tomarmstrong14's musical spoof of the Jungle Book


  • Harry Potter (T,JyE Rooke, Harry Potter Collection) as Mowli
  • Dr. F (the Princess and the Frog) as Bagherra
  • Tom Sawyer (Tom Sawyer MGM Cartoons) as Baloo
  • Baby Tarzan (Hunchback no Notre Dame) as King Louie
  • Skeleton (Superted, T,JyE Rooke, Topsy and Tim, Topsy and Tim Rooke) as Sher Khan
  • Harry Potter's Wife (T,JyE Rooke, Harry Potter Collection) as Mowli's Girlfriends

Musical Used

* the Jungle Book for Pantomime

Clip Pictures Used

  • T,JyE Rooke
  • Harry Potter Collection
  • the Princess and the Frog
  • Tom Sawyer MGM Cartoons
  • Hunchback no Notre Dame
  • Superted
  • the Jungle Book for Pantomime

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