Charlie a little boy who is 8 has lots of toys made from real people. Toys like Thomas the Tank Engine, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Super Mario, Schoolbus, Mr Tickle, Paddington Bear, Talking Telephone, Barbie, Ken, Cymbal Monkey and some dinosaurs. He has 16 toys in total and would like some more. It is his birthday in just two weeks and his parents have bought him nearly all his presents, his grandparents have bought him all his presents and his big sister has bought him three presents and that's all. In the next week Charlie spends one more playtime before he is 9 with his old toys. Paddington Bear and Cymbal Monkey set traps and go away on Thomas the Tank Engine. The potato heads throw their shoes at the baddies and Paddington and Monkey fall off Thomas and the goodies win. The toys feel excited about new toys. Thomas, the leader of all the toys says no one will get replaced or thrown out. Charlie has a party on his birthday and his friends bring presents round. He has invited everyone in his class. There are twelve kids in his class including him. Excluding him there are eleven so he gets eleven presents from his friends. Charlie puts his toys on the shelf but a RC Steam Engine goes on the bed. Charlie plays with RC Steam Engine more than Thomas who was his best toy.

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