• Tramp (Lady and the tramp) as Human Kuzco
  • Brer Rabbit as Llama Kuzco
  • Pongo(101 Dalmatians) as Pacha
  • Shenzi(The lion king) as Yzma
  • Baloo(the jungle book) as Kronk
  • Little John (Robin Hood) as angel Kronk
  • Lots-o'- huggin' bear (toy story 3) as Devil Kronk
  • Perdita(101 Dalmatians) as chicha
  • Penny(101 Dalmatians) as chaca
  • Patch(101 Dalmatians) as tipo
  • Robespierre as Bucky the squirrel
  • Maggie as Mudka's meat hut waitress
  • The stray dogs (Lady and the Tramp) as Jaguars
  • Dodger (Oliver and company)as theme song guy
  • Trusty(Lady and the Tramp) as old man
  • Bagheera(The Jungle book) as man for Bride choosing
  • Kaa(the jungle book) as Peanut Near Yzma
  • The crocodiles (the lion king 2 simba's Pride) as the Crocodiles
  • Colonel Hathi (the jungle book) as Mudka's Meat Huf chef
  • Snooty Flamingos as the birthday singers

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