The Toy Dinosuar is the 5th episode from T-o-s (CS).


Jake and Timithy scare Joardon with a dinosuar toy now John must give both Johnathan and Rick a bear toy that there really scared of.


Jake and Timithy scare Joardon with a dinosuar toy Kyle tells them not to, they follow his rules.  In the middle of the night Jake and Timithy scare Joardon again, Kyle goes to figure out what is happening Max tells him that Jake and Timithy scared him again. John knows just the sulution to Jake and Timithy to stop scaring him, John pulls out a toy bear from a small box he turns it on and it scares Jake and Timithy John chases them down.  

A chipmunk named Nicholas ask's John if he could play with it, John says yes and Jake and Timithy play with it together and promise never to scare Joardon again they also apoligize to him. 

By: Roc. 

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