• Gumball (Mike Myers)
  • Darwin (Joey Levono)
  • Nicole (Tira Ann)
  • Richard (Thomas Perry)
  • Anais (Lia Confin)
  • Tobas (Tim Milciles)
  • Richeal (Barry Spark)
  • Ms Tuilet (Marry OcPobe)
  • Mr Brown (Jim Cummings)
  • Mr Smail (Jerry L Kemate)
  • Teri (Laura Williams)
  • Bobert (Thomas Weject)
  • Terra (Avert Spawn)
  • Penny (Judy Averate)


Cartoon Network Studio Erpore Deportment

Stoopid Monkey LLC

ShadowMashine Films

Adult Swim Original Productions

Channels Programing

United States: Adult Swim, 2x2

Canada: Adult Swim, Teletoon At Night, 2x2

French: Adult Swim, 2x2

Poland: Adult Swim, 2x2

Dutch: Adult Swim, 2x2

Asia: Adult Swim, 2x2

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