Episode 28: The Trouble with Sixteen

Characters (in order of apperence): Thomas, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Oliver, Emily (non-speaking role), Mavis, Dennis, Wilbert, Charlie, Billy, Stepney, Diesel 10, Stanley, Arthur (non-speaking role), Sixteen, Sixteen's Driver, Daisy (Sixteen's Mom, mentioned), The Guard, Troublesome Trucks, and The Fat Controller.

Brief Summary: Sixteen is conceited about his new coat of reddish-brown paint and starts causes trouble for the engines.


  • Narrator: Sixteen was very conceited about his new coat of reddish-brown paint. He was at the sheds with Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Stepney, Diesel 10, Stanley and Arthur.
  • Sixteen: Ogh! Oh god, I'm such a splendid engine!
  • Thomas: Sixteen's a conceited engine.
  • Duck: He was always very conceited, isn't he.
  • Oliver: He doesn't like us.
  • Diesel 10: He's troublesome.
  • Stepney: He has a troublesome personality.
  • Stanley: We don't like him, because he is very stuck-up.
  • Toby: Stuck-up? How come?
  • Wilbert: Because he's a stupid engine.
  • Narrator: Soon, Sixteen saw some trucks on the turntable. They were laughing about Sixteen's troublesome personality.
  • Trucks: (Singing) Sixteen's a stuck-up engine, he has a new coat of paint! He's very vain! Sixteen's careless!
  • Narrator: Sixteen felt more conceited than ever.
  • Sixteen: Shut up, you trucks!
  • Narrator: He charged toward the trucks. He biffed them, and he pushed them along the line. The Gaurd switched the points, which deverted Sixteen pushing the trucks into a siding. Sixteen pushed into the trucks into the Docks. The trucks fell off the Dock. They were in pieces.
  • Sixteen: Told ya, you guys.
  • Narrator: Thomas cleaned up the mess and Sixteen puffed into the yard.
  • Sixteen: Hmm, what train I'm pulling next, driver. Hopefully, the express.
  • Sixteen's Driver: You have to take a goods train. They are in that siding.
  • Sixteen: Egh, a goods train? No way, ha ha. I'm not pulling any goods train. That's least for wiser engines. I had more important trains to pull suchers as the express. Hahahaha! I woudn't be called pulling a goods train! Hahahahaha!
  • Narrator: Sixteen went to find find his own train. Later, Arthur took Sixteen's goods train, which he doesn't pull. Sixteen found Emily's coaches on a siding.
  • Sixteen: Haha! I found you! You are the express coaches, because you have to do it.
  • Narrator: Sixteen coupled up to Emily's coaches and pulled them out of the siding.
  • Sixteen: Come along! I'm taking you for a ride! Hahahahahahahaha!!
  • Narrator: Later, Duck told Thomas that he can find Sixteen.
  • Duck: May I please find Sixteen with Emily's coaches?
  • Thomas: Yes, you may.
  • Duck: Thank you, Thomas
  • Thomas: You welcome.
  • Duck: I will see you later.
  • Narrator: Duck puffed away to find Sixteen. Later, Sixteen was still puffing along the track with Emily's coaches.
  • Sixteen: PEEP PEEP! Hello, it's me Sixteen, the fabbless, fastest troublesome engine! I'm the pride of the line! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Watch me go fast!
  • Narrator: Sixteen raced past James.
  • James: Watch my paintwork!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Percy.
  • Percy: Bubbling boilers!
  • Narrator: And he even raced past Mavis.
  • Mavis: (her trucks crash into themselves) Trembling tracks! Who was that!
  • Narrator: And he even raced past Dennis.
  • Dennis: Rail raider!
  • Narrator: And he even raced past Stanley.
  • Stanley: Gosh!
  • Narrator: And he even raced past Charlie.
  • Charlie: Bust my boiler!
  • Narrator: And he raced past Billy.
  • Billy: Bust my buffers! What was that!
  • Narrator: And he even raced past Toby.
  • Toby: Slow down, speedy!
  • Narrator: Later, at the Fat Controller's office, the Fat Controller was sitting on his desk.
  • The Fat Controller: What a nice quiet day.
  • Narrator: Suddenly, he heard Sixteen's whistle.
  • Sixteen: What's all that noise outside! Aggh, I'm going to stop it right away! Oh, bother!
  • Narrator: Later, Sixteen was still puffing along the track, when he saw his goods train on the middle of the line, which was being pulled by Arthur.
  • Sixteen: What's that? It just looks like a goods train. The goods train that I didn't pull. Oh, god! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (shuts his eyes and crashes into his goods train)
  • Narrator: The goods train blew up into pieces as Sixteen hit it. Sixteen layed on his side, looking surprised and making steam in all directions.
  • Sixteen: Ow, it hurts. Help, help, help!
  • Narrator: Soon, Emily pulled her coaches back to the yards. Soon, Duck came to the wreckage and chuckled.
  • Duck: Well, well, well, it wasn't Sixteen. Ha ha ha ha. Look what you have done to your goods train you would do now. Ha ha ha.
  • Sixteen: Oh, shut up, Duck! Now, help me get back into the rails, you stupid little engine!
  • Duck: What if I could, Sixteen. What do you see, Sixteen.
  • Duck: Oh no, you're in trouble now, Sixteen.
  • Sixteen: Shut up! What do you mean, Duck? He was well!
  • Duck: Here's the Fat Controller, and now he is very cross.
  • TFC: Sixteen, you have caused confusion and delay! You're supposed to take your goods train, but you have stolen Emily's coaches, because you are not doing your job! As punishment, you're suspended from pulling trains, for the next two months!
  • Sixteen: Two months?! Oh sir, no you can't be serious!!
  • TFC: Yes, I am!
  • Narrator: And the Fat Controller walked sternly away, leaving Sixteen to sob.
  • Duck: Ha ha ha! I hope you learned your lesson.
  • Sixteen: (sniffing) Why?! Why?! (continues sobbing) Mom! Mom! (sobs more)
  • Duck: I'll get you back on the rails!
  • Sixteen: You will? (stops sobbing)
  • Duck: Let's get you back home.
  • Narrator: Duck puffed away to get Rocky to get Sixteen back to the rails. Later, Sixteen was at the shed.
  • Sixteen: Oh, sir. Tell me how long is it being. What if I can pull trains again. It feels it likes it's being ages.
  • TFC: (still angry) It's still two months!!
  • Sixteen: Two months?! Ooooohhhh!
  • Narrator: Sixteen learned not to be reckless again. I hope he learned his lesson. Don't you?


  • Sixteen sounds like a man's voice.

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