The Tower on the Rift is the second novel in Ian Irvine's The View From the Mirror quartet, part of the greater Three Worlds Series.

200px-IanIrvine TheTowerOnTheRift

Australian cover-art of "The Tower on the Rift"


Tensor flees the Great Conclave, which he has laid low with his terrible mind-blasting spell, or potency, taking with him the treacherous Mirror of Aachan, as well as Llian, who alone of all the people present, was unharmed by Tensors power. Mendark and Tallia, awake to find Tensor has fled and quickly move to ready the defences of Thurkad, which is under siege, by Mendarks age old nemesis, Yggur. Karan, who is gravely injured by Tensor's reckless use of power, is found near death by Shand, who nurses her back to health. Faleamor is weak, her powers having appeared to have been lost forever, while Maigraith is slowly freeing herself of her lieges long endured thrall.

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