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The Trainyardigans is a Thomas/The Backyardigans parody series. Thomas is a blue penguin engine, Percy is a orange moose engine, Rosie is a pink name her species engine, Duncan is a yellow hippo engine and James is a purple kangaroo engine.


  • Thomas - Pablo
  • Percy - Tyrone
  • Rosie - Uniqua
  • Duncan - Tasha
  • James - Austin


Season 1

  • Pirate Treasure
  • The Heart of the Jungle
  • The Yeti Engine
  • The Snow Fort
  • Secret Mission
  • It's Great to Be a Ghost Engine
  • Riding the Range
  • The Key to the Nile
  • Knight Engines Are Brave and Strong
  • Viking Voyage
  • Castaways
  • Race to the Tower of Power
  • The Quest for the Flying Rock
  • Polka Palace Party
  • Surf's up
  • Eureka!
  • Race Around the Race
  • Monster Detectives
  • Cave Party
  • High Tea

Season 2

  • Mission to Mars
  • Samurai Pie
  • Scared of You
  • Whodunit?
  • The Legend of the Volcano Engines
  • The Secret of Snow
  • The Swamp Engine
  • Horsing Around
  • Special Delivery
  • Mover Engines of Arabia
  • Cop Engines and Robot Engines
  • Sinbad Sails Alone
  • Best Clown Engines In Town
  • Save the Day
  • Into the Deep
  • Newsflash
  • Catch That Butterfly
  • A Giant Problem
  • International Super Spy (parts 1 and 2)

Season 3

  • Coming soon!

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