The twisted are one of the greater enemies of the underworld, a deformed creature as a result of the Selal experiment gone wrong. Originally intended to be a simple creature to poke and prod at with hopful results, the Twisted are the standing proof that cross-species mating is heavily forbidden. When a Garsosha mated with a Dael as an experiment between the Akoa tribe and the Selal bloodline, these creatures are the results.

Physical Appearence

Sharing the humanoid frame of both parents, they possess humanoid features common to all major races. However their eyes are a solid white, and their teeth sharp fangs. Their entire blood system is made up of an evolved form of the Garsosha anesthetic, and is now lethally poisonous, but is not taken in through skin.

Their heads lack ears of any kind, instead having just two small holes, the same applying for where their nose would be. They do not have the tentacles of the Garsosha, instead their venom drips through their sharp teeth and nails. Their nails resemble claws more then anything else, even more so then the Dael fingernails. Somehow it can inject their lethal poison into enemy blood streams.


Unexpectedly these creatures are highly intelligent. Which is why they are the reigning creatures of the underworld. Living in complex societies involving economy, living complexes, and government they are kings of this dark land. Often they wear full armor to battle their enemies. They are known to not recognize limitations of being grounded, as their nails and strength allow them to climb walls to even hang upside down as easily to them as if they were walking. As such their homes are often hanging from the tops of cavern’s to repel intruders.


The experiment that caused Na’e and Sehgu to mate resulted in this powerful race. The experiment had yielded twin’s, and when it was determined they were too horrible to be let to live they were condemned to death. However the Garsosha Sehgu had been an outcast through her life and felt sympathy toward them. Choosing to save them and place them in the depths of the underworld and hope they could survive.

The brother and sister had no formal raising of any sort, and after their removal from society they became an untrusting race who would kill any other society they could encounter.

Also without society concepts, they didn’t realize sibling bonds and mated. This allowed the next generation of the Twisted to come into being, as part of their society direct siblings are always forced to be each others mating partners. Only when their bloodline yields only one sex are they allowed to pursue partners outside of their direct family. These creatures have a strong bond to each other, having been abandoned and being raised to care for each other and let everyone else be damned. This creates an oddly emotional society in consideration to their tendancies toward hatred and violence.

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