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The Trouble With James & Diesel, Retitled Duck Solves The Problem In American Releases, Is A Season 15 Episode.


  • Director: Steve Asquith
  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)

                    Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                    Joseph J. Terry (US)


  • James
  • Diesel
  • Thomas
  • Oliver
  • Duck
  • Stepney
  • Mavis
  • Sir Topham Hatt  
  • Bill & Ben (Deleted Scene Cameos)


James & Diesel Become Nasty Engines.


  • Bill & Ben Were To Appear In This Episode, But It Was Cut.
  • Mavis Has 'Arry & Bert's Horn Sound.


  • Narrator: It Was A Busy Bustling Day On The Island Of Sodor. The Engines Were Working Hard. They Take Goods & Passengers All Day Long. One Day, James & Diesel Were At The Yards With Duck. They Were Very Cross.
  • James: Goods Trains Are Hateful!
  • Diesel: Yeah!
  • Duck: I Know You Don't Like Goods Trains!
  • Narrator: Soon, The Fat Controller Came To See James & Diesel.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: James, Diesel, You Are To Take A Goods Train To The Station.
  • Narrator: But, James & Diesel Start To Feel Nasty & Cross.
  • James: Egh, A Goods Train?! No Way! Haha!
  • Diesel: We're Not Pulling Any Goods Trains!
  • James: That's Least For Smaller & Nicer Engines.
  • Diesel: We Have More Important Trains To Pull.
  • James: We Woudn't Be Called Pulling A Goods Train.
  • Narrator: And James & Diesel Went Off Grumbling To Get Their Trucks. Soon, They Found Thomas & Oliver Shunting Trucks.
  • James: Hello, Thomas & Oliver.
  • Diesel: We Have To Steal Your Trucks!
  • Thomas: I Know, You Bad Engines.
  • Oliver: We Like Shunting Trucks.
  • Narrator: But James & Diesel Buffered Up To The Trucks & Pulled Them Out Of The Yard.
  • Thomas: Oh, You Stupid Engines!
  • Oliver: We Have To Get More Trucks!
  • Narrator: So They Puffed Fast To Get More Trucks. Soon, They Shunted The Trucks. Later, Duck Was Talking To Stepney & Mavis.
  • Duck: Can You Help Me Stop James & Diesel From Stealing Thomas & Oliver's Trucks?
  • Stepney: Yes, Duck!
  • Mavis: We Will!
  • Duck: Thank You, Stepney & Mavis!
  • Narrator: And Duck, Stepney & Mavis Went To Solve The Problem. Later, James & Diesel Were Still Pulling The Trucks Along The Line, Feeling Pleased With Themselves.
  • James: Now, We Don't Have To Pull Our Goods Train!
  • Diesel: We Are Prides Of The Line!
  • Narrator: They Laughed As They Ran Puff The Hill. Later, The Fat Controller Was At His Office When He Heard A Whislte & A Horn. It Was James & Diesel Pulling The Trucks.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: What's All That Noise Outside! Oh, I'm Going To Stop This Right Away!
  • Narrator: And He Ran Out Of His Office To Stop The Noise. Soon, James & Diesel Pulled The Trucks Along The Line When They Saw Their Goods Train, Which Was Being Pulled By Ten Cents.
  • Diesel: WE CAN'T STOP!!
  • Narrator: And They Applied Their Brakes, But It Was Too Late! They Smashed Through The Goods Trains! All The Trucks Were Blown To Pieces! Luckily, James & Diesel Weren't Hurt, But They Had Landed On Their Sides.
  • James: Ow, It Hurts!
  • Diesel: Help!
  • Narrator: Their Drivers Went For Help. Soon, Duck, Stepney & Mavis Arrived. They Laughed At James & Diesel.
  • Duck: Well, Well, Well, It Isn't James & Diesel!
  • Stepney: Look What Have You Done! Hahaha!
  • Mavis: The Fat Controller Will Be Cross With You!
  • James: Shut Up, Guys!
  • Diesel: Now, Help Us Get Back On The Rails, You Stupid Engines!
  • Stepney: What If We Could.
  • Duck: What Do You See, James & Diesel?
  • James: (Gasp) The Fat Controller's Car!!!
  • Diesel: Oh My God!!! We're In Trouble!
  • Duck: Oh No, You're In Trouble Now, James & Diesel!
  • James: Shut Up, What Do You Mean, Guys! He Was Well!
  • Stepney: So, Here's the Fat Controller!
  • Mavis: Yeah!
  • Duck: He Looks Cross!
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller Arrived At The Mess And Was Very Cross With James & Diesel.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, James, Diesel! You've Done It This Time! You Had Stolen Trucks From Thomas & Oliver! You Are Supposed To Pull A Goods Train, But You Have Both Caused Trouble! As Punishment, You're Suspended From Pulling Trains For The Next Two Months!
  • James: Two Months?! You Can't Be Serious!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes, I Am!
  • Duck: You Are Very Silly!
  • Stepney: You Are Bad Engines!
  • Narrator: Soon, James & Diesel Were At The Shed. But I Think They Deserved Their Punishment, Don't You?

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