The United States of Westernland



The national flag of the United States of Westernland.

Capital : Paramount, Northern State

Largest City : Creston City, Western State

Official Language: English

Major Religions : Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish

Government Type : Democratic-Republic

Population :

Currency : American Dollar


The United States of Westernlands is seperated into four seperate states, each governed by a capital city in each state. The four states are Western State, Eastern State, Northern State, and Southern State. Each State has representatives sent to the countries capital in Paramount for goverment duties. The whole country is ruled by a President elected by the people, and a Vice President.


President Richard Newman (R).


The current President of the United States of Westernland is Richard Newman of the Republican Party.


The Vice President is choosen by the President. The current Vice President is.


Each state has a governor elected by the states people. Western State's Governor is Mike Cromwell(R). Eastern State's Governor is . Northern State's Governor is. Southern State's Governor is.


The four states are very diverse in landscape and people makeup. Below is a brief bit of info on each state.

Western State

The state flag for Western State.

Is a mountainous lush state full of trees, rivers, and lakes. Resembles North America's Pacific Northwest. The climate ranges from mild to wet and rainy. Eastern shore of Western State tends to be more mild with less rain, but has strong wind storms. Mountains line the eastern coast until you reach the town of Daschell. Mountains ridge up again in south eastern Western State. Central Western State is where most of the farming is. The area is mostly flat with the exception of rolling hills, lakes, and rivers. Mountains don't appear till you reach southern central Western State. The western coast of Western State is lined with mountains and hills, and amazing views of the ocean. The farther south you go on the western coast, the less mountains there are till there are none when you reach Winlock.

Eastern State

The state flag for Eastern State.

Is temperate around the central portion of the state. In the center of the state is a dry region which is home to a desert and many rock formations such as Gold Canyon. The eastern shore of Eastern State is mainly lowlands with smaller trees much like North America's east coast. This part of the coast can get a few hurricanes a year. Snow is a typical thing in the winter for the coastline around the state. The desert region also gets some snow. The central region in the middle of the state is desert and experiences hot summers and mild winters. Most towns in the desert are irregated and have lots of trees to provide shade. the western shore of Eastern State is the most mountainous part of the state and has some hills that lead to sea level. This part of the coast is known for having soem strong winds and heavy rains. At the northwest tip of the state, a bridge connects Eastern State to Northern State. It is the only road connecting any two states in the Westernland Union together.

Northern State

The state flag for Northern State.

Is often called the "Little Alaska" because of it's similarities to North America's, Alaska. The whole state gets snow, but has mild summers in areas. The northern portion of the state is the least populated. It consists mostly of hard compacted ice flows and frozen snow and rock. A few towns exsist in this northern region but most life is around weather stations or science related issues. Central Northern State is where the trees begin to get less and less until you hit the northern part of the state, or become thicker as you head south. Lots of towns and inhabitants prefer this region for it is fairly mild, but has strong tendencies for heavy snow storms and white outs during winter. Mountain ranges provide some shelter for a few towns, but most everything is remote. Roads and rail services are all dependant on how fast crews can clear roads. The southern section of Eastern State is the most mild, but it still gets lots of snow. The state's biggest cities are located here along with most of the jobs. The terrain is mountainous and hilly, and trees are sparse in areas. The southeastern tip of the state connects to Eastern State by road.

Southern State This section is under construction


There are four state owned transportation departements. Once for each state. They work for roads, rail, airports, and sea related methods. Each state has exstensive transportation methods, but some more then others. Certain cities have subways, elevated rail, and monorails, even trams. The transportation departments for each state are as given; Western State has WESDOT, Eastern State has ESDOT, Northern State has NSDOT, and Souther State has SSDOT.


Each state has a exstensive list on ways to plan for emergencies. Their are military bases around each state that provide with extra help if needed. Also National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has centers in each state for even more advanced help when police levels are not enough. The NBI headquarters is in Paramount. Each state has a state police and trained special forces. Depending on the state, they have different things to plan for. Eastern State would have hurricane crews along their east coast and Northern State would have heavier coast gaurd and search and resuce crews. Coast Gaurd are trained to work along the coastlines and have training facilities in Evergreen City, Creston City, Ice Harbor, Warbanks, and other locations. Fire and medical crews also are on hand in every major city or town. Remote areas have other methods of getting help to them.

Law Enforcement-

Creston city police car.

Every state has a State Police. Cities all have their own police forces, but some small communities in rural areas may rely on county sheriffs, state police, or volunteer trained officers. In remote areas without a police force, this mainly retaining to Northern State, a call would have to be made to the nearest town with a police force for help. Major cities may have many different forces of police including a SWAT force. Cars, helicopters, motorcycles, boats, small riot tanks, and even plans are some vehicles the police forces may use. There is a police academy in Grandview, Creston City, Paramount, Solice, and some smaller ones around the country.

Fire and Search and Rescue-

A Sorenson Bay, Western State firetruck.

Fire stations are in all major cities and towns. Volunteer fire stations are in even the smallest most remote towns in the country. Each state has a fire academy and firefighters must all go through exstensive training in fire, resuce, and EMS. Depending on the force, apart from fire engines, helicopter and even planes can be used to stop fires. Certain port cities have fire boats to put out flames in international waters. Search and Resuce consists of centers across the country in multiple locations in each state. Helicopters, cars, planes, and boats can all used for this type of mission. Each worker, unless volunteered, must be trained. Volunteers would go through basic training at least depending upon their state law.


A Ambulance in Dalmont, Western State.

Major cities and towns have hospitals or at least medical clinics. Not only do fire units have EMS vans, but hospitals have their own dispatch vehicles for even more serious medical issues. Helicopters are also used for faster transport to bigger hospitals or to reach small towns without the proper tools. All doctors go through advanced medical training to make them some of the best in the world. In remote areas without a doctor, this mainly retaining to Northern State, a call would have to be made to the nearest town with a doctor for help. Depending on weather condition, a plane or helicopter would be sent immediatly to the location of call.

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