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The Guild is split into seven teams, and the teams will compete against each other for control of the Guild, the Guilds management will change from time to time. Each Team leader has a pet monster which is the teams flagship monster.

The teams are:

Team Torrent Blue/ Leader:

Team Frost White/ Leader:

Team Thunder Yellow/ Leader: Harith_Hunter

Team Range Green/ Leader: JOSHMAN14

Team Dragon Black/ Leader: Ridleybear379

Team Raw Red/ Leader: Sentoryu_Raven

Team Blaze Orange/ Leader:

Once a team leader is selected from each Team it is their duty to edit the teams homepage. A team can only flourish once they have a leader (must be HR5-6).

We need 3 more team leaders for the teams to work so please join, you must be HR5 at least on mhf2, HR7 on mhp2g

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