The intro to one of the Ubs-serific Poll Tally threads.

The Ubs-serific Poll of Strange Talliness Series


Starting first as almost a joke thread, the thread has now been around over a 3 years and has had eleven, one thousand post threads created. The first thread was created on June 15, 2005. Creator Ubs made the first thread as a guest. The purpose as stated earlier was a joke, telling members to measure their coughs, burps, and sneezes. Overtime mainly the female members played the game keeping their tallies day in and day out.

As the thread grew in popularity, the tallies narrowed down to just sneezes. Kim, Erin, Phil, Mtnron, and a few other members were avid supporters of the thread, some still are today. It became known as the hub of activity in the General Lobby, much to the dismay of some members and most notably the S.S.S.S.. The series brought an influx of outside members from sneeze fetish websites that enjoyed the chatter and atmosphere of the thread. The S.S.S.S. made many attempts to shut the thread series down, in some cases closing it down temporarily.

During an S.S.S.S. lockdown of an Ubs-serific Polly Tally thread being created, website member Phil lead a revolt against the S.S.S.S. with the support of his sister, and Erin who got some of her personal friends as well. Rumor has it Kim was involved as well. Phil created a thread, "Something You Can't Live Without" which was an extension of Ubs' thread series, but with a different name, and created by different people. It was created on July 9, 2008. It showed support for Ubs, and at the same time carried out their goal of continuing the thread series. After "Something You Can't Live Without" was completed, Ubs' went on to create more threads, because of strong support.

The series had very high ratings, even with all the controversy till the very end.

The thread series finally came to an end unofficially on March 23, 2009. Many claim The Sneeze Game is a replacement to this thread series. It has gathered over 11,000 posts and over 62,100 views

The thread was supported by the UPU (Ubs-serific People United) and became the Ubs-serific Franchise's premier thread series.


The creation of the thread saw a rise of opposition later on as people saw the audience it brought with it. People from fetish websites around the web, started finding and using this thread series to their pleasure of sneeze talk. The S.S.S.S. strongly opposed this thread series because of this, and many think, though it is unknown, that the S.S.S.S. closed the thread series on March 23, 2009, and are not allowing any new threads to be created. There is also avid dislike to The Sneeze Game which is said to be a replacement to the series but in a different name. Second in command of the S.S.S.S., Hoomajocky has this to say,

"It is not that we don't want people to have fun, but when you look at the people this thread is attracting, it is just not right. It brings up the danger in board crimes, spam, and hacking. We can not have this malicious behavior take place."

"Something You Can't Live Without" was made against the S.S.S.S. blocking Ubs from creating new threads on the given subject. It was masterminded by Phil and Erin primarily. Two videos were released showcasing sneezing, one by Phil's sister, and another with many website female members and their friends sneezing. This support allowed Ubs to continue the series.

Ubs' Support

Even though the Ubs-serific Poll Tally's were Ubs' number one series, and top Ubs-serific Franchise thread, one was never sure if he supported the view of sneezing, others seemed to share. Often times he would come off as disliking it, while other times simply supporting the series. He never gave his full view on the topic, but would also be to being disgusted at sneezes. Some wonder if he only carried the series on because it was a good business. The thread series never lost views or posts, because even the last few attracted views in the 6,000s, but it just ended one day, abruptly.

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