The Vicar of Wellsworth in Saved from Scrap.

Reverend Charles Laxely (aka the Vicar) is a fictional character who lives on the Island of Sodor on the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. He is the vicar of Wellsworth near Edward's line, and regularly sees him. One day Edward told the Vicar about Trevor the Traction Engine being scrapped, and he saved him. The Vicar also owns an Orchard, where Trevor works.

The Vicar has two sons, and regularly holds Sunday School Outings, Fetes, and Garden Parties; of which all the engines enjoy. His usual dress is black clothing with a wide-brim black hat. He also keeps bees, from which he gives honey to his friends, and caused a bit of trouble for James.

The Vicar was introduced in Season 2, and was last mentioned in Season 7. He hadn't made a direct appearance since Season 3. In The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry the character of The Vicar appears in the book Edward the Blue Engine and is based on the Rev. Awdry's friend and fellow railway enthusiast the Rev. Teddy Boston.


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