The Urban Brotherhood is an Author Fighter Team led by JC 619 after a Bout against his Darkside Jace injured him.


JC 619

JC 619 is the Group's De Facto Leader. JC 619 formed the Group after suffering an Injury during a Fight against his Darkside Jace. JC 619 uses his Artificial Symbiote Suit to help himself Heal while he leads his Newly Created Team.


Spider-Man was JC 619's First pick after Learning that Spidey saved him from being Decapitated by Jace. Spider-Man's


 Experience with Teams like The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and other Groups makes him a great Second-in-Command.

Danny Phantom

Danny is one of the few Un-Affiliated Members of the AF Database that JC 619 selected. Danny has afew small Issues with JC's Leadership since he led Team Phantom, but is willing to team up with the Urban Brotherhood. Danny's Ghost-Based Powers makes him the Team's Best Bet in Stealth.


Stitch is another Un-Affiliated Member of the AF Database that JC 619 selected. Stitch maybe considered by JC 619 "The Cutest Looking Thing that can Kick your Butt 5 Ways to Sunday.". Stitch brings the Strength Factor to the Team, and is also a key Intelligence for the team.
File:Captain stitch emactus.jpg


Starfire is another Un-Affiliated Member of the AF Database that JC 619 selected. JC 619 has joked that he chose her because he has a Crush on her, but in reality, Starfire was chosen because of her Abilities of Flight, and her Energy Shooting "Star Bolts" makes her the Best Shooter on the Team.

Kiyone Makibi

Kiyone Makibi is a Newer Member that AF has recruited, and JC 619 selected. Kiyone is a First Class Galaxy Police Detective who Graduated with the 2nd Highest Marks & with her Skills, Commitment to her Police Work & Responsible nature has made her the Cream of the GP Crop. She is the Team's Detective, and works with JC 619 as his Partner for the FFCPD as a Cover. JC 619 has admitted that Kiyone is a far more impressive Officer than he is.


Cliffjumper is a Newer Member that AF has recruited, and JC 619 selected. Cliffjumper works as the Team's Transport, and 2nd Strength. Apparently, Cliffjumper was killed by Starscream in the Prime Universe so it is unknown how Cliffjumper exist at the moment. It could be due to Isaac Sumdac's Teleportation Incident (see Bee in the City). Cliffjumper's alternate form is a Red Dodge Challenger with Bull Horns. Cliffjumper also is JC 619's Car as a Cover, and usually messes with JC 619 about his relationship with Dahlia.

Reserve Members

Shino Aburame

Shino is a Reserve Member for The Urban Brotherhood. Shino joined The Roster after JC 619 was forced to take a Vacation. Shino's Clan is infused with a special breed of insects known as "destruction bugs" during birth. In exchange for using Shino as a hive and feeding on his chakra, the bugs do as he commands. Shino originally helped out JC 619, and Jean Kazuhiza during JC 619's First Mission.


Meowth is a Reserve Member for The Urban Brotherhood. Meowth has yet to join the Roster just yet. Meowth has the uncanny Ability to Speak like a Human. He is known to use his Claws, and is considered to be the Comic Relief for The Urban Brotherhood.

Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock)

Anti-Venom is a Reserve Member for The Urban Brotherhood. Anti-Venom has yet to join the Roster yet. Anti-Venom has all the abilities and powers of Venom, plus the ability to "cleanse" human bodies of foreign influences, such as symbiotes, certain people's super powers, sickness, and drugs. He also lacks the main weaknesses of the symbiote race, as extreme heat and sonic waves no longer have any effect on him. Anti- Venom is considered to be Spider-Man's Replacement as the two cannot co-exist due to Anti-Venom's Ability to negate all of Spider-Man's powers if they get too close to each other after he tried to "cleanse" Spider-Man of the trace amount of symbiote in his body as well as of the radiation in his blood.

Allies of The Urban Brotherhood

The Hurricane

WWE's Resident Superhero, Gregory Helms a.k.a. The Hurricane was one of afew Humans given an Amulet that will allow them to obtain Super Human Abilities when they are in Imminent Danger from a Darkside. The Hurricane's Powers allow him Super Speed, and Giga Impact which he uses this Power to take Foes out with the Force of an actual Hurricane.


Del was a Secret Ally used against Jace during the Final Fight. JC 619 secretly chatted with Danny to obtain the Del from the Ghost Zone. Del was the Spiritual Manifestation of the Fallen Friends of Gorillaz Drummer Russel Hobbs.

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