• Cast in Order
  • Robin Hood-Max Goof
  • Maid Marian-Roxanne
  • Tod-Goofy
  • Hercules-Robert*Bobby* Zimmeruski
  • Megara-Stacy
  • Lawrence-PJ
  • Dr.Facilier-Pete
  • Roquefort-Mickey Mouse
  • Uncle Waldo-Donald Duck
  • Buzz Lightyear-Powerline
  • Gilbert Huph-Principal Mazur
  • Oliver-Lester
  • Dodger,Rita,and Tito-Lester's possum pals
  • Bimbettes-Powerline's female dancers
  • Vixie-Sylvia Marpole
  • Hades-Bradley Uppercrust III
  • Percival McLeach,Judge Claude Frollo,Jafar,Stromboli,Scar,Governor Ratcliffe,& Ratigan- Gammas
  • Captain Gantu-Tank
  • Madam Mim-Unenployment Lady

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