • Kwesi Boakye as Gossamer
  • Jeff Bennett as Baloney the Orange Dinosaur, Buster's Father, and Dizzy's Father
  • Jeff Altman as Dr. Gene Splicer
  • Cree Summer as Elmyra Duff, Witch Sandy and Mary Melody
  • Rob Paulsen as Yakko Warner, Fowlmouth, Concord Condor, Danforth Mallard, Pinky, Arnold the Pit Bull, Banjo Possum, Mac Gopher, and Johnny Pew
  • Jess Harnell as Wakko Warner, Lightning Rodriguez and Tosh Gopher
  • Daran Norris as Barnyard Dawg, Wile E. Coyote, S.B.S. C.E.O., Sergeant Buzzkill, and Babs' Father
  • Jeff McCarthy as Michigan J. Frog
  • Amy Poehler as Sniffles
  • Grey DeLisle as Petunia Pig, Miss Prissy and Gotcha Grabmore
  • Jimmy Bennett as Skippy Squirrel
  • Nancy Cartwright as Mindy
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Duck Vader
  • Jennifer Hale as Dizzy's Mother
  • Ashley Tisdale as Amanda Duff
  • Andrea Libman as Duncan Duff
  • Bob Joles as Santa Claus

Theme Song

The theme song to the show is supposedly a remix and mixture of the Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs themes.

(Song writers, fans, and artists needed for this edit)

Power Metal Themes - "Animaniacs"01:08

Power Metal Themes - "Animaniacs"

Possible new theme for Animaniacs


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Mini Shorts

  • Fifi's Fan Mail (Seen in the closing credits of Fifi Appreciation Day)
  • Baby Babs' Big Question (Seen in the closing credits of Baby Daze)
  • Buster's Magic Act (Seen in the closing credits of Montana the Magnificent)
  • The Northdale Middle School Yearbook (Seen in the closing credits of Picture Imperfect)
  • Buster's Nightmares (Seen in the closing credits of Dreamer's Alley)
  • Plucky's Bail Money (Seen in the closing credits of Ice Plucky)
  • Buster's Guide to the Internet (Seen in the closing credits of Why?)
  • Useless Fact (Seen in between certain episodes)
  • Dot's Poetry Corner (Seen in between certain episodes)

More Coming Soon

Parodies Featured in The Tiny Toons & Looney Tunes Show

  • Nintendo Wii - Parodied as the Numbmindo Whee!
  • Nintendo 3DS - Parodies as Numbmindo 3D2 (3D Squared)
  • Justin Beiber - Parodied as Jayden Beaver
  • Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad - Parodied as Peach MyPhone/MyPod/MyPad
  • YouTube - Parodied as YourBox
  • FaceBook - Parodied as NeckJournal
  • Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda - Parodied as Karate Kangaroo
  • Jack Black - Parodied as Jack Blue
  • Dance Dance Revolution - Parodied as Move Move Evolution
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? - Parodied as Are You Dumber Than a Grade Schooler?
  • KFC/Kentucky Fried Chicken - Parodied as MRC - Montana Rotisserie Chicken
  • Pizza Hut - Parodied as Pizza Kiosk
  • America's Funniest Home Videos - Parodied as World's Most Painful Home Videos
  • Twilight - Parodied as Skylight
  • Big Time Rush - Parodied as Huge Time Chase
  • Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy - Parodied as Super Pluckyo 3D Universe
  • The Disney Channel - Parodied as The Dizzy Channel
  • Phineas & Ferb - Parodied as Pancreas and Herb
  • Good Luck Charlie - Parodied as Good Luck Mindy
  • Xbox 360 - Parodied as Zbox 360
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Parodied as Call to your Duty: Newly Warfare 3
  • So Random! - Parodied as So Unpredictable!
  • PlayStation 4 - Parodied as ClayStation 4
  • Green Lantern - Parodied as Green Lamper (Played by Yakko Warner)
  • Martian Man Hunter - Parodied as Martian Wakko Hunter (Played by Wakko Warner)
  • Supergirl - Parodied as SuperDot (Played by Dot Warner)
  • Burlington's - Parodied as Brookington's
  • Macy's - Parodied as Marcey's
  • SpongeBob SquarePants- Parodied as PineappleBob RoundPants
  • Sesame Street - Parodied as ABC Sunflower Street
  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Parodied as Timothy the Steam Engine and Company
  • Pac-Man- Parodied as Pac-Duck (played by Plucky)
  • Planet Hollywood - Parodied as Planet Toonywood
  • Wreck-it Ralph - Parodied as Smash-em' Steve
  • Angry Birds - Parodied as Mad Chickens.
  • Rovio Entertainment - Parodied as Rabio Entertainment

More Coming Soon

Cameos Featured in the Tiny Toons & Looney Tunes Show

  • Angelina Joulie
  • Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs) (Mostly in Season 1)
  • Bugs Bunny (the Looney Tunes Show)
  • Daffy Duck (the Looney Tunes Show)
  • Lady Gaga
  • Rita and Runt (Animaniacs)
  • Hello Nurse (Animaniacs)
  • Loud Kiddington (Histeria!)
  • Batman (Batman: The Animated Series)
  • Optimus Prime (Transformers)
  • Dan (Dan Vs.)
  • Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

More Coming Soon

Guest Apprearances

  • Justin Beiber - Appears as Jayden Beaver (A Beaver Caricature)
  • Jack Black- Appears as Jack Blue (A Rabbit Caricature)
  • Lady Gaga - Appears as herself
  • Seth MacFarlane- Appears as himself
  • Bill Gates- Appears as himself
  • Brian Goldner (President and CEO of Hasbro) - Appears as himself
  • Rob Paulsen - Appears as himself
  • Tara Strong - Appears as herself


  • And that's a wrap! (Buster Bunny)
  • Now it's personal. (Buster Bunny)
  • Time to party, Buster Style! (Buster Bunny)
  • Goodnight everybody! (Yakko)
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow! (Plucky Duck)
  • Faboo. (Wakko)
  • I just can't help myself. (Babs)
  • Hello Nurse! (Most of the males in the show)
  • Boys. (Dot and Babs)
  • Dad-gum! (Fowlmouth)
  • Narf! (Pinky)
  • Spooooo! (Skippy Squirrel)
  • Meep Meep! (Little Beeper)

Ending Taglines

  • And that's a wrap! (Buster Bunny)
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow! (Plucky Duck)
  • Viva Las Vegas! (Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck)
  • Goodbye, Nurse! (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner)
  • I can't think of the ending of this show. I can't think of anything else. Plucky can't think period. Hey! (Buster, Plucky, Yakko, and Dot)
  • The show's over. NOW SCRAM! (Montana Max)
  • Zort! (Pinky)
  • Spooooo! (Skippy Squirrel)
  • I'm Buster. I'm Babs. I'm Plucky. I'm Yakko. I'm Wakko. And I'm cute! (They all look up) (Buster, Babs, Plucky, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot)
  • Au revoir, my petite potato du couch. (Fifi la Fume)
  • Chow, America! (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot)
  • When I said I had "baloney in my slacks," I meant sliced deli meat, not that sappy orange dinosaur! (Yakko, with Baloney the Dinosaur in his pants)
  • Pew! What's that perfume!? That's not perfume. Oh. (Plucky and Fifi)
  • Look who's staying with us. (Pulls up Dr. Gene Splicer) Our special friend. (Dr. Gene Splicer screams) (Yakko, Wakko, and Dr. Gene Splicer)
  • Kees me! (Fifi la Fume)
  • Flameal! (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot)
  • Samba, everybody! (Plucky Duck)
  • Okay, I love you, Buh-bye. (Mindy)
  • So how do we know when it's over? When the screen goes blank. When's that? Right now. (Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck)
  • Goodnight Nurse! (Yakko and Wakko alongside Hello Nurse)
  • Frod Laiven! (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot)

More Coming Soon


  • The Shopping Mall - A huge mall filled with lots of stores where most of Tiny Toons characters hang out and work.
  • Fifi La Fume's Perfume - A perfume store runned by Fifi in the Shopping Mall.
  • Northdale Middle School - A school where all the toons go to socialize and learn about the real world.
  • Royal Oaks Bowling Alley - A bowling alley where Yakko and Wakko host the tournament in the episode, Pin, Lose, or Draw.
  • Arnold's Workout Gym - An athletic gym that only allows the toughtest and strongest of men.
  • Warner Bros. Studio - A studio where actors from all over come to shoot movies and tv shows. It is also the home of the Warner siblings who live in the Water Tower.
  • Acme Acres - A suburb neighborhood where the Tiny Toons gang live. Each house is different from one another. Buster and Plucky are next door neighbors.
  • Weenie Burger - A fast-food restaurant where the Tiny Toons often hang out. One of their locations is in the Shopping Mall. In Game Over, Plucky once tried to get a job there to earn enough money for a Numbmindo 3D Squared, but was a terrible fry cook and got fired within the same day.
  • Dr. Gene Splicer's Lab - A laboratory where Dr. Gene Splicer hides out to create his genetically altered beasts. Home of Dr. Gene Splicer, Pinky, and the Brain.

More Coming Soon

Quotes (Season 1)

Tiny Toon Returners

  • Plucky: What are we going to do? We've put too much hard work into this project to get back on the air to give up now!

Buster: Hey, I'm the one who's been doing all the hard work. You've just been lazy and mooching off your friends, hoping to get some credit for how much they put into it!

Plucky: So are you saying you don't trust me?

Buster: I didn't mean it like that, Plucky. You're my second best friend, we've known each other since we were in diapers! Well, obviously I got out of mine first. All you ever cared about was flushing your bath toys down the toilet.

(Plucky flushes Buster's toilet)

Plucky: Water go down the hoooole...

Buster: Hey, if you clog up my toilet, you're paying for the plumbing.

Plucky: No problem. (Reaches into Buster's wallet)

Buster: I don't mean with my money.

Plucky: Aw...

  • (Buster and Plucky are on their way to the WB Cartoon Studio)

Plucky: You know what's strange, Buster? It's been 22 years since we were last on the air, and we're both still 14 years old!

Buster: I know. That's the beauty of cartoon characters; they don't age unless their creators want them to.

  • Buster: You guys are a bunch of Whackos.

Wakko: Oh no, He's Yakko. I'm Wakko.

Dot: And I'm Dot, but call me Dotty and you die.

Plucky: Who the heck do you think you people are!?

Yakko and Wakko: We're the Warner Brothers!

Dot: And the Warner Sister.

Yakko: May I ask who you two are?

Buster: (Holds his finger up)


Yakko: Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck of Tiny Toon Adventures!?

Plucky: That's correct!

Warners: We won, we won! What did we win?

Buster: Nothing.

Yakko: Say, what kind of game show is this?

Buster: It's not.

Yakko: Oh.

  • Yakko: You know the pilot for that new cartoon series we helped you make?

"Wakko: The one you said the network would never approve?

Buster: Yes. What of it?

Yakko and Wakko: The network approved it!

Wakko: And they say they want more episodes of the series made...

Yakko: With you as the director!

Buster: Me? As Director? I can picture it all now...

(Buster's fantasy sequence depicts him in a live-action cartoon studio, in which he and Plucky are the only animated cartoon characters)

Executive #1: Mr. Bunny, your show is the biggest hit our network's had in years.

Buster: Excellent.

Executive 2: Your carrot smoothie, Mr. Bunny.

Buster: Oh, thank you. (Hands her some money) Here. Buy yourself something nice.

(Executive #3 is sewing the words BUSTER BAX onto Buster's director's chair. Buster looks at the chair and is not pleased)

Buster: No no no! My last name is Bunny! BUNNY! I can't believe you'd confuse me for that other rabbit that always wears pants!

Executive #3: Sorry, Mr. Bunny.

Plucky: I see you've had that director's chair problem too.

Buster: Plucky, get out of here, this is my fantasy.

Plucky: Well, excuse me for existing!

(Buster's fantasy sequence ends)

Buster: Yeah, that'd be awesome.

  • Talk Show Host: Hello, everybody! Today, we've got a very surprising show for you tonight!

(All the toons were sitting in the front two rows in the audience)

Babs: Where the heck is Buster and Plucky? I thought they were coming along with us?

Hamton: Relax, Babs. I'm sure they'll show up eventually.

Talk Show Host: And now, say hello and a big 22nd annual spectacular welcome to our Tiny Toon friends, Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck!

Tiny Toons: WHAAAAAT!?

(Calamity holds a sign that says, "WHAT!?")

Buster and Plucky: Thank you, thank you, you're too kind.

Pop Star Strike

  • Buster: Where are you guys and girl headed off to?

Fifi: Ze Jayden Beav-air conc-airt. I vant to hold Jayden close to moi arms.

Wakko: And we want his autograph to put in our collection of celebrity autographs.

Yakko: Yes, Jayden's going right here, next to Rob Paulsen and Jess Harnell.

Wakko: You have no idea what we had to do to get their autographs.

Yakko: So, you coming with us?

Buster: Eh, I've seen one of his music videos on YourBox. And this is simply my opinion, but I think he's overrated.

Fifi: Hmmph! If jou don't have anything nice to say about heem, don't say anything at all!

Buster: Actually, that's the nicest thing I can say about him right now.

Game Over

  • Buster: Wait a minute. Are you seriously telling me you don't have a Numbmindo 3D Squared?

Plucky: Nah. My parents wouldn't get one for me because of my terrible grades in school. They say if I want one, I have to pay for it with my own money.

Buster: Oh, you mean, as in getting a job? Because that's how I got my 3D Squared. I could loan you the money, (Plucky's face lights up) but then you'd have to pay me back. (Plucky's face deflates, and before he can speak, Buster continues) And you can't pay me back with other people's money, because then you'd have to pay them back, too. Hold on, I have a better deal. I still have my old Game Cog from when I was a kid; I could give it to you, absolutely free of charge.

Plucky: But it's broken.

Buster: Exactly.

Pin, Lose, or Draw

  • Plucky: Nice round, guys. Lunch is on me. Oh, and Hamton, I'll need your wallet.

Babs: You don't know what 'on me' means, do you?

Plucky: Of course I do!

Babs: Then how come you're paying for our food with Hamton's money?

Plucky: Believe me Babs, if I had my own money, I'd pay for lunch myself, but I just don't have that money right now. I'm just borrowing from Hamton. You understand, right?

Babs: (Sarcastically) Uh-huh. Sure.

  • Plucky: Will you help us, for old time's sake?

Buster: I don't know. You might think I'm showing off, and I wouldn't want do that to my second best friend.

Plucky: Please, Buster, if we lose the game to Monty or Roddy, I'll never be able to show my face in the world again, let alone the Royal Oaks Bowling Alley!

Buster: All right, I'll join you, under these three conditions. #1: If we win, we split the money four ways. That means each of us gets $2,500.

Plucky: Deal.

Buster: #2: You have to pay Hamton back for all the money you 'borrowed' from him.

Plucky: A bit harder, but deal.

Buster: And #3, just because I'm on your team, doesn't mean you're not still the Captain.

Plucky: Now wait just a minute, there, Buster! There's no way I'm giving up my position as Captain just so you can play!

Buster: But I just said you still get to be Captain. It's your team, the Plucky Ducks.

Plucky: Oh.

Love Triangle

  • "Buster: So what do you think guy's?

Plucky: Wait, let me read that!

(Plucky takes the paper and reads it)

Plucky: This really works on weme...

(Plucky stopped talking)

Buster: What?

(They both looked at Fifi who was love dazed)

Plucky: Uhhhh...

Buster: Are you okay?

Fifi: Oh, tre fine. It's just that, I never noticed how ansome' vous are.

Buster: Uhhhhh, thanks?

Fifi: Vous have tre cute ears.

Buster: Uhhhhh, thanks, I think.

Fifi: So, have vous given any of ze thought of ze plans for ze date?

Buster: I have, actually.

Fifi: And who's it for?

Buster: Oh, you know. If my poem is that good, I can't wait to see Babsie's reaction.

(Fifi put on a shocked face)

(Buster got up and left)

Buster: Well, thanks for the help.

Fifi: Come by my house sometime, if vous like!

Buster: (laughs) Good one!"(laughs)

(Fifi looked at him with love as he walked by)

  • Fifi: (sighing) Ezent he just ze cutest?

Babs: Fifi, Buster's a rabbit. You're a skunk. And besides, that poem wasn't for you.

Fifi: Don't vous think he haz ze cutezt earz? I can't wait to zee him tomorrow.

Babs: You're not listening.

Love is a Many Stupid Thing

  • (Elmyra checks her valentine box, only to find it is completely empty. She then turns her head towards Monty to talk to him)

Elmyra: Monty, you forgot to give me a valentine!

Monty: Of course I did, dummy!

Elmyra: But Monty, I made a valentine especially for you!

(Elmyra hands Monty a pink card. Inside the card is a poorly-drawn Monty and Elmyra inside a heart. Monty snatches the valentine from Elmyra and tears it to pieces)

Monty: Ha! I wouldn't want a valentine from you if you were the last girl in the universe! You're stupid, annoying, obnoxious, and ugly, and I hate you!

(Elmyra bursts into tears and runs out of the classroom)

Elmyra: Waaaah!

Buster: You know, Babs, I just can't stand to hear Elmyra cry, and it's not just because of the noise.

Babs: Well, Buster, would you want to send a valentine to the most dangerous girl in the city?

Buster: Maybe not, but she at least deserves some love in her life.

Babs: I suppose you're right. What do you suggest we do?

Buster: I've got a plan, Babs! Meet me in the park after school. Bring fairy wings, bows, arrows, and diapers.

Babs: Why diapers?

Buster: Trust me.

  • (Buster and Babs, still wearing their Cupid disguises, are at Weenie Burger, sitting in a booth, having their dinner)

Babs: (In a dreamy tone) Buster, there's something I've been meaning to ask you... (In normal tone) Does this diaper make my butt look big?

Buster: Not at all, Babs. In fact, you look very cute in it.

(Babs blushes and giggles)

Buster: Our plan is working! As long as those two lovebirds are in love with each other, there will finally be peace in this city.

Plucky: Hey, Buster, there you are, I...

(Plucky bursts out with laughter at the sight of Buster in a diaper)

Plucky: Nice duds, Buster. You lose a bet?

Buster: For your information, Plucky, I'm about to win one. Babs and I have put Monty and Elmyra under a love spell, and with them this way, I can enjoy a romantic evening with Babs.

(Plucky continues to laugh hysterically)

Plucky: Have you even seen yourself in the mirror? You look silly!

Buster: Don't laugh, Plucky. After all, you didn't outgrow your diapers until you were practically four.

(Plucky continues laughing hysterically)

Plucky: I'm splitting my sides here!

Buster: He's just not getting it. Babs?

Babs: I'm on it.

(Babs fires an arrow with a plunger at the end, which plugs Plucky's beak. Plucky pulls both the arrow and his beak off, as the arrow is still stuck to his beak.)

Plucky: (Sarcastically) Very funny, guys. Ve-e-e-ery funny.

Off the Tracks

  • Plucky: "What are we gonna do, Buster? With that wimpy, nerdy coyote on our team, Perfecto Prep will cream us, just like they creamed us at football!

Buster: "Actually, Plucky, we won that game. You scored the winning touchdown, remember?"

Plucky: "Oh yeah. But what about the time they clobbered us at baseball?"

Buster: "We won that game, too. The Perfectoids were disqualified for cheating."

Plucky: "Oh. But what about women's basketball?"

Buster: "We didn't win that one, Plucky."

Plucky: "I thought so!"

Buster: "The girls did."

Plucky: "Oh."

  • Foghorn: "Hello, ladies, I say, hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome, I say, welcome to the annual relay race between North, I say, Northdale Middle School and Perfecto Prep."


Foghorn: "Thank, I say, thank you. Represent, I say, representing Northdale Middle School this year will be Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck, Little Beeper,"

Buster: "Yes!"

Foghorn: "And anch, I say, anchoring this year's team will be Calamity Coyote."

(Cricket chirps, Calamity holds up a sign that says, Hello? A little positive reinforcement might help!)

  • Babs, Shirley, and Fifi: "Northdale, Northdale, win this race, or all our cheers will go to waste!"

Perfecto Prep Cheerleaders: "Perfecto. Rah."

Amore Perfume

  • Fifi: (lauging) I actually like zes.

Hamton: Here, Fifi. I brought you some chocolates.

Plucky: Forget the chocolates, here's some roses, my beautiful flower.

Little Beeper: Meep, Meep! (No, no! Here's a beautiful pearl necklace!)

Dizzy: No! Dizzy wrote poem for pretty skunk lady.

(Calamity holds up a sign that says, Here's a small replica of the Effiel Tower with pretty light effects!)

Wakko: There's something very important I want to ask you. (Pulls a ring out)

Yakko: Wakko! You know you're not old enough to legally marry.

Wakko: Oh. Never mind then.

Buster: What the heck is going on here?

Plucky: Back off, rabbit! She's mine! Mine, mine, mine!

Buster: Have you gone nuts?

Plucky: Of course not, we're in love.

Buster: More like insane, if you ask me.

Cat Keep a Good Rabbit Down

  • (Buster Knocks on Elmyra's door, Elmyra answers it)

Elmyra: "Hello, Mr. Hippety-hop. It's so good to see you!

Buster: "Right... I understand you lost a pet."

Elmyra: "I did?"

Buster: "Yes, you did."

Elmyra: "Oh yeah. Now I remember. I lost my pet kitty. Have you seen him?"

(As Elmyra and Buster are talking, Furrball disguises himself as a baby)

Buster: "As a matter of fact, I have. This wouldn't happen to be your cat, would it?"

Elmyra: "That's not my kitty."

Buster: "Elmyra, I know you're stupid, but I also know you're not this stupid.

Elmyra: "I'm not?"

Buster: "No, you're not. You dress him up like a baby all the time."

Elmyra: "I do?"

(Buster smacks his forehead)

Beauty and the Thief

  • Buster: "Babs, I just came by to drop off your... Oh, no way! You're watching Karate Kangaroo? That's my favorite movie ever! You know, Jack Blue is my Idol. Mind if I stay here and watch with you?"

Babs: "For your information, Buster, I'm not watching this movie for fun; I'm watching it because I've taken up karate and I need to mimic the characters' movements perfectly if I'm ever gonna stop that thief!"

Buster: "Cool. What color belt are you in right now?"

Babs: "White."

Buster: "How long till' you're a blackbelt?"

Babs: "Nine weeks, and I can't wait that long! That thief could be coming for me any minute, and I don't want to end up as the only fur coat he hasn't stolen! This so isn't worth the $10.00 a week my parents are spending!"

Buster: "Babs, calm down. I told you before in the mall, you have nothing to wory about. You're not alone against this thief. You have friends you can trust who will stick by you and help you catch him. That, and Plucky and Hamton."

Babs: "I guess you're right."

Buster: "I'll tell you what; if that thief comes after you here, I'll stick by you and keep a lookout for him. Then, I'll tell you if he comes and together, we can take him out. But that's later. Right now, I don't want to miss a minute of Karate Kangaroo!"

The Mean and the Rich Vs. The Cool and the Crazy

  • Montana Max: "Out of my way, Rabbits!"

(Monty pushes Buster and Babs down)

Babs: "How rude!"

Buster: "Must be something good at lunch today. And knowing Monty, he's gonna cut to the front of the line just so he can get all the good stuff."

Montana Max: (While pushing various students so he can cut in line) "Hey, move it! Out of my way! One side! Very important student coming through! I've got money, you know!"

Lunch Lady: "What'll it be, sir?"

Montana Max: "Give me all the good stuff you've got, RIGHT NOW!"

Lunch Lady: "We've got to save some for the other students."

Montana Max: "I've got cash!"

(Monty hands her a huge pile of money, she hands him a tray stacked with delicious food.)

Lunch Lady: "Have a good day, sir. Next."

(The other students grumble)

Sneezer: "Hey, Mr. Montana Max, sir!"

Montana Max: "What do you want, rodent?"

Sneezer: "That wasn't very nice of you. No siree, it sure wasn't. Now you go say you're sorry to everyone."

Montana Max: "I don't have to apologize to anyone!"

Sneezer: "Why not?"

Montana Max: "Because I'm rich, AND YOU'RE NOT!"

(Laughs evilly)

Sneezer: "Ah, ah, ah... CHOO!"

(Sneezer sneezes all over Monty)

Sneezer: "Bless me. I have a little cold."

(Monty grabs Sneezer)

Montana Max: "Listen here, you little runt. Next time you sneeze on me, I'm gonna flush you down the toilet, BECAUSE YOU'LL FIT!"

No Nose Knows Like Sneezer's Nose

  • Sneezer: "You two better stand back. I'm about to... aah... aah... aah... CHOO!" (Buster and Babs get sneezed at and slam into a brick wall) "Bless me. I tried to warn you."

Babs: "Sneezer, I've been real patient about your sneezes up until now, but what is wrong with your nose?"

Sneezer: "Well, Ms. Bunny Lady Ma'am, it happened ever since I was born."

(Flashback to a Mouse Doctor delivering a newborn Sneezer)

Mouse Doctor: "Congratulations, Mrs. Mouse. You've given birth to a healthy baby boy."

Mrs. Mouse: "May I see my baby?"

Mouse Doctor: "Of course." (Hands her the newborn Sneezer)

Mrs. Mouse: "Oh, he's so adorable."

Mr. Mouse: "He certainly is."

Mouse Doctor: "What are you going to name him?"

Newborn Sneezer: "Aah... aah... aah... CHOO!" (His sneeze topples everything in the room)

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse: "Sneezer."

Sneezer: "That's how I got my name. Uh-huh, uh-huh. It sure is. As I grew up, I developed allergies from both my mommy and daddy's sides of the family. And that's why my nose is the way it is today. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it. No siree, nothing at all."

Buster: "Well, I hear Acme Labs is looking for a new lab mouse. Maybe they can do something about your nose. I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind."

Sneezer: "Oh, thank you, Mr. Bunny, sir! Oh thank you, oh, thank you, oh thank you!"

Babs: "Hey, Buster, got a spatula? I'm gonna be stuck here all day if you don't."

  • (Buster and Sneezer arrive at Acme Labs, which has a Grand Re-opening" Banner)

Scientist: "Thank you for coming, Mr. Bunny. We've been looking for a new lab mouse. We've had two that didn't quite work out. The tall one kept saying 'Narf' and the short one was obsessed with trying to take over the world."

Buster: "No problem."

Scienist: "Now, since he's a minor, you did get his parents' signatures claiming we are not responsible for any possible side effects from the testing, right?"

Buster: "Of course."

Sneezer: "When you've got a nose like mine, your mommy and daddy will sign anything to fix it. Uh-huh, uh-huh, they sure will!"

Scientist: "Great. Let the nasal experiment commence!"

Sneezer: (Strapped to a table with electrodes in his nose) "Uh, are you sure this is safe, Mr. Bunny, Sir?"

Buster: "Of course it is! I'm perfectly safe over here!"

Forest Pete's Sake

Plucky: (Relaxing in a pond) Ahh. What a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the water's cool, trees are being cut down by robot lumberjacks. I tell you, the day can't get any better than this. Wait a minute... trees are being cut down by robot lumberjacks? That's not right.

Bear: I'll say, without trees, where am I gonna go when I need my private time?

Plucky: Relax, pal, I'm sure they're being cut down to make softer toilet paper.

Bear: For your sake, I hope you're right.

Hooky, Line, and Sinker

  • Babs' Mother: "Barbara Ann Bunny!"

Babs: "Mom, I told you not to call me that!"

Babs' Mother: "I've got several good reasons for calling you that, young lady. Why, I ought to punish you for attending that midnight movie premiere and playing hooky on the day of that exam, but I've had call with Bugs and we've come to an agreement. We've decided to hire you... a tutor."

Buster: "Hey, Babs."

Babs: "You're joking, right?

Babs' Mother: "No, Babs. I'm serious. He's one of the few students in the class who got an A on the exam."

Babs: "Buster, why didn't you call me earlier? You could have saved me from all this!"

Buster: "I did. You must have set your phone to vibrate, probably because of that movie, and forgot to set it back before you went to bed. Besides, don't think of me as your tutor. Think of me as your best friend. Oh, that reminds me, no hanging out with your friends during study hours."

(Babs groans)

Buster: "Come on, Babs, if I can get an A on that exam, so can you. You just need to apply yourself."

  • (Babs is asleep in her bed, dreaming of her graduating with her friends)

Bugs Bunny: "Welcome to the Northdale Middle School graduation ceremony." (Applause) "Thank you. Our first graduate is Barbara Ann Bunny, or as she prefers to be called, Babs."

Babs: "Thank you, thank you."

(Bugs hands her what looks like a diploma, but when she unrolls the paper, it is revealed to be a piece of paper that says "Psyche!")

Babs: "Is this some kind of a joke?"

Bugs: "It's no joke, Babs. And believe me, I'm the master of jokes around here. Pratical ones, mainly. But I never kid about grades. You never completed the make-up exam, and thus you don't qualify to graduate. But don't worry, where you're going, you can sleep all you want; Pre-school!"

Babs: "No! I can't go back! Give me another chance! I can do better! I really can!" (Babs regresses into a four-year-old) "This isn't funny!"

(Babs awakens from her nightmare)

Babs: "Oh, it was just a nightmare. But it's gonna be a living nightmare if I don't apply myself and pass that test! From now on, I am gonna be the most persistent student in the City!"

Bird Sitting

  • Buster: "Hey, Plucky. how's the pet-sitting business going?"

Plucky: "Terrible. Nobody wants me to take care of their pets."

Buster: "Hey, maybe all they made the mistake of taking them to Elmyra."

Plucky: "That's cruel, Buster."

Buster: "I know. It's a lose-situation for everyone; the pets, their owners, you, even Elmyra."

Plucky: "Why Elmyra?"

Buster: "She'd lose her job, the SCPA would probably file lawsuits against her, and you know she'd be found guilty."

Plucky: "Do you have any pets I can pet-sit?"

Buster: "Sorry, Plucky. You'll have to find someone else." (Before Plucky can speak, Buster continues) "And no, you can't just have any money from me anyway."

Toons to the Rescue

  • Monty: All right, I admit I captured all your friends, but this plan was all mine, you hear me? Mine! Mine! Mine!

Buster: Well, you're half right, aren't you?

Monty: What are you talking about?

Buster: Admit it Monty, you couldn't pull off this little caper alone. You needed help. But not just any help, the help of someone who could strike fear into the hearts of our friends. That special help who may not be the brightest bulb in the socket, but is pretty quick on her feet. The kind of person who would do anything for you, and even though you don't want to admit it, she is your only friend, isn't she?

Monty: Okay, okay, I admit it! I promised to take Elmyra on a date, just the two of us together, if she helped me with my plan. Of course, It's not like she's gonna remember my false promise.

Dot: Oh, I don't know, Monty. When it comes to dates with you, they're some of the only things she can't forget.

Yakko: And we're gonna tell her you lied to her if you don't let our friends go!

Monty: You wouldn't!

Wakko: Oh, but we're men...

Dot: And the Warner Sister.

Wakko: ...of our word.

Buster: So, what's it gonna be, all our friends, or your only one?

Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

  • Buster: "Hey Monty, why don't you go pick on someone your own shoe size?"

Monty: "You're not the boss of me, rabbit!"

Buster: "No, but I know who is. Leave that squirrel alone or I'll send you a pink slip, Buster style!"

Monty: "Well, lucky for you, this squirrel gave me all the lunch money I need."

Skippy: "Thank you for saving me, Mr. Rabbit."

Buster: "Well, I'm the hero of this show. It's my job to look out for the little guy, no matter how little. And you may call me Buster Bunny."

Skippy: "Okay, Buster. I'm Skippy Squirrel."

Buster: "Nice to meet you, Skippy. Now, what's bothering you? Besides Monty, I mean."

Skippy: "My dear Aunt Slappy sent me here so I could get a quality education. She also said that while I was here, I would make some new friends, but she was wrong. I haven't got a friend in the world."

Buster: "Now, you know that's not true. I'll be your friend."

Skippy: "Really? How much will it cost me?"

Buster: "Nothing. I'll be your friend for absolutely free."

Skippy: "Oh, that's good, because I lost the last of my lunch money to Monty."

Buster: "Yes, well I'll make sure to report him for his despicable behavior."

Baloney Gets Cancelled

  • Yakko: Hello, viewers. I'm Yakko Warner. Today, I have a sad story to tell about my (ahem.) good friend, Baloney the Dinosaur. Would you like to hear it?

(The viewers nod their heads, "No.")

Yakko: If you don't, we don't have much of an episode.

(The viewers nod their heads, "Yes.")

Yakko: Thank you. Now, it all started a couple of weeks ago, at the Stupid Broadcasting Service network. (Flashes back) "The C.E.O. was preparing for the new fall schedule, and was deciding which shows would stay or go.

C.E.O.: Baloney the Orange Dinosaur, may I see you in my office?

Baloney: Oh, Yum-yum doodle-dum yum!

C.E.O.: Baloney, I have some bad news.

Baloney: You're cancelling me?

C.E.O.: It's nothing personal, it's just, you've been on the air for 13 seasons, and your ratings haven't been so good lately. There's just no more room on the schedule, and we've got to make room for promising new shows.

Baloney: Oh, dear. I knew this would happen eventually, I just didn't know when that would be.

C.E.O.: (Hands Baloney a check) Here's your final check. It's been an honor having you at SBS. We're going to miss you.

Baloney: Okay, bye-bye, and thank you.

C.E.O.: Good luck! (Baloney leaves and shuts the door) Finally. I thought he'd never leave.

  • Yakko (Narrating): So later that day, we went to our friend, Buster Bunny, to ask him to help us get Baloney his old job back. Fortunately for us, Buster was happy to help.

Buster: No way am I helping Baloney! I didn't even want to watch him when I was two years old!

Wakko: But Buster, singing sappy songs with children on a weekday afternoon children's show on a public broadcasting channel was the only job he was good at!

Yakko: And if we can't get him his old job back, he'll have to live with us forever!

Buster: Hold on, guys. I never said I wouldn't help you; you guys are my friends, and no friend of mine should have to live with that overweight sweet potato!

Send Out the Clowns

  • (Babs is outside the Warner Siblings' water tower, dressed as a therapist)

Dot: "Thank you for coming, Babs, but are you sure this will work?"

Babs: "Trust me, Dot. I know what I'm doing."

(Babs knocks on the water tower door)

Wakko: "Who is it?"

Babs: "Dr. Babs Bunny, unlicensed therapist."

Wakko: "Okay. Come in."

Babs: "Thank you, Wakko, have a seat."

(Wakko eats the chair)

Babs: "Maybe I should have rephrased that.

Now, Wakko, repeat after me: Clowns are our friends."

Wakko: "Clowns are our friends."

Babs: "Clowns will not hurt us."

Wakko: "Clowns will not hurt us."

Babs: "Underneath, clowns are normal people, like you and me."

Wakko: "Underneath, clowns are normal people, like you and...


(Wakko rushes out the tower)

Dot: "What's wrong now?"

Wakko: "I'm not a normal person!"

Dot: "Gee, it took you this long to figure that out?"

How Much is That Elmyra in the Window?

  • Buster: (Sniffs) "Phew! You, young lady, coud use a diaper change!"

Elmyra: "Diaper change? Diapers are for babies! I'm not a baby!"

Buster: (While powdering Elmyra) "Don't be silly, Elmyra, you're our baby. Hey Babs, could you be a dear and hand me a clean diaper?"

Babs: "Sure, Buster." (Hands him a clean diaper)

Buster: "Thank you." (Tapes the diaper around Elmyra's waist) "There you go, good as new."

(Elmyra sees what she looks like in a mirror)

Elmyra: "This diaper makes me look silly! Although, it is very soft and comfy."

  • Babs: "Smooth move, Buster. Now she's run away and we don't know where she's going!"

Buster: "Don't worry, Babs. She won't get far before we catch her."

Babs: "What makes you so sure?"

Buster: "Simple." (Pulls out a radar) "I put a tracking device in her ribbon."

Babs: "Buster Bunny, you are a genius!"

Buster: "Tell me something I don't know."

  • Elmyra: (Talking fast) "Mr. and Ms. Hippety-hop! I had the most horrible nightmare! I dreamed I was your pet and you put me in a diaper and tried to feed me a mud pie, so I ran away, but you tracked me down and brought me back to your house in a baby carriage and everyone was laughing at me on the way there, but that's okay, because now I know how you feel whenever I treat you this way. So from this day forth, I, Elmyra Jessica Duff, shall never harm you two bunnies again! Okay, bye-bye!"

Babs: "Buster, this isn't like Elmyra. Do you really think she learned her lesson?"

Buster: "If she did, she'll probably forget it by the next episode."

Sugar, Splice, and Evil Lab Mice

  • Dr. Gene Splicer: "Okay, you two. Since you're my lab mice now, I've got a job for you."

Brain: "You're not going to subject us to heinous laboratory experiments, are you?"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Of course not. In fact, for returning me to my human form, you two are the only animals I would never experiment on."

Brain: "That's a relief."

Dr. Gene Splicer: "I need your help to capture Buster Bunny. You see, he released all of my captive animals and thwarted my attempt at the most revolutionary experiment in the history of science, but with him out of the way, the project can commence!"

Brain: "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Pinky: "I think so, Brain, but aren't fortune cookies a sometimes food?"

Brain: "No, Pinky, with a genetically altered beast in our control, the world will have no choice but to obey us! Okay, Splicer, we'd be happy to help. But in exchange for our rabbit-trapping help, you must let us have 24-hour access to your experiment."

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Anything for you two once that rabbit is at our disposal."

Brain: "Yes!"

  • Babs: "Whatever you're planning to do to me, it won't work! I'll make you sorry you even touched me!"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Oh, don't worry, I won't harm you... yet. You see, I need you unharmed so I can trap your boyfriend?"

Babs: "Which one? The selfish jerk I never want to talk to again, or the mutant one you created?"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Oh! It's because of you that Mevlin turned against me!"

Babs: "No, it's because of the way you treated him! Do you treat all your creations this way?"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Melvin's hardly worth mentioning. Not like these two lab mice, Pinky and the Brain. Not only did they return me to normal, they helped me capture you. And with you as my prisoner, Buster will have to come here to rescue you, at which point I will capture him. You see, I want revenge on him for releasing my captive animals and preventing me from creating a revolutionary species, but once I capture him, I'll have a pair of captive rabbits, and nothing will stop me from creating the most revolutionary experiment in the history of science!" (Laughs evilly)

Babs: "You're crazy."

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Of course I am. You can't be a mad scientist if you're not crazy, now can you?"

Casa De Toons

  • Fifi: "Monsieur Bustair, I have made resairvations for just ze two of us at Antonio's Italian Bistro tonight. True love is irresistible, No?"

​Buster: "No, I'm kind of busy tonight."

Fifi: "Please, Bustair? We nevair get to do anything togethair."

Buster: "I can't imagine why."

Fifi: "Pretty please with fromage on top?"

Buster: "I don't know. Give me a week."

Fifi: "But ve are only here a week."

Buster: "All right, then give me seven days."

Fifi: "Isn't zat ze exact same thing?"

Buster: "Oh, well. I tried."

  • (Buster is having a dream. In his dream, he is an adult, ready to get married to Babs Bunny... or so he thinks)

Buster: "I've been waiting for this day all my life! Today's the day I'll get married to her, and we'll finally be related!

Okay, I'm ready!"

Babs: "As am I..."

(Babs unzips herself, revealing herself as Fifi La Fume in disguise)

Fifi: "My irresistable rabbeet hunk!"

Buster: "Yipe!"

Preacher: "Do you, Fifi La Fume, take Buster J. Bunny to have as your lawfully wedded husband?"

Fifi: "I do, mon ami!"

Preacher: "And do you, Buster J. Bunny, take Fifi La Fume as your lawfully wedded wife?"

Buster: "I don't!"

Audience: "You do!"

Buster: "I don't!"

Audience: "You do!"

Buster: "I don't!"

Audience: "You don't!"

Buster: "I do!"

Preacher: "Then I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Fifi: "Puckair up, my little married man!"

Buster: "Mommy!"

(Flash forward a few years later in Buster's dream)

Fifi: "Bustair, look what ze stork left us!"

Buster: "You have got to be kidding me."

(Inside the bassinet is a set of skunk-rabbit hybrid triplets)

Fifi: "Aren't zey ze cutest or what?"

Buster: "Well, what."

Fifi: "Well, I am off to my career as a perfume saleswoman. jou stay here and take care of our babies. Bye!"

(As Fifi leaves, the triplets cry and let out a stinky smell, which makes Buster faint)

("Buster!" echoes as Buster's nightmare ends, Babs is revealed to have echoed)

Babs: "Buster! Are you all right?"

Buster: "I'm okay, Babs. I just had a nightmare, is all."

Babs: "Another Elmyra nightmare?"

Buster: "I almost wish it were."

Quotes (Season 2)

Fifi Appreciation Day

  • Plucky: Sheesh, what's with all the letters?

Buster: Fan mail. Once a week, we get a ton of mail from our fans. So when we get so much, that we have to split it. So far, me and Babs got highest rate of fans.

Plucky: Then how come they all say Fifi?

Buster: Really? I didn't think she'd be that popular considering that she's a secondary recurring character in the series.

Plucky: Sheesh, all of these are to her! Nothing but Fifi!

Buster: It's kinda annoying actually. "Dear Tiny Toons, Why don't you ever show a cartoon that's all about Fifi? She is like a goddess of beauty and love sent from heaven." Pfft, yeah right.

Plucky: Who writes this stuff?

Yakko: Hey, you guys. You're not gonna believe this, but this episode is all about Fifi.

Buster: Then why are we here?

Yakko: Cause you're part of this horror of an episode.

  • (Buster runs for his life as Fifi was chasing him)

Fifi: Come back, my luv! I want to give you moi affection!

Buster: So how, I highly doubt that it could be affection. Fifi, I keep telling you there's nothing between us!

Fifi: I'm sure if vou got to know me, you would second that thought.

Buster: I don't think I want to. It might cause us problems with our PG rating.

  • (Buster arrives home after his encounter with Fifi, who managed to get some of her smell on him)

Buster: "Phew! I smell like a sewer! I could use a good washdown."

(Buster unzips his hoodie and hangs it on a towel rack. As he is showering, Fifi sneaks up behind him, in a nod to Psycho, and hands him a brush)

Fifi: "Here you go, Bustair."

Buster: "Thanks. AAAH! Fifi! How'd you get in my house?"

Fifi: "Simple. Jou keep ze key under ze welcome mat."

Buster: "Oh, right."

Fifi: "Do jou need any help?"

Buster: (With an annoyed look on his face) "No thanks. I'm perfectly capable of showering myself."

Fifi: "My little rabbeet hunk is playing hard to get. I like zat about him."

  • (After the commercial break)

(Plucky is seen massaging Fifi's back)

Plucky: I can't believe the Warner Brothers are making me rub a back on some striped animal.

Yakko: Hey, at least you're not in charge of combing her tail. It smells like a sewer.

Fifi: Best use of moi contract evur.

(The camera moves over to Buster)

Buster: "Well, Toonsters, after going through all the fan mail, I finally managed to find a letter addressed to me, hopefully from some as true-and-blue as me fan." (Buster opens the letter) "Dear Patron, you may have already won 10 Million dollars. Restrictions apply, results may vary." (Buster crumples up the letter and tosses it aside) "Just roll the next cartoon. I'll be in my trailer, which is supposed to be bigger than Fifi's."

Mission Impossumble

  • (Montana Max is in a steamroller, ready to destroy Banjo Possum's swamp)

Montana Max (Through a megaphone): "Attention, possum peasants! You are trespassing! You have exactly eleven minutes to evacuate the future site of the Montana Max all-exclusive spa!"

Banjo Possum: "Excuse me, Monty, but why eleven minutes?"

Montana Max (Through a megaphone): "Because, that's how long this cartoon is!"

Banjo Possum: "Well, I'm all for the spa, but why are you building it on our property?"

Montana Max (Through a Megaphone): "You mean MY property! And this all-exclusive spa excludes you peasants, so scram immediately before I turn your pelts into cheap spa towels!"

  • Buster: "Look, if I help you guys, you have to promise not to eat me afterwards."

Banjo Possum: "Aw, shucks, Buster, I could never eat a guy who plays his face so well!"

Buster: "I know you're my friend and you'd never eat me, I was talking about the rest of your family."

Banjo Possum: "Why, I ain't sure that's possible, Buster. You see, my family's gotta eat, after all."

Buster: "How's about this? If I help y'all and y'all don't eat me afterwards, I'll rustle up some grub y'all never forget!"

(Banjo's family talk to each other in agreement)

Banjo Possum: "Sounds like a deal to me!"

Slap Happy Helpers

  • (Buster knocks on a door and Slappy opens it)

Slappy: "What!?"

Buster: "Hello there, Miss Squirrel. I'm Buster Bunny and this is Plucky Duck. You're helpers for today."

Slappy: "Yeah, well here's how you can help; GO AWAY!"

(Slams the door)

Plucky: "Some citizen."

(Plucky rings the bell)

Slappy: "Look, I ain't paying ya nothin' just so you can help me, so take a hike!"

(Slams the door, but Busters foot stops it)

Buster: "Look, we're here to help whether you like it or not."

Plucky: "Yeah, either get what you want or get dead."

Slappy: "I'd like to get dead right now."

  • Plucky: "Buster, I've had it with Slappy. She's nothing but a pain in the butt!"

Buster: "She's a senior citizen, and we will treat her with respect. Not only that, she's the aunt and legal guardian of one of our friends! Now, do you want to get a passing grade for senior citizen day or not?"

Plucky: "No, I'd rather be home reading comic books and eating junk food."

Buster: "Well, I want to get a passing grade, and my passing grade depends on yours!"

Grocery Store Gorilla

  • Babs: "Buster, you're not busy, are you?"

Buster: "Well, I..."

Babs: "Good. I need you to take care of this gorilla until we can find his family."

Buster: "What? Why can't you do it?"

Babs: "Because, we have enough mouths to feed in our family.

  • (Montana Max is working as a ticket salesman outside his circus tent)

Montana Max: "Keep your stubs, AND NO REFUNDS! Next!"

(Buster and Babs arrive)

Montana Max: "Oh no, rabbits, you're not going to get in there and ruin my show!"

Buster: "Monty, I couldn't care less about your stupid circus. I came here because I want to buy the gorilla back."

Montana Max: "Forget it, rabbit! If I sold you back the gorilla, I'd have no star attraction, and I'd have to give these people refunds!"

Buster: "So I guess that's a no..."

Montana Max: "I'll take back the money," (Swipes the money he paid Buster for the gorilla earlier) "But I'm not gonna give you back the gorilla. Now SCRAM!" (Buster and Babs leave) "Next!"

The Bet

  • (Buster and Plucky have just finished dying their fur and feathers pink with ACME pink dye)

Buster: There. Just give me a drum and a pair of sunglasses and I'd look just like that rabbit who sells batteries on TV.

Plucky: That may be good for you, but look at me! I look like I've molted! Or some hunter stripped me of my feathers to fill a pillow and have me for his dinner!

Buster: Oh, stop your whining, Plucky. It's only for today, or at least the rest of this episode.

Savior Fare Hare

  • Babs: Whoa! Who's the new rabbit?

Shirley: Like, don't know, but for some reason she looks familiar.

Babs: How? We've never even seen her before.

(Yakko hands her a picture of Fifi)

Yakko: Here, have a look.

(Babs holds up the picture)

Babs: So, what does this have to do with Fifi?

(They put on shocked faces to see that the skunk became the rabbit)

Shirley: Like, that's Fifi!

Dot: Well it ain't Lady Gaga!

Either He's Ducky or Plain Wakko

  • Yakko: "Monty, you're a rich kid. You have all the money you need, so why are you always bullying the other students for theirs?"

Monty: "Simple; BECAUSE IT'S FUN!"

Yakko: "I retract my statement."

  • Montana Max: "What's a rich kid gotta do for a decent meal round here? Hey, you're that dippy green duck and that tall guy in the trousers!"

Yakko: "That's right, Monty, and we're running the lunchroom now. We're gonna serve you your lunch, and you're gonna eat what's on your tray, whether you like it or not!"

Montana Max: "Very well. How bad can it be?"

Plucky: "You're about to find out."

Yakko: "We'll start you off with an appetizer; limburger cheese!"

Montana Max: (Sniffs) "Oh man, that's putrid! Smells like one of Sneezer's diapers!"

(Camera pans to Sneezer)

Sneezer: "Hey, a mouse has got to eat!" (Giggles)

Adult Only Party

  • Plucky's Mother: "And when Plucky started potty-training, he flushed his diaper and all his bath toys down the toilet. He clogged up the plumbing and water leaked all over the bathroom floor!"

(Buster's Mother and Babs' Mother laugh)

Plucky's Father: "Water was everywhere, and the water bill we got was outrageous! Why, it was cheaper just to change Plucky's diapers for the next year!"

Buster's Mother: "Our Buster never had that problem. When he was being potty-trained, he knew exactly what the toilet was for and he got out of his diapers by his third birthday!"

Babs' Mother: "You know, our Babs was the same way. She wanted to be a big girl and get out of her diapers more than anything!"

Plucky's Father: "You girls got lucky. We almost couldn't get Plucky into the same pre-school as your kids!"

TV in the Dark

  • Yakko: "Buster, my friend, this is the best idea we've ever had. Just you, me, sugary snacks, and a whole night's worth of free power."

Buster: "Well, besides watching movies and eating snacks, what else are we gonna do for the next nine minutes?"

(Someone knocks on Buster's door)

Buster: "Sounds like we have company."

(Babs is outside Buster's house, wearing a bathrobe and holding a "hare"-dryer and curlers)

Buster: "Babs! What brings a lovely young lady like you here at this hour?"

Babs: "The power's out at my house, and I need to look my best. Dot told me about her brother's power generator, so I'm gonna need your bathroom and your power for a few minutes."

Buster: "Well, I'm not sure..."

Babs: "I'll buy you the ice cream of your choice next time we're at the mall."

Buster: "Deal!"

  • Montana Max: Hey, listen, uh, rabbit. I usually don't ask anybody for favors, but could I possibly use your microwave to heat my dinner? It's, uh, just for a second.

Buster: I don't know, Monty. You won't even let us step a foot on your house.

Monty: Oh, come on! I'm starving! I'll do anything!

Yakko: Anything?

Stinky Partner

  • Calamity: "Oh great. Out of all the things, it had to be cooking, with a girl."

Fifi: "You've got a problem with being moi partner!?"

Calamity: "Oh no, sorry, it's not that, it's just... I can't cook, cause everytime I do it, it ends in disaster."

Fifi: "Like, vour house gets on fire."

Calamity: "Actually, it explodes."

Nega Tiny Toons

  • Brain: "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Pinky: "I think so, Brain, but if that robot were pink and had a drum, it could go on TV to sell batteries!"

Brain: (Inside the Robot Buster) "You know, Pinky, that's actually not such a bad plan. If this plan fails, that plan will be our plan B."

Unlikely Friendship

  • Fifi: "I remembair you. Ve met at ze movies during my summair vacation. Jou stole ze heart of ze love of my life, Johnny Pew!"

Bimbette: "That worthless hunk of a skunk? He only liked me for my body. He never got to know me for who I am on the inside. Besides, his movie career's gone downhill ever since he became the pet 'kitty' of a brainless little girl."

Fifi: "Oh, jou mean Elmyra Duff. Jou're right. She is brainless. She thought I was a cat, too! She succeeded in capturing me, but that handsome hunk of a rabbeet, Bustair Bunny rescued me!"

Bimbette: "Oh, you think he's handsome, too?"

Fifi: "Jes! Sadly, he's in love vith someone else."

Bimbette: "Is it that pink rabbit?"

Fifi: "Jes!"

Bimbette: "You know her?"

Fifi: "Know her? She's my best friend!"

Toon Amuck

  • Buster: "What the heck is going on here?"

Babs: "Oh no, I think we're in an Amuck episode."

Plucky: "What!? Ho-oh-oh, me thinks not! If we're doing this episode, then count me out!

(The artist erases the path)

Plucky: "Capital O, capital U, Capital T! OUT! So goodbye and fare- (Falls) WEEEELLLLLLLLL!

(Hits the bottom)

  • Babs: What are we gonna do, Buster?

(the artist gets a paintbrush)

Buster: I don't know, Babs, but- EEP! (Grabs the paintbrush and breaks it) What's with you, man?

Plucky: Say, buddy, what's the- HEY! WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT!!!

  • Buster: Fifi, how many times have I told you-

(The artist paints a sign that says, "I love you, Fifi")

Buster: -I do not, nor will I ever have feelings- (Looks at the sign) Toward- EEK! (Drops the sign)

Fifi: Oh, you do love me!

Buster: No, n-n-n-n-n-n-no! That's not my sign!

(The artist paints another sign that says, "Will you be my girlfriend?")

Buster: Besides, I'm still in a relationship with Babs and- (Looks at the sign) CUT IT OUT! (Throws the sign)

Happy Birthday, Buster

  • (Babs is at Buster's house wearing an army helmet and holding a clipboard in one hand and a pointer in the other. Plucky, Hamton, Dizzy, Calamity and Sneezer have all gathered around her)

Babs: "Okay, everyone. You're probably wondering why I've gathered you all here today."

Plucky: "Not really."

Babs: "Well, I'm gonna tell you. My best friend, Buster, is miserable today, on his birthday, of all days. I can't stand to have him this way after all he's done for us, which is why I'm gonna throw him the best birthday party he's ever had, but I'm gonna need your help."

Plucky: "You hear that, Hammy? Babs needs my help!"

Babs: "Pay attention, Plucky. Knowing Buster, he'll be at Weenie Burger for the next couple of hours, trying to drown his misery in soda. This will give us plenty of time to prepare before he returns. Plucky, you can bring the refreshments."

Plucky: "It's so great to know you can't do this without my assistance."

Babs: "Yeah... Hamton, you're good at baking cakes. You can bake Buster's birthday cake."

Hamton: "Okay."

Babs: "Dizzy, you're good at making things out of shredded paper. You can be in charge of decorations."

Dizzy: "Okay. Thanks, pretty bunny lady."

Babs: "Calamity, you're good with technology. I need you to take this camera to Buster's parents' office and get a video message from them showing how much they care about them."

(Babs hands Calamity a camera)

Calamity: "Right away, Babs."

Babs: "That about does it." (Babs looks at her clipboard) "Oh, darn it! I remembered to get balloons, but forgot to get the helium tank!"

Sneezer: "What can I do, Ms. Bunny Lady, Ma'am?"

Babs: "Sneezer, my friend, I've got the perfect job for you!

  • (Babs is supervising Plucky, who is on a ladder, attempting to hang a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUSTER banner made by Dizzy out of shredded paper)

Babs: "A little to the left. A little lower. Easy does it. Perfect."

Plucky: "Phew. Glad that's over."

(Hamton arrives with the cake)

Hamton: "How's the party going, Babs?"

Babs: "Just perfect, Hamton. The decorations are up, the refreshments are here, and may I say, what a lovely cake. Soon enough, this party will be enough to make even the world's most miserable person happy! But he'll have to wait. Right now, we're doing this for Buster."

Hamton: "How'd you get all those balloons inflated so fast, anyway?

Babs: "Trust me, Hamton, you don't want to know."

(Camera pans to Sneezer, who is tickling his nose with a feather)

Sneezer: "Aah... aah... aah... CHOO!"

(Sneezer's sneeze inflates a balloon)

Sneezer: "Bless me." (Giggles)

Hamton: "Remind me not to pop those."

Quotes (Season 3)

Baby Daze

  • Announcer: "Coming up next on SBS, it's the Baloney the Orange Dinosaur show!"

Children: "Baloney is just a figment of our imaginations, but when he's big, he performs gigs that bring parents frustration!"

Baloney: (Giggles): "Hi there, kiddies! Today we're gonna have a yum-yum doodle-dum yum fun day!"

Baby Buster: "This is what quawifies fow chiwdwen's entewtainment these days?"

Baby Babs: "I know. I'm only two and a half years old and I could come up with better ideas for a TV show than this!"

  • (The Mini Short; Baby Babs' Big Question, seen in the closing credits:)

Baby Babs: "Buster, do you like me?"

Baby Buster: "Of couwse I wike you. You'we my best fwiend. Why wouwdn't I wike you?"

Baby Babs: "No, no, I mean, do you like me like me?"

Baby Buster: "Um, weww, I..."

Baby Babs: "When do you think we'll get married?"

Baby Buster: "When we'we gwown-ups, I guess."

Baby Babs: "Ohhh! But that'll take forever!"

Baby Buster: "Don't wowwy. I'm wiwwing to wait."

(Baby Babs stares angrily at Baby Buster)

Baby Buster: "What? What'd I say?"

Nothing to Hare But Hare Itself

  • Connie: "You're so brave, Buster, and I'm so... well, I'm not as brave as you."

Buster: "I'm not that brave..."

Connie: "Oh, yes you are! You never let bullies pick on your friends!"

Buster: "I became brave because I hated seeing my friends get bullied."

Connie: "Will you tell me the story, oh pretty please?"

Buster: "Okay. Now, it all started when I was just a little boy..."

(Flashback to Buster as a baby, playing in the sandbox)

Buster (Narrating): "I was playing in the sandbox, minding my own business, when I saw a little human boy heading toward me. That human boy was, of course, Montana Max, but I didn't know this yet. I wanted to make friends with him. So I put on my friendliest face..."

Baby Buster: "Hewwo."

(Baby Monty punches Baby Buster)

Buster: (Narrating) "...and he punched me in the stomach."

Baby Buster: "Ow!"

Connie: "Oooh! That must have hurt!"

Buster (Narrating): "It did. But I was determined to make friends with him. But no matter how friendly I was to him, he just kept punching me, each punch harder than the last."

(Baby Monty continuously punches Baby Buster)

Baby Buster: "Ow!"

Baby Monty: "Ha ha ha! You gonna cry now?"

Buster (Narrating): "I felt like crying more than anything that day, but I wanted to be a big boy, and big boys don't cry, so I simply said..."

Baby Buster: "No!"

Buster (Narrating): "But the next day at the park, I was worried that Monty might show up and punch me again, so I tried to steer clear of him, but then I saw him bullying my best friend."

(Baby Monty dumps a bucket of sand all over Baby Babs)

Baby Babs: "Hey, cut that out! This is a brand-new dress!"

Buster (Narrating): "Now, I hated seeing my best friend get bullied more than I hated seeing myself get bullied, so I did the only thing I could do to save her; I stood up to Monty."

Baby Buster: "Weave my fwiend awone!"

Baby Monty: "It's you. You're... you're not scared of me!"

Baby Buster: "That's wight. Now go pick on someone you'we own age!"

(Baby Monty flees)

Baby Babs: "You saved me, Thank you!"

(Baby Babs hugs Baby Buster)

Buster (Narrating as the flashback ends): "My best friend gave me a hug as a reward for saving her that day. And do you know who my best friend is?"

Connie: "Who?"

Buster: "Your big sister, Babs. She helped me become who I am today."

Storytime For Trouble

Buster: "Hey, Babs. What you doing?"

Babs: "Reading a bedtime story to Sneezer. It's the only way he'll go to sleep."

Buster: "Okay. Mind if I help?"

Babs: (Annoyed) "Of course I mind!"

Buster: "Cool." (Snatches the book from Babs)

Babs: "Hey!"

Buster (Narrating): "So anyway, the first little pig built his house out of straws."

(Hamton is shown in the story next to a house made of drinking straws)

Buster (Narrating): "Not 'straw' as in hay, mind you, but 'straws' as in drinking straws."

Sneezer: "Excuse me, Mr. Bunny, Sir, but why is his house made of straws?"

Buster: "Because, he liked to collect them. Anyway, the second little pig built his house out of popsicle sticks."

(Plucky is shown in the story wearing a pig's snout next to a house of popsicle sticks)

Buster (Narrating): "And I can guarantee you, he lost all his money and got a huge headache from eating all those popsicles. Now, the third little pig, who was smarter than the combined efforts of his brothers, built his house out of bricks."

(Buster is shown in the story wearing a pig's snout next to a house made of bricks)

Buster (In the story): "Well, watching Home Improvement all these years has certainly paid off."

  • Sneezer: "Wait! Is this the story with the Big Bad Wolf? I'm a-scared of wolves!"

Buster: "Don't worry, Sneezer. The wolf's not in this story."

Babs: "What? But..."

Buster: "Shhh. Babs, I've got this covered. Now, the Good Little Mouse wasn't mean and he didn't want to eat pigs. He just wanted shelter so he'd stay dry in the rain."

(Sneezer is shown in the story)

Buster (Narrating): "Unfortunately, the good little mouse's powerful sneezes destroyed every house he's ever been in, because he was allergic to everything."

Sneezer (In the story) "Aaah.. aaah... aaah... CHOO! Bless me." (Giggles)

  • Hamton (Narrating): "So the Good Little Mouse went to the house of the first pig, which was made out of straws, and he said..."

Sneezer (In the story): "Little pig, little pig, please let me come in."

Hamton (Narrating): "And the first little pig said, 'okay, but please wipe your feet before you come in.' Then, just as the Good Little Mouse wiped his feet, he began to huff and puff..."

Sneezer (In the story): "Aaah... aaah... aaah... CHOO!"

Hamton (Narrating): "And he blew the straws house down."

Sneezer (In the story): "I'm allergic to straws." (Giggles)

Hamton (In the story): "Aaah! Germs! Quarantine!"

Hamton (Narrating): "Now, the first little pig disliked germs, so he ran over to the house of the second little pig."

Bunny, I Shrunk the Kids

Brain: "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Pinky: "I think so, Brain, but why do they call it a root beer float if it sinks when you put it in water?"

Brain: "Pinky, with every episode we appear in, your IQ seems to shrink."

Dr. Gene Splicer: "That's it! I'll build a shrinking ray to shrink that rabbit down to the size of a mouse; one of you two, so to speak. That way, no matter how fast he goes, he won't get far before we catch him."

Brain: "Then again, a shrinking IQ does have its advantages at times."

The Queen of Mean

  • Elmyra: "Well, Rhoda, here's my room. What do you think?"

Rhoda: "It's just as stupid and stinky as the last time I was here."

Elmyra: "Hey, Rhoda, come over here, look at this!"

Rhoda: "What's that ugly thing?"

(Elmyra shows Rhoda a picture of her as a baby, hugging a teddy bear)

Elmyra: "It's my most favoritest picture of me as a baby. Aren't I adorable?"

Rhoda: "Well, you aren't."

(Rhoda tosses the picture out the window where it lands on Montana Max's head)

Montana Max: "Ow! Hey, Elmyra, watch where you're throwing your baby pictures!"

Elmyra: "But I didn't..."

Rhoda: "Yeah, Elmyra, you better watch where you throw your baby pictures, or I'm not gonna be your best friend anymore."

Elmyra: "But..."

Rhoda: "Understand?"

Elmyra: "Sorry, Monty."

Montana Max: "And don't let it happen again!"

Montana the Magnificent

  • (The mini short; Buster's Magic Act, seen in the closing credits)

(Buster is in the park, performing as a magician for Babs, who is sitting on a wooden footstool.)

Buster: "For my next trick, I will make a carrot appear from this hat, using only this ordinary wooden magic wand.

As you can see, this hat is completely empty."

(Buster checks the sleeves and pockets of his hoodie)

"Nothing up my sleeves,

nothing in my pockets.

I will now say a mystical word to make the carrot appear.


(Buster makes a carrot appear out of the hat. Elmyra arrives and is impressed by Buster's trick)

Elmyra: "Ooh! I want the magic hippety-hop!"

Buster: "Uh oh. Time for me to disappear!

Bye-Bye-ya, Elmyra!"

(Buster disappears in a cloud of dust)

Elmyra: "Mr. Hippety hop? Where'd you go?"

Break a Leg

  • (Hamton is unconscious and in a hospital bed)

Shirley: (Whispering) "Like, careful, Fifi. That leg of his is very sore."

Plucky: (Whispering) "Is he dead? Oh, he's dead! This is all my fault!"

Babs: (Whispering) "Plucky, he's not dead. He's still breathing."

Plucky: (Whispering) "Oh. I knew that."

Buster: (Whispering) "Shhh. He's waking up."

(Hamton slowly opens his eyes and sees he is in a hospital bed and his friends are looking at him)

Hamton: "Ohhh... Am I in heaven?"

Buster: "No, Hamton. You're still alive."

Shirley: "But that was, like, quite a fall you took."

Fifi: "Oui! We were all worried about jou!"

Hamton: "What happened?"

Babs: "Well, Plucky here dared you to do a very difficult and dangerous ski move."

Plucky: "Sheesh! I'm sorry! How many times do I have to apologize?"

Shirley: "Like, you've already apologized 32 times."

Buster: "Anyway, Plucky felt bad about what he did and called and ambulance."

Fifi: "We all stuck by jou until ze ambulance came to make sure jou were okay."

Babs: "Your leg's gonna be in that cast for a couple of days. Don't worry, we'll all help you out until it's healed."

Plucky: "Again, Hammy, old pal, I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do for you? Here, let me fluff your pillow."

(Plucky fluffs the pillow under Hamton's cast)

Hamton: "Plucky, you really don't have to..."

(Hamton's face lights up with a devious grin)

Plucky: "I really don't have to what?"

Hamton: "You really don't have to... stop. It's great to know I have a friend like you who will help me in my time of need."

Dreamer's Alley

  • (Dream Buster gets kicked out of Buster's dream, and lands on Buster's bed in the real world)

Dream Buster: "Ooof! Where am I? Is that really me, or is this really me? Am I in the real world, or am I still dreaming?"

Dream Plucky: "Hey, Buster! Down here!"

Dream Buster: "Plucky!"

(Dream Buster jumps down)

Dream Buster: "So, you got kicked out of your dream, too, eh?"

Dream Plucky: "Yeah."

Dream Buster: "Well, we got nine minutes left. What are we gonna do?"

Dream Plucky: "Well, we could see what everyone else is dreaming about."

Dream Buster: "That's actually a pretty good idea. Come on, Plucky, we're burning moonlight here!"

Buffoon's Needle

  • (A line of students is formed outside the Nurse's Office)

Hello Nurse: (After Hamton has had his flu shot) "Have a nice day. Next!"

(Yakko and Wakko are next in line and are attracted to Hello Nurse's beauty)

Yakko and Wakko: "Hello Nurse!"

(While they are distracted, Hello Nurse gives them both their flu shots)

Hello Nurse: "Works every time. Next!"

(Buster and Babs are behind a few students in line who are after Yakko and Wakko)

Babs: "Hey, Buster, are you sure you're not afraid of getting a flu shot?"

Buster: "Are you kidding me? I've been unafraid of getting shots since I was in diapers!"

Babs: "Why? Because you always get a lollipop afterwards?"

Buster: "Maybe."

  • Montana Max: (As he runs past Buster and his friends, who have just had their shots) "Aaah! Help! Mommy!"

Buster: "So, Monty's afraid of needles?"

(Buster's face lights up with a devious grin as he pulls out a needle)

Buster: "Time for a little payback. What do you say, Babs?"

Babs: "I'd say you're being just plain mean."

Buster: "What?"

Babs: "I mean, sure, he may be a ruthless little brat, but what has the little brat ever done to us?"

Buster: "Actually, Babs, a better question would be; 'What hasn't the little brat ever done to us?' Right, guys?"

(Buster's friends chant in agreement)

Banjo Possum: "He tried to destroy my swamp to build a spa!"

Fowlmouth: "That dad-gum little punk tried to cook me!"

Sneezer: "He threatened to flush me down the toilet!"

Calamity: "He bought out the Acme company!"

Fifi: "He bought out ze Shopping Mall and tried to get reed of my perfume shop!"

Skippy: "And he beat me up for my lunch money!"

(Buster's friends continue chanting in agreement)

Buster: "You were saying?"

Babs: (Pulls out a needle) "I'm a way ahead of you, partner!"

A Schoolhouse Divided

  • (The Looney Tunes are beginning construction of the new school roof outside Northdale Middle School)

Buster: "I can't believe it; the whole roof... gone!"

Daffy (Nervously): "Well, I'm not sure how it happened, who's to fault..."

(Everyone stares at Daffy)

Daffy: "What are you all looking at me for?"

Buster: "How long will repairs take?"

Bugs: "A couple days, which, in this episode's runtime, is about 20 minutes."

Babs: "Great. Just great. Now where are we gonna go for our education?"

Bugs: "You're not gonna like what I'm about to tell you."

Buster: "Well? Where is it?"

(Camera pans to a close up of Bugs' lips)

Bugs (In a dramatic voice): "Perfecto Prep."

Buster: "What?"

Bugs: "Told you you wouldn't like it."

Buster: "Now, don't get me wrong, Bugs, you're still my favorite mentor, but why Perfecto Prep?"

Babs: "Yeah, that's the school of our rivals!"

Plucky: "That uptight Danforth Drake..."

Buster: "That snobby Roderick Rat..."

Babs: "And that ugly Rhubella Rat!"

Bugs: "Look, I know it's our sworn rival school, but you have to give it a chance. I'm trying to help you kids by sending you to a place where you can learn. Now, you must help me. It was the only school available."

  • Danforth Drake: "Monty, you're as rich, snobby, ruthless, and just plain mean as we are..."

Roderick Rat: "So why are you at Northdale Middle School with those losers?"

Montana Max: "Simple. My parents made me go there. They want me to grow up to be a honest, respectable, law-abiding citizen!"

Danforth and Roderick: "Yuck!"

Montana Max: "I know, right? So, I figure as long as I'm there, I might as well pick on that dumb rabbit and all his peasant friends, who unfortunately outnumber me 100 to one, but you guys and your friends might be just what I need to even the playing field."

(Monty pulls out a briefcase full of money and opens it at Danforth and Roderick)

Montana Max: "And as the richest kid in the city, I can pay you all handsomely."

(Danforth and Roderick's eyes turn into dollar signs)

Roderick Rat: "Monty, my friend, you've got yourself a deal!"

Le Quiet!

  • (As Buster is adjusting the volume on the speakers for his electric guitar, Fifi taps him on the shoulder)

Fifi: "Bustair, pardon moi, but could jou please be quiet?"

Buster: "Hey, Fifi. Is there anything I can help you with? Because if it's a kiss, I'm not prepared for it."

Fifi: "I said, could jou please stop playing that thing?"

Buster: "No can do, Feef. The Northdale Middle School Rock Band tryouts are next week, and I need to practice my electric guitar if I'm ever gonna qualify."

Fifi: "Bustair, I hate to be ze bearer of bad news, but I have a really massive headache. All I want to do today is lay down in bed and rest. I can't if jou're wailing away on jour, how jou say, electreec guitar."

Buster: "Sorry, Feef, but nobody, and I mean nobody stops Buster J. Bunny from playing his electric guitar. And I should know; once an obnoxious musician tried to stop me, but I got back at him, by attending his concert, dressed as a baby, and ruining it for him!"

Fifi: "Listen, Bustair, if jou think I am above heeting ze ones I love, jou are sadly mistaken. So stop immediately or I will beat jou up!"

(As Fifi leaves, Buster whispers to the viewers)

Buster: "Just between you and me, I actually find her fighting techniques less threatening than her usual trying to date me techniques."

Parent-Teacher Conflict

  • Buster: "Now, Mom, just because you're the new teacher, please don't do anything embarrassing."

Buster's Mother: "Oh, Buster, honey, I would never dream of embarrassing you."

(The bell rings and everyone is seated as class is about to begin)

Buster's Mother: "Good morning, everyone. I'll be your new substitute homeroom teacher today. I'm Melinda Bunny, Buster's Mommy!"

(The other students laugh, Buster blushes)

Buster's Mother: "Now, before we begin our first lesson, let's look at Buster's baby pictures!"

(Buster's Mother opens up an album, one of the pictures is of Baby Buster on a bear-skin rug, another picture is of Baby Buster in a high chair with a bowl of baby food on his head. The other students continue laughing, as Buster's face is now as red as his hoodie)

Buster: "This day could not get any more embarrassing."

Babs: "I'm just glad I never did anything that embarrassing."

(Buster's Mother turns the page of her album, where the next picture is of Baby Buster and Baby Babs sitting on the same toilet)

Babs: "You know, I really got to learn to keep my mouth shut."

Bee Gone!

  • Sergeant Buzzkill: "Welcome, cadets. I am Sergeant Buzzkill. Today I will teach you all how to become professional exterminators."

Plucky: "Oh, you mean like that fat, middle-aged balding man on the Dizzy channel?"

Sergeant Buzzkill: "I said professional exterminators! Now then, Plunky, Bumper..."

Plucky: "Actually, it's Plucky."

Buster: "And Buster."

Sergeant Buzzkill: "It doesn't matter. What does matter is your orders! Now then, your first assignment will be to remove a hornet's nest from the City Park."

Buster: "What's the occasion?"

(Sergeant Buzzkill shows Buster and Plucky a picture of his son)

Sergeant Buzzkill: "My son's birthday is tomorrow, and he wants to spend it at the park. My son means everything in the world to me, and I, for one, would hate to see him get stung by even a single hornet! If you succeed in removing the hornet's nest, I'll pay you both very handsomely."

(Plucky's eyes turn into dollar signs)

Plucky: "Oh, you've got yourself a deal!"

Sergeant Buzzkill: "I'm not finished! But if you should fail, I personally will remove that nest myself without harming a single hornet and use them all to sting both of your sorry butts!"

Plucky: "Well, nobody wants that."

Sergeant Buzzkill: "Good. Now get to work!"

Buster & Plucky: "Yes, sir!"

Pinky, Fifi, and The Brain

  • Dr. Gene Splicer: "Pinky, Brain, I'd like to talk to you. I have a new evil plan and I need your assistance."

Brain: "Actually, Doctor, I've been meaning to talk to you. Due to a massive amount of recent failures, Pinky and I have decided to work solo, just as we have before we met you."

Dr. Gene Splicer: "What? I give you shelter, food pellets, fresh water, heck, I even vow not to experiment on you, and this is how you repay me?"

Brain: "This has nothing to do with you. We are very gracious for your hospitality, aren't we, Pinky?"

Pinky: "Narf! Oh, yes, Brain!"

Brain: "With that being said, you've had many great plans of your own and Pinky and I decided we should take charge for this plan. Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Pinky: "I think so, Brain, but don't you need a pickup truck for playing 52 Pick Up?"

Brain: "I'll ignore that."

(Brain turns on Splicer's computer and selects a photo file of Fifi La Fume)

Brain: "Pinky and I have been studying this specimen, one Fifi La Fume. Because she is a skunk, her powerful smell is enough to knock anyone out. Once that skunk is under our control, we shall use her smell to knock out the world's population, and when they're all knocked out, we will implant microchips into their brains so they will be loyal to us, and we will finally take over the world!"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "That's all very well for you, but what happens to Buster, our floppy-eared foe?"

Brain: "On second thought, we may not be going entirely solo with our plan. With Buster knocked out by Fifi's smell, you can easily capture him without worry."

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Oh, it's so great to know I have a lab mouse I can trust... and Pinky."

Skunk Heart Break

  • Buster (After Fifi has asked him out on a date for the umpteenth time in this episode): "Fifi La Fume, I tried to be patient, I really tried for the two of us to just be friends, but you are just about the most obnoxious girl I have ever met. You're so obnoxious, that you replace Elmyra in my nightmares! That's right, Elmyra, I can handle, because at least she's easy to outsmart and doesn't smell like the inside of a limburger cheese factory! There's only one girl I ever want to date, and she's a real friend. Real friends don't stalk or spy on their friends, and I should know. I can't set foot in the shower or even the boy's bathroom without fear of you asking me out on a date! You should get a dictionary to look up the word 'Privacy', since you literally don't know the meaning of it! I've put up with this since Love Triangle, and I'm just not gonna put up with this any longer; I am not in love with you and I never will be, so quit trying to date me!"

Fifi: (Bursts into tears): "Jou've said more than enough, Bustair. Fine, I can take a hint. From now on, jou'll never have to see me again!" (sobs uncontrollably)

Buster: "I did it! That crazy purple skunk is finally out of my life! So why do I suddenly feel like I've made the biggest mistake of my life?"

More Coming Soon

Quotes (Season 4)

Warner's Island

  • Babs: "This day could not get any worse. I mean, look at us; We're stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no food, no water, and no transportation!"

Buster: "True, but as long as we're on this island, we've got; no school, no homework, no chores, no rules, no Monty, no Elmyra!

Babs: "That may be... but if I have to spend my entire life on this island, I think I'm gonna explode!"

Buster: "Calm down, Babs. I guarantee you, we'll be off this island by the end of this episode. In the meantime, we need to build shelter. Who knows how long we're gonna be here?"

Babs: "You're right, Buster. But where are we gonna find a good place to build shelter?"

Buster: "Over there!"

(Buster points to two shady fruit trees near a pond)

Babs: "Buster, I'm pretty sure that's just a mirage."

Buster: "Let's see.." (Buster takes a dip in the pond) "Cool water," (Buster relaxes under the leaves of one of the trees) "Shady trees." (Buster eats one of the fruits from one of the trees) "Delicious fruit. Looks 100% real to me! Come on, Babs, let's get to work!"

(Babs rushes over to the trees to help Buster build shelter)

  • (Hamton knocks on the door to Plucky's hut)

Hamton: "Hi, Plucky! Can I come in?"

(Plucky opens the door)

Plucky: "Hamton! Glad you could make it! You're just in time for dinner!"

Hamton: "Oh, good!"

(As Hamton follows Plucky inside, he finds a giant stew pot full of water)

Hamton: "What's with the pot?"

Plucky: "You've been working so hard today, you deserve a break. Step into this nice hot tub and relax."

Hamton: "Okay..." (steps into the pot, then sighs) "So, Plucky, what are we having for dinner tonight?"

Plucky: (As he slices carrots into the pot) "Roast pork."

Hamton: "Oh, good. Roast pork. Roast pork?! AAAAH!"

(Hamton runs out of the pot and up to the top of a tree)

Plucky: "Hamton! Why'd you run away?"

Hamton: "Because you're trying to eat me!"

Plucky: "Aw, don't be ridiculous. I would never dream of eating my best friend!"

(Camera pans to reveal Plucky wearing an apron that says I ♥ Bacon, and holding a cookbook that says, How to Cook Pigs)

Who's Your Bunny?

  • Bugs: "Okay, students. Today is the beginning of Parental Responsibility Week. These robot babies will be your children over the next week, and you will be taking care of these robot babies by feeding them, changing their diapers, and putting them down for naps. But be warned: These robot babies are very expensive school property, so if either parent breaks one of these, I will personally hold both parents back for a whole nother year!"

(The students gulp)

Bugs: "Now, I will assign each of you on separate teams. Wakko and Dot..."

Wakko: "Great. I'm married to my own sister."

Yakko: "Good night, everybody!"

Bugs: "Yakko and Mary, Monty and Elmyra..."

Elmyra: "Whee!" (Hugs Montana Max)

Bugs: "That one might be a mistake. Hamton and Fifi, Plucky and Shirley, and finally, Buster and Babs."

Buster: "Hey, Babs, you're not gonna leave me with all the work like you did when you found that gorilla, are you?"

Babs: "After you sold him to Montana Max? Absolutely not!"

Buster: "Good. I need to know I can have your trust in that we will each be doing an equal amount of parental responsibility."

Babs: "Buster, I've had younger brothers and sisters since I was three! I think you can trust me."

Buster: "I need a true friend's promise. Now, are you a true friend?

Babs: "Yes, I am!"

(Buster and Babs do an exclusive handshake)

Princess Day

  • Buster (While riding a horse): "Hiya, Toonsters. Today's Princess Day here on Tiny Toons. That's right." (Pulls out a picture of Babs, Fifi, and Dot dressed as Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle, respectively) "Today we're gonna show cartoons of three Princesses; Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle. But since this a fabulously cheap cartoon, I have to be the Prince in all three of these stories. Don't worry, I'm only in love with one of them. I bet you can already tell."

(The viewers nod their heads, "Yes.")

Buster: "No, it's not Snow White. Haven't you even seen my show?"

(The viewers nod their heads, "Yes.")

Buster: "Just roll the first cartoon."

  • Rhubella: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most beautiful of them all?

(Montana Max's face appears in the mirror)

Montana Max: "It ain't you, so hit the road, you're as ugly as a toad!"

Rhubella: "How dare you! It can't be! Who could possibly be prettier than me?"

Montana Max: "Go ahead and cry all night, but the prettiest in the land is Snow White!"

(An image of Fifi dressed as Snow White appears in the mirror)

Rhubella: "What? I won't be second to a skunk! Now to get rid of this useless junk!"

(Rhubella tosses the mirror out the window, where it lands in a dumpster full of discarded mirrors)

Montana Max: "Ow!"

(Montana Max's face appears in the mirror)

Montana Max: "Hey Queen, watch where you throw your mirrors, or I'll give you bad luck for seven years!"

Good News, Bad News

  • (Montana Max and Elmyra are inside the Northdale Middle School copy room)

Elmyra: "Where are we?"

Montana Max: "The copy room, stupid. I'm working on a newspaper that'll sell three times as well as that dumb rabbit's, but I can't have a good newspaper without news, and I can't have news without photos, and I can't have photos without a good photographer, but since I don't have a good photographer, I'm stuck with you." (Hands her a camera and a reporter's hat)

Elmyra: "Okay. What am I supposed to do?"

Montana Max: "It's so simple, someone with half your IQ could do it, and considering your IQ, that's saying a lot."

Elmyra: "What'd you say, Monty?"

Montana Max: "Let me put it a way you'll understand; All you have to do is take pictures of the cute little 'aminals' and bring them to me."

Elmyra: "That's all?"

Montana Max: "That's all. If you do a good job, I might pay you... IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS!"

Elmyra: "Okay, Monty!"

The Grade Report Card Caper

  • Plucky: "An F in every class? How could this have happened to me?"

Buster: "I don't know, Plucky, but did you, by any chance, do your homework, study, or even pay attention in class for even the smallest period of time?"

Plucky: "Are you kidding? If I did that, I'd have no time for fun stuff!"

Buster: "Plucky, when we're in school, we never have time for fun stuff."

Plucky: "This isn't funny, Buster! If my parents find out I got an F in every class, they'll hold me back for a whole nother year!"

Buster: "Calm down, Plucky, your grades weren't the worst."

Plucky: "Really? There's still hope! Who is it that's dumber than me?"

Buster: "Elmyra Duff. She got held back, too."

Plucky: "Oh, great. Another year with her."

Buster: "Even the lowest F is just too high a grade for her. She'd get a Z if it were on the grading scale."

Is it a Bunny?

  • (Babs is talking to Buster at his mother's baby shower, Buster is upset and drinking soda)

Babs: "What's the matter, Buster? You should be happy that you're gonna be a big brother."

Buster: "You think I would be. But I have a reputation to uphold. I've been an only child for nearly 15 years. People will think differently of me now that I'll be an older brother."

Babs: "Buster, your mom's a rabbit. This kind of thing's inevitable. I should know. I was only three years old when I first became a big sister, and my parents have given me many little brothers and sisters since then."

(Buster faints)

Babs: "Maybe I should rephrase that. Buster, you know your mom likes taking care of babies, right?"

Buster: "Sure. Why do you ask?"

Babs: "Well, Buster, that's the whole reason she had you. But little by little, you became more independent. She misses having someone so small and helpless to take care of."

Buster: "You're right, Babs. Who am I to deny her a new chance at happiness?"

  • Buster's Mother: "Buster, you look upset. Is there something bothering you?"

Buster: "I don't want to talk about it."

Buster's Mother: "Talking will make both of us feel better."

Buster: "Mom, I know you've been looking forward to having another baby, and I want to be happy for you, but my life is never gonna be the same again."

Buster's Mother: "Buster, just because I'm having another baby doesn't mean I'm gonna stop loving you. You're my first-born son and nothing's gonna change that."

Buster: "I figured you'd say that. It's a common sitcom cliché."

Adventures in Bunny-sitting

  • Buster's Mother: "Buster, could I talk to you for a second?"

Buster: "Sure, Mom. What do you need?"

Buster's Mother: "Buster, your father and I are going out to a fancy dinner for a couple of hours."

Buster: "Which, is in this episode's runtime, is about 20 minutes?"

Buster's Mother: "Okay, whatever that means. I need you to watch Heather until we get back."

Buster: "But mom, I've never truly baby-sat before."

Buster's Mother: "Buster, you're 15 years old, you're practically an adult now. I need to know I can trust you to take care of your baby sister. It'll be a lot of responsibility having a new baby in the house."

Buster: "I know."

(Buster's mother hands him a piece of paper)

Buster's Mother: "Here's Heather's schedule. It tells you when to feed her, when to change her, and when to put her down for a nap. If you need any help, you can call me."

(Buster's mother kisses Buster and Heather on their foreheads)

Buster's Mother: "Okay, Bye-bye. Love you both."

Buster: "Okay, have fun! But not too much fun. One baby sister is enough for me to handle."

(Buster's parents get in their car and leave for their dinner)

Buster: "What'd they think I was gonna do? Freak out?"

(Time Card: One Minute Later)

Buster: (On the floor, freaking out) "Waaah! My mommy and daddy are gone, and I don't know how to take care of Heather by myself!"

  • Buster: (Having finally caught up with Heather) "There you are. From now on, no more wandering off from your big brother. Understand?"

(Heather chases the butterfly to a crosswalk, where the green light is about to turn red)

Buster: "YIPE!"

(Buster dresses as a crossing guard and runs to the middle of the crosswalk)

Buster: "STOP!"

(All the cars stop immediately, Heather chases the butterfly across the crosswalk, until she safely makes it onto the sidewalk)

Buster: "Okay, guys, go!"

(The cars all run over Buster)

Buster: "Perhaps I should have stepped on the sidewalk before saying that."

(Mindy passes by Buster, chasing a cat. Buttons, who is following her, sees Buster and barks sympathetically at him)

Buster: "Tell me about it."

(Buttons barks at Buster again)

Buster: "Yeah, it's my first time."

(Buttons barks at Buster again)

Buster: "Well, I'll have to take your word that this is gonna happen more often. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to keep my baby sister out of trouble!"

(Buttons barks, "Good Luck!" at Buster)

  • (Heather is being held captive at Splicer's lab)

Pinky: "Narf! What are we gonna do with that baby, doctor?"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Oh, don't worry, After we've captured her big brother, we'll give her back to her parents... for a price. A very expensive price."

(Buster arrives to try to rescue Heather)

Buster: "All right, Splicer, I've made it to your lab, fair and square, without backup. Now leave my sister alone and I promise I'll leave you alone!"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Maybe I will, and maybe I won't. It all depends if you do as I say."

Buster: "You've turned into a monster, doctor. Look at you, you're threatening an infant who's less than a year old just so you can capture me!"

Brain: "He's right. I may be a ruthless criminal mastermind, but even I'm not that ruthless!"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "Silence, or I'll break my vow and put you in my next experiment!"

Buster: "Now you're threatening your own minions! What have you got to say for yourself?"

Dr. Gene Splicer: "I say, enough talk! If you want her back, you'll have to go through me!"

Buster: "Easier done than said, Splicer!"

  • (Buster arrives back home with one minute to spare. Heather has just fallen asleep and he puts her in her crib)

Buster: "Phew. That was too close for comfort."

(Buster's parents arrive home)

Buster's Mother: "Hi, Buster. We're back."

Buster (Whispering): "Shhh. She's asleep."

Buster's Mother (Whispering): "May we go see?"

Buster (Whispering): "Okay."

(Buster and his parents go into Heather's room, where they see her sleeping peacefully in her crib)

Buster's Father (Whispering) : "Awww. She looks so cute and innocent when she's sleeping."

Buster's Mother (Whispering): "Doesn't she just?"

Buster (Whispering): "Even I got to admit, she certainly does."

(Buster's mother carefully closes the door)

Buster's Mother: "See, Buster? I knew you could do it. You know, it's not always easy taking care of a baby."

Buster: (Whispering to the viewers) "Believe me, I know."

Buster's Mother: "But you did it, and your father and I are very proud of you. In fact, we're so proud of you, that as a reward for taking such good care of Heather..."

(Buster's face lights up)

Buster's Mother: "We're gonna have you babysit her again tomorrow!"

(Buster faints)

Buster's Mother: "Buster? You okay?"

Mix-it Day

  • Buster: "Hiya, Toonsters, I'm Buster Bunny!"

Fifi: "And I'm Fifi La Fume!"

Buster and Fifi: "No relation!"

Buster: "What? This line doesn't make any sense! She's a skunk, I'm a rabbit! We're as different as night and day! How CAN we be related?"

Fifi: "Oh, I don't mind, Bustair. Thanks to zis script, we'll finally be together and zere's nothing you can do to stop it."

Buster: "Oh, no?"

(Buster heads towards the EXIT door)

Fifi: "Wait, Bustair! Where are jou going!"

Buster: "I want no part in this episode. I'm gonna try to see if I can get a guest shot on that show about that crazy dog who's a secret agent. I'm THAT serious."

(Buster leaves and closes the door)

Fifi: "Eet doesn't matter anyway. I can play all ze parts; I was born with ze talent."


  • (The Mini short, Buster's Guide to the Internet, seen in the closing credits)

Buster: "Hiya, Toonsters, I'm Buster Bunny, and I'd like to take a break from my usual tooniness to tell you about Buster's Guide to the Internet!"

(BUSTER'S GUIDE TO THE INTERNET appears on the screen)

"It's all about the dangers of what you post online. Now, I'm sure you guys all know about fan art, fan videos, and fan fiction."

(Buster shows fan art, a fan video and fanfiction, all entitled BusterXFifi.)

"But heed my warning and be careful what you post online. Once it's on the internet, it's on there forever. You see, things posted online aren't always true in real life."

(The BusterXFifi fan art, fan video and fanfiction all get crossed out)

"And someone's feelings could get hurt over what they see, whether intentional or not, and how they respond is unpredictable. My advice is, if you don't want it done to you, don't do it to them."

Plucky: "What are you doing, Buster?"

Buster: "Hey, Plucky. It's an online PSA I'd like to call Buster's Guide to the Internet!"

(BUSTER'S GUIDE TO THE INTERNET appears on the screen)

Plucky: "Is this about those online rumors of you and Fifi?"

Buster: (With an annoyed look on his face) "Plucky, get out of here, this is my PSA."

Plucky: "Okay, but if this airs during a commercial break, I get 50% of the profits!"

Buster: "Whatever you say, Plucky."

Quotes (Season 5)

I'm Going to HappyWorldLand!

  • (Buster's father puts the suitcases in the back of the car and closes the door)

Buster's Father: "Well, dear, it looks like we're all packed."

(Buster's mother buckles Heather, who is drinking from her bottle, into her car seat, just behind the driver's seat)

Buster's Mother: "Good. Okay, now before we go, do either of you have to go potty?"

Buster: "No, Mom."

Babs: "No, Mrs. Bunny."

Babs (Whispering): "Buster, did your mom just ask us if we had to go p-o-t-t-y?"

Buster (Whispering): "Yes. Why? Does this bother you?"

(As Babs whispers to Buster, they get in the car. Babs buckles her seat belt in the middle seat, and Buster buckles his seat belt in the seat on the passenger side.)

Babs (Whispering): "Of course it bothers me. We're not little kids anymore, we're young adults! It's embarrassing to that word at such an age!"

Buster: (Whispering) "Babs, calm down. She's my mom and she's only trying to be sweet. Besides, it'll all be worth it when we get to HappyWorldLand, won't it?"

Babs: (Whispering) "I guess you're right."

  • Babs: "Mrs. Bunny, I don't mean to sound like someone a third of my age, but... How much longer till we get to HappyWorldLand?!"

Buster's Mother: "Well, Babs, as long as we don't have to make any more stops, we should get there within the next hour."

Babs: "All right!"

(Buster's mother stops the car, and gets caught behind a line of slow-moving cars)

Buster's Mother: "Whoops. Make that two hours."

Babs: "Great. Just great."

(Babs sniffs)

Babs: "What's that awful smell? It smells like someone hid a basket of year-old Easter eggs in this car!"

(Buster's Mother sniffs)

Buster's Mother: "Oh, that's probably Heather. Smells like she needs a diaper change."

(Camera pans to Heather, who the smell is indeed coming from)

Babs: "Ohhhh..."

Buster's Mother: "Don't worry, Babs. We'll change her as soon as we get to the next rest stop."

(Babs rolls down Buster's window, and looks out it at a sign that says, NEXT REST STOP: 2 MILES, then at the slow-moving traffic.)

Babs: "Excuse me a minute."

(Babs unbuckles her seat belt, runs out Buster's window, and runs to the top of a hill in a nearby forest)


Buster: "Wow. And I thought Monty had a loud scream."

  • Buster: "I've just now got reservations for two at Planet Toonywood for dinner tonight! Babs is going to love this!"

Announcer (Over loudspeaker): "Attention, Patrons. Would a Buster J. Bunny please report to the security facility? A patron by the name of Babs Bunny has been arrested and is requesting your presence. I repeat; Babs Bunny has been arrested and is requesting the presence of a Buster J. Bunny.

Thanks for coming."

Buster: "Ohhhh... Barbara Anne Bunny, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"

Get Inn or Get Out

  • (Buster, Babs, and Hamton arrive at Plucky's house to find it is a hotel, with a Help Wanted sign in the window)

Buster: "Whoa! What's this hotel doing where Plucky's house used to be?"

(Plucky arrives, dressed as the hotel manager)

Plucky: "Welcome to the Plucky Towers. Would you like to rent a room?"

Babs: "Rent a room, in your house? Say, what's going on here?"

Plucky: "I need to pay for the repairs on Slappy's new car, and this is the easiest way. Unfortunately, I don't think I can do this alone."

Babs: "No kidding."

Plucky: "How'd you like to have jobs at the Plucky Towers? Buster, you can be the bellhop, Babs, you can be the maid, and Hamton, you can be the cook."

Babs: "How much are you paying us?"

Plucky: "Minimum wage."

Babs: "What?"

Buster: "Take it or leave it, Babs. This is about as generous as he gets."

Babs: "All right, Plucky, you got yourself a deal!"

Plucky: "Great! Meet me inside and I'll give you your uniforms and your jobs."

To Save a Skunk

  • (Buster and Babs show Plucky a picture of Gotcha Grabmore)

Plucky: "Who's that ugly lady?

Buster Bunny: "You don't recognize her? She's Gotcha Grabmore, the world's craziest fur dealer!"

Plucky: "Never heard of her."

Babs: "You weren't there, Plucky, but Buster and I saved a baby seal from her."

Buster: "And we saved a baby whale and helped him save his mother from her."

Babs: "Didn't we win an Environmental Media USA award for that episode?"

Buster: "We sure did!"

  • Babs: "Guys, we can't let Gotcha get away with this. We've got to save Fifi. After all, she's our friend, right?"

Plucky: "Right!"

Buster: "Wrong!"

Babs: "What?"

Buster: "I'm real sorry, Babs. This isn't easy for me to say, but... I don't want to save Fifi!"

Babs: "Why not? She's our friend!"

Buster: "She's your friend, not mine."

Babs: "Buster, what's gotten into you?"

Buster: "Look, I can handle many unpleasant things in life. I can handle getting a rock in my trick-or-treat bag on Halloween. I can handle getting fruitcake on Christmas. I can even handle Elmyra, but I cannot handle Fifi. I've had many bad encounters with her, and the reason I don't want to save her is beacuse I know she'll give me a reward more unpleasant than everything I've previously mentioned combined!"

Babs: "So that's it? You're just going to let her suffer at the hands of Gotcha?"

Buster: "Of course not. She needs a hero, and since I'm clearly not the one, you guys can go on ahead without me."

Babs: "Are you sure?"

Buster: "I think you'll do just fine without me. Besides, I trust you more than I trust myself."

Babs: "If you insist."

  • (Fifi, Babs, and Plucky are all held captive at Gotcha's cosmetic surgery room, where Gotcha is preparing for the operation)

Gotcha: "I hope you're ready for a little cosmetic surgery, for it's time to say good-bye to annoying, stinky skunks, and hello to a new fashion era! And when I'm finished, I may make a pair of lucky rabbit's feet, or maybe even a feather boa!"

Babs: "You wouldn't get away with this if Buster were here! He'd never let anything bad happen to us!"

(Plucky stares at Babs)

"Well, he'd never let anything bad happen to me, anyway."

Gotcha: "Stow it, rabbit. In a few minutes, you'll all be part of the latest fashion trends!"

(Buster opens the door)

Buster: "Cancel that order, Grabmore!"

Gotcha: "What are you doing here?"

Buster: "I've come to save my friends! ...and Fifi."

Buster's Guide to Babysitting

  • (The phone rings and Buster is about to answer it)

Buster: "Hang on, Toonsters, the phone's ringing and I need to answer it."

(Buster picks up the phone)

Buster: "Hello. Buster Bunny speaking."

Babs: "Buster, it's Babs. I'm going to the movies and I've got an extra ticket. Would you like to go with me?"

Buster: "Hold on, Babs." (Turns to the viewers) "Rule #1: When babysitting, always postpone your other plans." (Talks back to Babs) "Sorry, Babs, I can't today. I have to babysit Heather."

Babs: "Okay. Need any help?"

Buster: "No thanks. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of my own baby sister."

Babs: "Oh, really? Just like you were 'perfectly capable' the last time?"

Buster: "That was only my first time. I'm sure this time, I'll do much better!"

Babs: "Uh-huh. Sure."

(Heather is about to pull down a tablecloth on a nearby nightstand, where a flower pot is sitting.)

Buster: "Yipe! Listen, Babs, I'll have to call you back. Bye-bye!"

Babs: "Wait!"

(Buster hangs up the phone)

Buster: "Rule #2: Never EVER leave your infant sibling alone."

(Buster picks up Heather just as she pulls down the tablecloth. The flower pot falls and hits Buster on the head)

Buster (Dazed): "Bad things happen to you if you do."

(Buster falls over)

Movie Maniacs

  • (Buster is just about to watch television with Heather, when the phone rings. Buster answers the phone)

Buster: "Buster Bunny speaking."

Fifi: "Hello, Bustair! It's Fifi!"

Buster: "Fifi! What a... totally unexpected surprise."

Fifi: "I know, right? Listen, I'm going to ze movies today and I was wondering if jou wanted to go with me."

Buster: "Sorry, Fifi. I can't today. I've got other plans."

Fifi: "Oh, really? Like watching Timothy Ze Steam Engine and Company with jour sister?"

Buster: "How do you know about that?! Were you spying on me?"

(Camera cuts to Fifi, who is outside Buster's house, looking through a pair of binoculars)

Fifi (as she hides the binoculars behind her back): "It was... just a lucky guess."

Buster: "Well, lucky guess or not, I still can't make it."

Fifi: "Please, Bustair? If jou go to ze movies with me, jou won't have to spend a single cent! I'll pay for everything!"

Buster (to the viewers): "Well, toonsters, looks like I gotta tag along. We don't have much of an episode if I don't." (Turns back to Fifi) "All right, Fifi, you win. I'll go to the movies with you after all."

Fifi: "Jes!"

Buster: "I'll see if Babs can look after Heather for a couple of hours, and I'll meet you at the movies in about half an hour."

Fifi: "Oh, thank jou, Bustair! Jou won't regret this!"

(Buster hangs up the phone)

Buster: "I already have."

  • (On his way to the theater, Buster passes by Fowlmouth)

Fowlmouth: "Hey, Buster, where you off to in such a dad-gum hurry?"

Buster: "Oh, hi, Fowlmouth. I got stuck on a date with Fifi, so I have to meet her at the movies."

Fowlmouth: "They're always kicking me out of that place. I wonder why."

Buster: "Maybe it's because you never keep quiet whenever the movies play?"

Fowlmouth: "Nah, that can't possibly be it."

  • (Arnold is working as an usher outside the theater rooms)

Arnold: "Have your tickets ready now. No ticket, no movie!"

(Buster pulls his ticket out of his hoodie and purposely tosses it aside)

Buster (in an unconvincing tone): "Oh, dear. I seem to have misplaced my ticket. It doesn't look like I'll be seeing any movies today. Oh, well. I guess I'll just go home, then."

(Buster tries to sneak away, but Fifi is right behind him)

Fifi: "Don't worry, Bustair. I have prepared for this very moment!"

(Fifi has Buster's ticket, as well as her own, in her hand. She gives them to Arnold, who marks them with a black marker)

Arnold: "Enjoy the show."

Buster (to himself): "I'm not sure if I can."

Flowers For Elmyra

  • (Calamity turns on his machine when Babs opens the door and runs inside)

Babs: "Hi, Calamity! I hope you don't mind us just barging in like this!"

Buster: "We need a place to hide from Elmyra!"

Elmyra: "Come back, Mr. and Ms. Hippety-hop! I wanna hug you and squeeze you and bathe you and diaper you..."

Calamity: "No! Don't step on the..."

(Elmyra steps on the X and gets blasted by the machine's ray)

Calamity: "...X."

(The machine stops)

Buster: "Elmyra, are you okay? Wait a minute, why am I asking her if she's okay?"

(Elmyra is now dressed in a graduation gown and cap as she rises up)

Elmyra (In a non-childish tone): "Ohhh... My aching cranium!"

Buster: "Oh no, she's awake! Please don't hurt us!"

Elmyra: "Hurt you? Why would I even think of doing such a thing? It's barbaric and inhumane!"

Buster: "Wow, Elmyra. Those were some big words you just used. I never heard you use them before."

Elmyra: "Buster, my lagomorph friend, my vocabulary has increased indefinitely. Besides, I'm no longer the juvenile little girl I once was on the inside."

Buster: "You're joking."

Elmyra: "Now that I'm a genius, I never joke."

Babs: "Buster, this can't possibly be the real Elmyra. She would never speak in that kind of tone or use those kind of words!"

Buster: "Don't worry, Babs. I'll ask her something simple. Elmyra, what is two plus two?"

Elmyra: "Four, which coincidentally is the same as two times two."

Babs: "See? The real Elmyra would have answered with something like 'seven'!"

Calamity: "Egad! It must have happened when she got blasted with my IQ booster ray! I'll just reverse the ray's effects and..."

Buster: "Hold it, Calamity! If you do that right away, we won't have much of an episode here!"

Babs: "Besides, this new genius Elmyra could be an improvement. She's already vowed never to harm us again. Let's give her a chance!"

Elmyra: "Oh, thank you, kind rabbits! You won't regret this decision!"

Buster: "We certainly won't!"

  • (Buster, Babs, and the new genius Elmyra arrive at the classroom, where Fifi and Dizzy are writing down their assignments)

Fifi: "Hello, Bustair. Hello, Babs. Who's ze new girl?"

Buster: "Well, Fifi, believe it or not, it's Elmyra Duff."

Fifi: "Jou've got to be kidding me! Zat girl is smart, Elmyra is stupeed!"

Elmyra: "Actually, I was stupid, before. Now my IQ has indefinitely increased."

Fifi: "Zat can't possiblee be ze real Elmyra."

Babs: "But she is!"

Fifi: "Oh, jeah? Prove it!"

Buster: "Okay. Elmyra, what species are these creatures?"

Elmyra: "Simple. He's a Tasmanian Devil and she's a Skunk."

Fifi: "I told jou zat's not ze real Elmyra. Ze real Elmyra would have called me a 'steenky keetty'!"

Dizzy: "And me a 'spinny purpley puppy'!"

Fifi: "Not to mention, she would capture us, put us in cages, and treat us like cats and dogs!"

Elmyra: "Oh no, now that I'm a genius, I don't hunt animals anymore. That's barbaric and inhumane, and I feel that all creatures, no matter how sloppy or smelly, should have the freedom they clearly deserve."

Fifi: "See, guys, she's too smart to be ze real Elmyra!"

Buster: "Well, she is the real Elmyra..."

Babs: "...but she got zapped by Calamity's IQ booster machine."

Buster: "Come on, Feef, everyone deserves a second chance, and now that Elmyra's a genius and given up her old ways, we ought to give her one!"

Fifi: "Well, I am tired of being treated like a cat, so, okay!"

Restraining Odor

  • (Buster walks to Fifi's house and knocks on her door. Fifi opens the door)

Buster: "Oh, Fifi, I've got a surprise for you!"

Fifi: "Ooh, I like surprises!"

(Fifi is about to kiss Buster, but he stops her)

Buster: "Uh-uh-uh, read this!"

(Buster places the restraining order in front of Fifi)

Fifi (reading over the restraining order): "Zis restraining ordair states that Fifi La Fume must not get within 50 yards of Bustair J. Bunny. Vell, that's not very nice."

Buster: "Yes, but I didn't say it was a pleasant surprise, now did I?"

Fifi: "Bustair, how could jou do thees to me? I thought we were friends!"

Buster: "Real friends don't stalk their friends. Before I got this restraining order, you've been endlessly stalking me, and I've been helpless to defend myself. From now on, if you get anywhere near me, you go to jail!"

Fifi: "But I don't want to go to jail!"

Buster: "Then you should have no problem obeying this restraining order."

  • (Buster opens the door to his house, sniffs, and sighs)

Buster: "The sweet smell of a brand new day. And thanks to this restraining order..."

(Buster pulls out the restraining order and kisses it)

"...that crazy purple skunk is finally out of my life!"

(Buster walks his way to Northdale Middle School)

"Yes, Siree. No more having to bathe in tomato juice, or smelling worse than Heather's diaper pail. I tell you, today is going to be a great day!"

(As Buster passes Elmyra's house, Elmyra is spying on Buster through some binoculars peeking out of the mail slot of her house's front door)

Elmyra: "Whee! Without Ms. Stinky Kitty following him, I can finally make Mr. Hippety-hop my pet and not have to smell her stinky smell!"

(Elmyra puts on a safari hat, pulls out a net, and runs after Buster)

Quotes (Season 6)

Beach Blanket Bully

  • (Buster is relaxing under an umbrella, reading a book, when Babs Bunny and the other Tiny Toons come up to talk to him)

Buster: "Oh, hey, Babs. Is there a problem?"

Babs Bunny: "You bet there's a problem! It's Montana Max, he thinks he owns the beach!"

(Everyone rants in agreement)

Buster: "All right, calm down, everybody. Now tell me, what did Monty do?

(Shirley and Fifi are sunburned)

Shirley: "Like, he nearly turned me into a roast loon!"

Fifi: "Oui! I'm not much better, either."

Plucky: "He pushed our ice cream into the sand, and I paid good money for that ice cream!"

Hamton: "Yeah, my money!"

(Calamity has a very sore foot)

Calamity: "He tickled me and made me drop a really heavy weight on my foot!"

Elmyra: "He ruined my sandcastle!"

Sneezer: "He got sand in my nose, and I'm allergic to sand! Aah, aah, aah... CHOO!"

(Sneezer covers Buster in sand)

Sneezer: "Bless me."

Babs (As Buster brushes the sand off): "The lifeguard's too lazy and selfish to do anything about it!"

(Camera cuts to Arnold reading a Poodles Magazine)

Babs: "I tell you, somebody ought to do something about Monty!"

Buster: "Somebody just might!"

(There is a brief silence, and everyone looks at each other)

Buster: "And, by somebody, of course, I meant me."

Babs: "Good. We were hoping that's what you meant."

Connie and the Condor

  • (Concord carries Connie into his cave)

Concord: "Well, Connie, this is my cave, uh, yep yep yep. Allow me to show you around.

(Concord bumps into Nasty, who is alongside Slim and Lardo)

Nasty: "Well, little brother, looks like you brought us lunch. Maybe you're not so useless after all.

Concord: "Her? Oh, she's not lunch, uh, nope nope nope. She's my new friend, Connie. Connie, I'd like you to meet my older brothers. This is Nasty, Slim, and Lardo."

Connie: "I don't think you should be calling them that."

Concord: "Why not? That's what our Mama called them, uh, yep yep yep."

Nasty: "He's right, my little tasty morsel. Well, now that introductions are out of the way, Slim, set up the table, and Lardo, turn on the oven!"

Connie: "Well, Concord, thanks for the tour, but I must be going home now. My family probably misses me very much..."

(Connie tries to sneak away, but Nasty grabs her and she screams)

Nasty: "You're not going anywhere, except our oven!"

Concord: "Hey! You can't eat my friend!"

(Concord swats Nasty's beak)

Nasty: "Ouch!"

(Nasty releases Connie from his grip and Concord lowers her to safety)

Concord: "Nope nope nope! I promised her I'd keep her safe and I intend to keep that promise!"

(Nasty grabs Concord)

Nasty: "Haven't you learned anything, little brother? Condors don't help defenseless animals, they eat them!"

Concord: "Well, not me, nope nope nope! I'm not gonna do it, and you can't make me!"

(Nasty drops Concord and kicks him out of their cave)

Nasty: "Fine! More for me, Slim, and Lardo, then!"

Up Against A Wallet

  • (Buster arrives to the Comic Book Store Manager's desk with a stack of comic books)

"I'd like to purchase these, please."

(The Comic Book Store Manager scans the comics)

"That'll be 27.65, please."

Buster: "No problem, my friend."

(Buster pulls out his wallet and opens it, only to find three I.O.U. notes where his money should be)

Buster: "Huh? What are these notes doing in my wallet?"

Buster's Mother (Voiceover to the note Buster is reading): "Dear Buster, I hope you don't mind, but I needed to borrow some money from you. I need to buy more diapers for Heather. Love, Mom."

Babs (Voiceover to the note Buster is reading): "Buster, I hope you don't mind. I want to go shopping at the Acme Mall and I needed to borrow some money from you. Love, Babs."

Plucky (Voiceover to the note Buster is reading): "Hey, Buster, I hope you don't mind. I needed to borrow some money from you for a... kidney transplant. Yeah, that's it, a kidney transplant. Plucky."

(The Comic Book Store Manager stares at Buster, who laughs nervously and blushes. The Comic Book Store Manager then kicks Buster out of the store)

  • (A commercial for the Acme Smart Wallet airs on Buster's TV)

First Announcer: "Do you have friends who borrow your money without returning it?"

Buster and Hamton: "Yes!"

First Announcer: "Are you finding I.O.U. notes in your wallet where your money should be?"

Buster and Hamton: "Yes!"

First Announcer: "And do you find your money missing when you need it the most?"

Buster and Hamton: "Yes! Yes!"

First Announcer: "Well, now your money troubles are over, with the new Acme Smart Wallet!"

(Buster and Hamton's eyes turn into dollar signs)

First Announcer: "The new Acme Smart Wallet is guaranteed to keep your money safe from intruders, with a lock mechanism accessible only by a programmable 4-digit security code!"

Second Announcer: "The Acme Corportation is not responsible for any money stolen by eavesdroppers who may have overheard you programming and/or entering the security code."

First Announcer: "Order now, supplies are limited!"

Hamton: "Buster, we need that wallet!"

Buster: "Let's order two now!"

(Buster rushes to the phone and begins dialing the 1-800 number)

Hamton: "Wait, Buster! We can't order them!"

Buster: "Why not?"

Hamton: "Because, we don't have any money to pay for them!"

Buster: "Darn! There's always a catch!"

Hamton's Guide to Cleanliness

  • Hamton: "Now, viewers, I'd like to teach you one of the most difficult parts of cleaning any household kitchen; cleaning under the refrigerator!"


"Now, the first step to cleaning under the refrigerator is to move the refrigerator out of the way."

(Dizzy Devil is at the refrigerator)

"Dizzy! What are you doing in my house?"

Dizzy Devil: "Dizzy hungry!"

(Dizzy opens the fridge, eats everything inside it, and burps)

Hamton: "Gee, why didn't you just eat the whole fridge?"

Dizzy Devil: "Okay."

(Dizzy eats the fridge, then burps)

"Dizzy tired now. Dizzy go home to sleep."

(Dizzy walks away)

Hamton: "Well, I guess that's one way to get the fridge out of the way."

Shirley You Jest

  • (Plucky's kitchen is now decorated very fancy, complete with a swan ice sculpture and Fifi playing the harp)

Plucky: "Wow, Buster, I'm impressed. How'd you do it?"

Buster: "Let me tell you, it wasn't easy."

(Buster's flashback begins)

(At Fifi's house, Buster knocks on the door and Fifi answers it)

Fifi: "Jes, Bustair?"

Buster: "Fifi, I am about to do something that is completely out of character from me. I need to ask you a favor."

Fifi: "Jes, Bustair! I weell marry jou!"

Buster: "Please let me finish. I need you to play the harp at my friend Plucky's house this evening for his fancy dinner with Shirley. Will you help me?"

Fifi: "Bustair, I would do anything for jou…"

(Buster's face lights up)

Fifi: "…on one condition; jou must kees me on ze leeps."

Buster: "Cheek."

Fifi: "But I get to tell my friends eet was on ze leeps."

Buster: "Deal."

(Buster kisses Fifi on the cheek)

Fifi (Lovestruck): "See jou tonight, Bustair!"

(Buster's flashback ends)

Quotes (Season 7)

Elmyra's Birthday

  • (Emily Duff is on the phone with Morgana Max)

Emily Duff: "Hello, Morgana?"

Monty's Mom: "Emily! Is that you?"

Emily Duff: "Yes. I'm calling because my daughter, Elmyra, is upset. Today is her 13th birthday, and nobody she invited has shown up at her party. So I was wondering if you could get your son, Monty, to come to it. Surely, he can cheer her up."

Monty's Mom: "Yes, Emily, I will."

Emily Duff: "Oh, good."

Monty's Mom: "Thank you for calling, good-bye." (Hangs up the phone) "Monty!"

(Montana Max arrives)

Monty: "What is it, Mom?"

Monty's Mom: "Mrs. Duff just called."

Monty: "Not Mrs. Duff as in..." (Gulps) "Elmyra's mom?"

Monty's Mom: "Yes. Elmyra's feeling sad because nobody she invited showed up to her 13th birthday party, so your father and I thought it would be nice if you showed up to it."

Monty: "I'm not going to that stupid party!"

Monty's Mom: "Monty, it's not like we haven't been through this before."

Monty's Dad: "Yes, son. The Duffs are close friends of ours, and as our son, it's your job to be nice to them."

Monty: "But..."

Monty's Dad: "No buts, Monty!"

Monty's Mom: "You're going to Elmyra's party,"

Monty's Dad: "You're going to buy her a nice present,"

Monty's Mom: "And you're going to be nice to her and her family!"

Monty: "Oh, yeah? And what if I don't wanna?"

Monty's Dad: "Then you'll never see another cent in your allowance as long as you live!"

Monty: "Okay, okay, I'm going!" (Mutters angrily to himself)

Monty's Dad: "And let's watch the language, okay, son?"

Return to HappyWorldLand

  • (Fifi runs up to Babs, who is waiting in line at the Tunnel of Love with Buster)

Fifi: "Bonjour, Babs!"

Babs: "Oh. Hi, Fifi."

Fifi: "Gee, Babs, jou sure are lucky to have a friend like Bustair."

Babs: "I guess so."

Fifi: "He sure was nice enough to buy ze whole class teeckets to HappyWorldLand, right?"

Babs: "Right."

Fifi: "And he sure was nice enough to let jou sit near him on ze tunnel of love. Jou know, not everyone is zat lucky."

Babs: "Okay..."

Fifi: "However, he deed ovairlook one thing..."

Babs: "And that is?"

Fifi: "Eet's such a hot day today, and jou'lll be standing in line all day. Jou must be thirsty, no?"

Babs: "Well, now that you mention it, I am a little thirsty..."

Fifi: "Wheech is why I brought jou this..." (Fifi pulls out the extra-large diet soda she bought earlier) "One extra-large, cool, refreshing diet soda."

Babs: "Hey, thanks a lot. That's really nice of you."

Fifi (As Babs sips the soda): "Theenk nothing of it, Babs. I certainly wouldn't want my best friend to be, how jou say, dehydrated."

Babs: "Want a sip?"

Fifi: "Oh, no thank jou, Babs. I've got othair places to be here today. Besides, I bought this especially for jou. Well, I must be going now, au revoir!" (Walks away)

Babs: "See you later, Fifi!" (Sips the soda again)

Fifi (To herself): "Excellent. Phase one of my plan is, how jou say, complete!"

  • (Hamton and Plucky are in line for the Happy Heavens Plunge)

Hamton (thinking): "Oh, what am I going to do? I can't go on this ride! It's really really high, and I'm afraid of heights! I've just gotta tell Plucky how I really feel. Oh, but I can't do that, he's my best friend! He even bought me an ice cream! Uh, with my money. Still, I gotta tell him I can't go on the ride. Okay, here goes."

Hamton: "Uh, Plucky?"

Plucky: "Yes, Hamton, my best friend in the whole world who I'm so excited to be riding this coaster with?"

Hamton: "I can't go on the ride."

Plucky: "What? Why not?"

Hamton: "Because, I... just ate! Yeah! I just ate, and if I don't wait 30 minutes, I'll be sick to my stomach."

Plucky: "Well, Hammy, you don't need to worry about that. Look!"

(Plucky and Hamton are standing under a sign that says Average Wait Time From This Point: 30 Minutes)

Hamton (to himself): "Me and my big mouth."

Quotes (Season 8)

Soccer Mom

  • Babs: "All in favor of never playing soccer again?"

All but Buster: "Aye."

Babs: "All opposed?"

Buster: "Nay!"

Babs: "Nay?"

Buster: "That's right, nay. We can't just give up!"

Babs: "Why shouldn't we? This is the 12th game of soccer in a row we've lost!"

Hamton: "We've lost 112 to nothing."

Plucky: "And to top it all off, even our coach quit on us!"

Buster: "Well, maybe he quit on you, but I'm not going to! We could still win a game if we put our minds to it!"

Hamton: "You're just saying that because you're better than all of us combined at soccer."

Buster: "No, I'm not. All we need is a new coach, then maybe we can turn things around!"

Plucky: "You mean we can finally win a game?"

Buster: "I sure hope so."

A Bird of Her Word

  • (Furrball, tired of Elmyra and Sweetie's abuse, walks away, carrying a bindle)

Elmyra: "Wait! Come back!" (Furrball slams the front door) "Waah! Kitty-witty went bye-bye!"

Sweetie (Giggles): "Serves that mean old kitty right for always trying to eat me!"

Elmyra: "I guess now I'll just have to play with my cute little pink birdie-wirdie instead."

Sweetie (Continues giggling, then stops): "Wait, what?" (Elmyra takes Sweetie out of her cage, then sets her down on a tarp) "What do you think you're doing?"

Elmyra (Giggles): "Time to change your diaper!"

Sweetie: "You have got to be kidding me."

(Elmyra powders Sweetie, then tapes a clean diaper around her waist)

Elmyra: "There. Don't you look cute?"

Sweetie (looking down at the diaper she has on): "This day couldn't get any more humiliating."

Elmyra: "Now that you're all changed, it's time for your botty-wotty!"

Sweetie: "I was wrong."

(Elmyra takes a bottle and shoves it in Sweetie's beak)

Elmyra: "Is Mommy Elmyra's cute pink baby birdie-wirdie enjoying her botty-wotty? (Sweetie then squirts the bottle at Elmyra's face) "Hey!"

Sweetie: (Flying out of Elmyra's reach) "Is this what Furrball has to deal with every day? Oh, I gotta get out of here!"

Elmyra: "Wait! Come back!" (Sweetie tosses her diaper, which lands on Elmyra's face) "Ow!"

Duff and Cover

  • (Buster finally manages to escape from the Elmyra Swarm inside the Janitor's closet)

Buster: "Phew. Safe at last!"

(Buster turns on the light, and he finds Babs, Plucky, Dizzy, Fifi, Shirley, and the Warner siblings curled up and looking scared)

Buster: "Let me guess, you guys are hiding from the Elmyra Swarm, too?"

Babs: "It's horrible! There's too many of them!"

Plucky: "We're outnumbered!"

Buster: "Right. Clearly the nine of us are no match for the seven of them."

Fifi: "I always thought one Elmyra was bad enough, but seven of zem? Oh, Sacre bleu!"

Wakko: "It's our worst nightmare come true!"

Dizzy: "Me no want to be her dog again!"

Buster: "Calm down, everyone."

Dot: "How can we? Everywhere we go, there's always another Elmyra!"

Shirley: "And like, being the cute fuzzy animals we are, we're like, powerless against them, or some junk."

Yakko: "If only there were something they liked more than us!"

Buster: "My friends, and Fifi…"

(Fifi sighs in a lovestruck state)

Buster: "There's only one thing the Elmyra Swarm loves more than us, and I know just how to lure them to it."

Quotes (Specials)

The Revenge of the Nega Toons

Buster: (Wakes up) Oh man.

Plucky: I feel like my insides just turned inside out.

Buster: Where are we? It looks like something from the inside of your brain.

Plucky: Hahaha, enough of that.

Buster: This place is completely empty.

Plucky: Not even a bathroom around here.

Buster: What's that over there?

(Camera moves over to a portal leading to the home of the original Acme Acres. The camera switches back to Buster and Plucky)

Buster: Is that Acme Acres? I haven't seen that place in a while.

Plucky: Didn't we used to live there?

Buster: Yeah, before it became a neighborhood. Maybe we can get some clues to get our friends back.

Plucky: What the heck, beats this place.

(Buster and Plucky walk over to the portal.)

Plucky: Got any idea how this works?

Buster: No idea.

(The portal flashes and Buster and Plucky go into the world)

Running Gags

  • The Warner Siblings making cameos in each episode.
  • Since it's televsion, the show uses made up names of real life people, places, and things, and Buster is annoyed by it.
  • Yakko Warner using his catchphrase, "Goodnight, Everybody!" when he here's an adult themed jesture.
  • The scenes switch to cartoon comedy, to slapstick comedy, to dramatic comedy, to ironic comedy, to situation comedy.
  • The show has a number of charicitures of celebrities, writers, etc.
  • Buster (and/or one of his friends) lampshading obvious cartoon clichés.
  • The characters mentioning something will take the approximate length of the cartoon they're in.


  • Most of the characters have their original designs from the previous show, with a few exceptions, such as Buster wearing a red hoodie, but are designed to look the characters from The Looney Tunes Show (2011).
  • This show is also a small crossover with Animaniacs
  • In the show, the settings and plots are new, but the characters still reference past experiences from the previous show.
  • The show still contains it's original concept and character behaviors.
  • The episode, "Coyote Howl", is the first episode in the series where Calamity speaks.
  • The show still features it's number of cameos and parodies, like in Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • The animation still varies by different animation companies.
  • This is the first time the main cast of Animaniacs interacts with the cast of Tiny Toons.
  • The setting takes place in Las Angeles, instead of Acme Acres from the previous show.
  • The characters, Fifi la Fume and Calamity Coyote, who were secondary recurring characters in Tiny Toon Adventures, play as major roles in the show.
  • The episode, "No Nose Knows Like Sneezer's Nose" shows a flashback to Sneezer's birth, and also the origin of how he got his name.
  • Buster's parents, who were not seen in Tiny Toon Adventures, appear in the episode, Stink Kiss, and several episodes after.
  • Fifi's parents, who were not seen in "Tiny Toon Adventures", appear in the episode, "Adult Party Only", and several episodes after.
  • The Warner Duck Siblings, who appeared in the episode, "The Warner Fowlings", were actually the first rejected character ideas for the show, "Animaniacs".
  • The episode, "Fifi Appreciation Day", is the first episode that focuses mainly on Fifi.
  • The episode, "Take that Acme!", is the first episode that focuses mainly on Calamity.
  • Babs' easy-going younger brother, Sammy, who appears in the episode, "Keeping Cool With Sammy", is an OC created by MightyMorphin4, a Deviantart User
  • Babs' pantophobic younger sister, Connie, who appears in the episode, "Nothing to Hare But Hare Itself", is an OC created by Jose-Ramiro, a Deviantart user.
  • Some episodes in the series are produced by tv writer and producer, Scott Fellows.
  • HappyWorldLand, which was originally a minor location in the direct-to-video movie, Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, becomes an important plot setting for the Season 5 episode, I'm Going to HappyWorldLand!
  • Bimbette Skunk, who played a minor role in Tiny Toons: How I Spent my Vacation, appears in the episode, "Unlikely Frienship", as a regular minor character.
  • The special, "Tiny Toons: Defenders of the Universe", is based on the unreleased video game of itself.
  • In the episode, "the Return of the Just-Us League of Super Toons", Plucky plays a more serious role in his character and the Warners appear in the league as the Green Lamper, Martian Wakko Hunter, and Super Dot."
  • In the episode, "Toon Histeria!", the cast of Histeria! meets the cast Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs.
  • In the ending to the episode, "Is it a bunny?" and the episode, "Adventures in Bunny-sitting", Buster becomes the older brother of a baby sister named Heather.
  • In the episode, "Future Shock", Fifi's twin son and daughter, Phillipe and Lillian, are a nod to the Rugrats/All Grown Up characters, Phil and Lil Deville, who, like Fifi, were voiced by Katherine Soucie.
  • Shirley's parents, who were not seen in "Tiny Toon Adventures" appear in the episode, "Shirley You Jest".
  • Dizzy's parents, who were not seen in "Tiny Toon Adventures" appear in the episode, "Devil's Peak".


(Images courtesy of Tiny Toon Image Gallery Plus)

Visual looks

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