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Harith_Hunter Became the Vice leader of the Inferno Tyrants because Ridleybear379 has quitted his Hunting career for him to play Fable 2.

Tiggyslaer12 just soloed Akantor with Diablo Chaos Broker.

Ridleybear379 has soloed 3 Crimson Fatalis's.

Ridleybear379 has soloed 5 Black Fatalis's (round fata's).

Sentoryu Raven just got 2 Daora Jewells and 4 Elder Dragon Blood from 2 Kushala_Daoras.

Ridleybear379 completed The Final Invitation(Dual Rajang) quest with Akantor Bow. (easilly)

Ridleybear379 just got full Dark Akantor mail. (gravios brainstems a bitch, especially the last one)

Ridleybear379 has soloed 3 White Fatalis's.

Ridleybear379 has just obtained Glorious Victory.

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