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The Truth


A Religion outlawed by all other factions due to its extreme nature. The Truth's leaders are those that are psychicly gifted, they tend not to worry about the cost of their actions and view massed losses in battle as glorious deaths for their cause. They will never retreat, never surrender, and will defend worlds to the end.


The Truth tend to favour small arms, prefering close quarters or hand to hand combat to take down larger targets. They will fight with knives, swords, or anything they can.


Only those with psychic abilities hold positions of leadership in The Truth. Power depends on how adept the individual is. Known abilities include:

  • Psycekenesis
  • Mind reading
  • Mind control
  • Mental Torture
  • Psychic shielding
  • Spontanious ignition (sometimes of themselves if overloading themselves)


Very work in progress



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