The Trainsons - Featuring James and Daisy is a Thomas/The Simpsons parody series. It features James, his wife, Daisy, and his three kids, Percy, Old Slow Coach and Lady.


  • James - Homer
  • Daisy - Marge
  • Percy - Bart
  • Old Sow Coach - Lisa
  • Lady - Maggie
  • Gremlin - Santa's Little Helper
  • STH's Cat - Snowball
  • Scruff - Lenny
  • Whiff - Carl


Season 1

  • Trainsons Roasting On An Open Fire
  • Percy The Genius
  • James' Odyssey
  • There's No Disgreace Like Home
  • Percy The General
  • Moaning Old Slow Coach
  • The Call of The Trainsons
  • The Talltale Head
  • Life On The Fast Lane
  • James' Night Out
  • The Crepes of Warth
  • Stanley Gets Busted
  • Some Enchanted Evening

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