The Trainsons - Featuring Duck and Molly is a Thomas/The Simpsons parody series. It stars Duck, his wife, Molly, his son, Percy, and his two daughters, Mavis and Rosie.


  • Duck - Homer
  • Molly - Marge
  • Percy - Bart
  • Mavis - Lisa
  • Rosie - Maggie
  • Gremlin - Santa's Little Helper
  • STH's Cat - Snowball
  • Sir Handel - Grampa Abe
  • James - Lenny
  • Donald/Douglas - Carl


Season 1

  1. Trainsons Roasting On An Open Fire
  2. Percy The Genius
  3. Duck's Odyssey
  4. There's No Disgreace Like Home
  5. Percy The General
  6. Moaning Mavis
  7. The Call of The Trainsons
  8. The Talltale Head
  9. Life On The Fast Lane
  10. Duck's Night Out
  11. The Crepes of Warth
  12. Hector Gets Busted
  13. Some Enchanted Evening

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