The Victorious Adventures of Charlotte's Web is the second movie crossover in the Victorious Adventures series. Like the first crossover in the series, its release date is unknown.

In this crossover Tori, Trina, Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade meet a pig named Wilbur who is saved from being slaughtered by Charlotte the spider (in case that was confusing the spider is the one saving him).


A litter of pigs are born to the Arable farm. One is a runt so John Arable decides to "do away with it". However, when his daughter, Fern, and Tori, Trina, Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade hear of the pig's fate, they rescue him and tell Fern's dad that it is absurd to kill the runty pig just because it is smaller than the others. Fern even says that it is no different than if she had been born small and killed. John agrees with them and they get to raise him and they name him Wilbur. However, after only six weeks of raising him, John tells Fern and her friends that it is time for Wilbur to be sold (all his siblings were already sold). They sadly say good-bye as Wilbur is sold down the street to Fern's uncle, Homer Zuckerman. When Wilbur wants to play with a lamb, the lamb's father (known as a ram) says that sheep do not play with pigs because it is only a matter of time before they are turned into smoked bacon and ham. Wilbur starts crying, saying that he does not want to die, but a voice from above tells him to "chin up". The next day, she sings a song about "chinning up", and reveals herself to be a spider named Charlotte. She saves him by writing messages in her web, hence the title. Meanwhile, Fern, Tori, Trina, Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade get to visit Wilbur at the Zuckermans' farm each day. One day Wilbur becomes so famous that Mr. Zuckerman decides to take him to the fair. There, Charlotte, on her last legs, tells Wilbur and Fern's friends that she's going to eventually die. Tori and her friends from Hollywood Arts all tell Fern about this, so that Fern will know why Wilbur is crying, because he's mourning Charlotte's death. Because she can't make it back to the Zuckermans', Wilbur and the Hollywood Arts crew have to get Templeton the Rat to save Charlotte's Web 514 babies. Later, when Wilbur returns to Mr. Zuckerman's farm, Tori and her friends come too knowing that he's gonna need some company. At the farm, Charlotte's eggs hatch, and almost all of them leave. Just as Wilbur is about to run away and the Hollywood Arts crew are too, three of Charlotte's daughters, Joy, Aranea, and Nellie, reveal that they are too small to fly, and are going to stay the farm with Wilbur. But as much as Wilbur loves Charlotte's daughters and enjoys his new friends' company, they will never replace her memory.


  • This is the second crossover in the Victorious Adventures series, the first being The Victorious Adventures of The Fox and the Hound.
  • The Hollywood Arts crew from Victorious all return for The Victorious Adventures of Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure.
  • It has been noted that the story is supposed to take place in Maine, but Victorious takes place in Los Angelas. So the Hollywood Arts crew has come to visit Fern in Maine.
  • Like most times in her life, Trina wasn't orginally invited to see Fern and Wilbur, but she invited herself.
  • Jade almost never cries, but after the death of Charlotte, she bursts into tears like everybody else.
  • In Charlotte's Web 2, Nellie, Aranea, and Joy all have similar personalites to Tori, Cat, and Jade.

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