The Unusal Island is a Made Up Spin off of The Simpsons The Towns Are PoopPeePants Lane Crane The Cranky South M Eat Up And Fartni Prince

The Unusal Island

Country of origin UK & US

  • Characters


  • Main Characters

  • The Wlggums

  • Ralph Wlggum. is a silly boy ralph s frlends are wiggle puppy toy chunk Big Dum Dum o ' riley and others
  • Chief Wlggum. is ralph s daddy and he a policeman
  • Sarah Wlggum. is chief s lady
  • Gmanda baggage Wlggum. is ralph s lady

  • The Flanders

  • Ned Flanders. is a diddily man
  • Maude Flanders. is ned lady helpmate and necessary playmate
  • Rod and Todd. are the sons of the flanders
  • Lord Thistlewlck Flanders. is a flander foam the uk
  • Lady Nedwina Flanders. is thistlewlck lady

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