1. Pippa Arrives
  2. Budgie's Blizzard
  3. The Air Show
  4. Copters and Robbers
  5. Daydreams and Candyfloss
  6. Flying in Arctic Circles
  7. Down on the Farm
  8. Aliens Have Landed
  9. Wally Waddles In
  10. Surprise, Surprise
  11. Deep Sleep
  12. Bad News, Good News
  13. Double Trouble
  14. The Runaway Train
  15. Put Up or Stuck Up
  16. Ups and Downs


  • This DVD contains the same number of episodes that were featured on the Thomas and Friends Seasons 1-5 release, The Very Best of Thomas and Friends. And like the DVD version of said Thomas release, this version also contains animated menus with moving pictures in the episode selection menus.

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