The Titan-Ic is a Japanese/Canadian/American animated television series produced by Toei Animation for animation while real production took place with recording sessions in the United States on Walt Disney Pictures featuring veteran American and Canadian voice actors from Studio B Productions and Walt Disney Pictures. The show aired on TV Tokyo in February 18, 2013 and Disney Channel on February 21, 2013.


Cronus has been freed from his cosmic prison and now unleashes his wrath against the people. Now, Zane, the descendant of Zeus, king of the gods must find the rest of the eleven titans before things go wrong.


The Titans

  • Zane Yoshimura (voiced by Jeremy Shada) - "The One True Hero", descendant of Zeus. Zane is a 15-year old boy from Tokyo, Japan who was born with a lightning streak in one of hhis sideburns signifying his royalties and gifts. Zane features unlimited powers such as electric attacks and also has powers that he does not unlock yet. His favorite food is tenmusu and onigiris, common treats found in Japan.
  • Harold "Harry" Pickett (voiced by Lee Tockar) - "The Brawns", descendant of Hercules. A 16-year old farm boy, born in Moscow, Russia but rased in Texas, he has incredible strength that can beat up anyone. Harry has a Russian persona and accent, allowing him to do Russian dances for his strength combat. Harry also owns a pick up truck which he uses as the main vehicle.
  • Amy Jones (voiced by Bridgit Mendler) - "The Hunter", descendant of Artemis. A 16-year old girl, the only one with a female ancestor, she is the only American in the series, being from New York City. She has the ability to make metal weapons such as bow and arrow and she can also have speeding abilities. She has a valley girl accent.
  • Jayland "Jay" Bonnimund (voiced by Richard Ian Cox) - "The Leader", descendant of Jason of the Argonauts. A 15-year old boy who is second-in-command of the Titans and has foughts against Zane due to his differences. He also has the ability to teleport into any place by stomping his feet and carries a boomerang weapon. He has an Australian accent being born from Canberra.
  • Alan Launch (voiced by Tom Kenny) - "The Warrior", descendant of Achilles. Alan is a Slovakian boy who was born in Prague in the Czech Republic who wields the Hepheastus Whip that can break anything. He has an ingrown heel condition so Alan had to wear a roller skated brace over it. Like his descent, Alan is immune to any disease meaning he never gets sick in his life. He also has a fear of water.
  • Theo Radijah (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - "The Fighter", descendant of Theseus. Theo is a Sikh boy from Mumbai who is the prince of a Raja, allowing him royalty. He is rich and owns a dozen of sports cars except a green one. Theo has psychic abilities such as levitation, predicting the future and telekinesis. Theo is 14-years old.
  • Otto Johnson (voiced by Brian Drummond) - "The Brains", descendant of Odysseus. He has super intellegence and was born in Ghana at the age of 15. He is physically weak in his body stature but he takes it up with his wit. He also has the ability to hack any devices using his magic phone called the DigiHack. Otto has a crush on Amy.
  • Neil Oldring (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - "The Good Looking", descendant of Narcissus. Neil is a flamboyant male model who always go to fashion shows showing off his good looks and taking pictures. Neil is also rich and owns a luxury mansion in Montreal, Canada at the age of 16. Neil is always in love with himself and cares alot about his face and would pay the price if someone damaged it.
  • Iwanoi "Iwan" Kunwao (voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried) - "The Crazed One". descendant of Icarus. Iwanoi is a Vietnamese 15-year old boy who was sunburned so much that he goes insane. Iwan enjoys eating noodles and loves cracking jokes. Some of the animators in Toei Animation modifyed Iwanoi's facial appearance to resemble Gilbert Gottfried especially since his Asian slanted eyes also resembles Gilbert's squinted eyes.
  • Richardio "Rick" Rodriguez (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - "The Funny One", descendant of Hermes. The only member who's first name's first letter is not the same as the descendant, he works as for the Japanese Mail Service delivering mail to people. Rick was born in Madrid, Spain and is 18-years old, the oldest member and wears shoes that gives him flight.

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