The Truth About Sesame Street Is A 1994 Musical With Sesame Street & Jake & The Never-land Pirates Characters In It

Even Though Jake & The Never-land Pirates Did Not Air Until February 14, 2011, The Musical Had Been On Broadway From 1994 to 2001.

In 2012, The Plainedge Middle School Did The Musical As A 6th Grade School Play

Sesame Street Cast

Gordon, Susan, Luis, Maria, Ruthie, Gina, Bob, Celina, Savion, Mr. Handford, Linda, Angela, Jamal, Baby Bear, Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count Von Count, Elmo, Ernie, Oscar The Grouch, Prairie Dawn, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Telly Monster, Zoe

Jake & The Neverland Pirates Cast

Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones, Marina, Tick Toc Crocodile, Never Bird, Sandy The Starfish, Pirate Princess, Winger, Jelline (The Brown Haired Yellow Mermaid), The Blonde Curly Haired Green Mermaid, Wise Old Parrot, Mama Hook, Captain Flynn, Tinker-bell, Peter Pan, Wendy, Stormy


As the story begins, there was nothing but a bare stage with three odd leaves on a tree trunk in the center. Wendy discovers it and imagines what it could belong to, finally conjuring up Tinker-bell. Tinker-bell takes Wendy To Never-land, and she acts as the narrator for the remainder of the musical, and is Wendy's mentor during the play. Tinker-bell also plays some of the minor roles. At Tinker-bell's encouragement, Wendy accidentally thinks up the Jolly Roger, where Captain Hook And His Crew Are Sleeping.

Captain Hook Reads A Scroll, The Scroll Says That Bucky Has To Race The Jolly Roger, & If Bucky Loses, Captain Hook Wins And Bucky Belongs To Him..... FOREVER, While Jake & His Crew Play Ball, Captain Hook Steals It & Breaks It, When Jake & His Crew Found Out About The Race, The Two Teams Fight About Both Winning & Their Ships, What The Two Teams Did Not Know Was That Sesame Street Was Actually The Inside Of Bucky, Tinker-Bell Teaches Wendy About Sesame Street & How Fun It Is, Elmo, Zoe, & Telly Were Riding Their Bikes, But The 3 Friends Had An Argument,

Good Thing Tinker-Bell Came Up With A Plan To Stop The Argument, Meanwhile, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, & Skully Started To Race Captain Hook, Before Jake & His Crew Go To The Finish, Stormy Did Not Like Her Hair So Long, So Her Sister Marina Gives Her Advice, She Told Her To Go To The Mer-Barber Shop To Get A Haircut, Stormy's New Hairstyle Is Now A Pair Of Pigtails, When Jake & His Crew Got To The Finish Line (Along With 5 Crocodiles, One Of Them Is Old Tic Toc), They Found Out That Captain Hook Won The Race,

Captain Hook Was Rewarded With A Boat, A Dingy, A Fish Floaty, A Truck, A Train, A Bus, A Plane, A Helicopter, A Hot-Air Balloon, An Ambulance, A Tax-I, & Of Course, BUCKY, They Tie All Of These Vehicles To The Jolly Roger, As For The Sesame Street Gang, When Bucky Gets Tied Up, It Causes Strong Winds To Blow, When People That Are Not Jake & His Crew Go On Bucky, Thunder Starts To Roar, When People That Are Not Jake & His Crew Are On Bucky, Lightning Starts To Crash And Cause Fire, & Finally, When People That Are Not Jake & His Crew Sail Away With Bucky, Multi-Colored Stars Fall, Cause Lava, & Destroy Sesame Street.

Tinker-bell sings a blues (aka a piano, saxophone, & double bass) version of the second star to the right as she pulls the Jolly Roger, Bucky, & The Rest Of The Vehicles (2012 Version Only), Jake & His Crew Say Goodbye To Bucky As They Fly Back To Pirate Island, In The Night, Bucky Calls Out For Help Scaring Sharky & Bones, Chasing Them Back Into The Jolly Roger, Jake & His Crew Summon Peter Pan For Help, Peter Tells Jake & His Crew That The Only Way To Get Bucky Back Was To Get The Golden Bell Before The Sun Comes Up,

As They Were Getting The Golden Bell From (Some Sort Of Creepy Looking) Golden Dragon, Peter Helps The Mermaids When One Of Them Turn Into A (Some sort of creepy looking) BEAST, But Peter Pan Gets Kidnapped By Captain Hook While Helping Her, Jake & His Crew Found The Golden Bell And Went To The Jolly Roger To Save Peter Pan, When Captain Hook Found Out About The Only Way To Get Bucky Back, He Was Angry, Jake & His Crew Got Bucky Back, 2 Miracles Happened, The First Miracle Was That The Beast Turned Back Into A Mermaid,

The Second Miracle Was When Jake & His Crew Get Their Ship Back, Sesame Street Comes Back To Life, At Pirate Island, Jake & His Crew Say Goodbye To Peter Pan, Tinker-bell appears one final time to sum things up, The scene dissolves, leaving only Wendy, now just a girl again, and peter pan's hat, The Boy walks up to the hat, and pulls it over her head, Blackout. The curtain call is accompanied by a final number set to the alphabet jungle.


1). Overture 2). You Can Fly 3). The Jolly Roger 4). Bucky Will Be Mine 5). Our Ship's Better Then Yours 6). Sesame Street Theme Song (Calypso Version) 7). Be Friends 8). Racing Jingles 9). Your Our Best Friend Bucky 10). The MerBarber Shop 11). Gaters & Diles 12). Captain Hook's Gifts 13). The Second Star To The Right 14). Goodbye Bucky 15). One Matey's A Heroe 16). The Second Star To The Right (Reprise) 17). Jake VS Hook 18). You Can Fly (Reprise) 19). The Alphabet Jungle

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