Jack F:Hi We're The Friends Are For

Lance G:Welcome To Cinema

Noah G:Yay!

Issac M:Can We Get All Ticket For "The Upside Down Show" "Movie" Please?

Actor:Sure It Has A 12 Remotes


(The Following Allong To The Theater)

Hank:#10 There It Is

Lance G:SHHH

Noah H:We Have To Be Very Quiet With Those Remote.

(We Seen A G Screen,Nick Jr Upside Down Show)

All:Uh Oh

(We Press Dark,Light,Stuble,Instant Replay,Start Movie,Upside Down,Reversed and Fast Forward on the movie)

(The movie was over.)

(Lance's Phones Ringing)

Bean:You Reach A Sprout Diner What Can I Help You.

Lance G: Hi Bean.

Bean:Well Hello Lance.

Lance G:We Want Something To Yummy To Eat Please.

Bean:Well Prepare A Perfict Pick Me Up So You Could Sleep And Rested All Night.

Lance G:Thank You.

Bean:It's Time To Create.

Sprout Diner Family:With A Sprout Family.

(Alfafa Sing In 30 Seconds)

(So They Talk All Day)

Chef:We're Making A Caillous Crunchy Carrot Salad .

Chef:Off We Go And Order Up.

Alfafa:I'm On My Way.

Bean:Say Hello To The Friends Are For.

Chef:And Give A Size Hug

(So Alfalfa Goes To The House And Gave Boys A Hug.

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