The Tsukino Family is a family of four appearing as the main protagonists of Sailor Moon. Ken has black hair, blue eyes and wears glasses, Illene has blue hair and blue eyes, Serena has blonde hair and blue eyes and Sammy has light brown hair and blue eyes. Ken Tsukino, the father of all fathers, wears an outfit composed of: a black long sleeved tuxedo under a white suit, a red necktie, black pants and brown shoes. Illene Tsukino, the wife of all wives, wears an outfit composed of: a yellow short sleeved shirt, green skirt, tan pantyhose and white high heels. Serena Tsukino, the 14-year-old Daughter of Ken and Illene, wears an outfit composed of: a pink sleeveless shirt, mint green skirt and red flats. Sammy Tsukino, the 9-year-old Son of Ken and Tsukino, wears an outfit composed of: a green long sleeved shirt, blue jeans with briefs inside and gray shoes. All four are voiced by David Huband, Barbera Radecki, Terri Hawkes and Julie Lemieux.

What they all Like

  1. Being perfect
  2. Doing daily routines
  3. Feeling famous

What they all Dislike

  1. Getting choked
  2. Killing themselves
  3. Feeling tricked


  • Serena and Sammy's love interests are Tai Kamiya and Mika Cassidy.

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