Sneak Preview

May: I guess I'm going to have to storm the fortress. AAAAahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Bashford: Keep coming squirt.


May: Missed me.


May: Wha? Ah? Mommy.


Max: Okay. I think we should probably do stuff like this more often.

Ash: May did with Team Magma.

May: Clever use of a double trap door. I'm not giving up that easily.


Bashford: Thank you for flying Air Bashford.


May: AAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Max: If that was a pool she'd crashed in, I'd give that dive an 8.3.

Sneak Preview 2

May: You just made things bad. Because my Blazekien is a Fire type and your Pokemon are Steel, I'll win the next round.

Bashford: Thing aren't that easy with my Steel Pokemon wearing Junk Armor.

May: What do you mean?

Bashford: I can just send the Pokemon it dealt damage to back to your team and it cannot battle for 3 turns.

May: Wha? Oh Man! It looks like you've got a few tricks up your sleeve.

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