The Ultimate Children’s Collectionis a VHS in 2000 on Tempo Video

15 Favourites

  1. Anytime Tales: I Want My Potty
  2. Anytime Tales: Elmer
  3. The Adventures of Parsley: Putting on a Show
  4. Button Moon: Mr and Mrs Spoon's Anniversary
  5. Maisy: Birthday
  6. Anytime Tales: Super Dooper Jezebel
  7. Huxley Pig at the Restaurant
  8. Teddy Trucks: Rosie's day off
  9. Bump and the Statue
  10. Sooty's Amazing Adventures: Things That go McSqueak in the Night
  11. Anytime Tales: Not Now, Bernard
  12. Where the Wild Things Are
  13. Polka Dot Shorts: Whip Whop Woes
  14. Papa Please Get The Moon For Me
  15. Portland Bill: Birthday Surprise

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