The Victorious Adventures of The Fox and the Hound 2 is the 12th crossover in the Victorious Adventures series and the midquel to The Victorious Adventures of The Fox and the Hound. The crossover takes place during the youths of Tod and Copper, in which Copper is tempted to join a band of singing stray dogs. Like the first in the The Fox and the Hound crossover series, its release date is unknown.


The crossover opens with Tod and Copper chasing a cricket together. They see a line of trucks bringing the county fair to town, and Copper is mesmerized by the sound of dogs singing together in an old school bus with "The Singin' Strays" painted on the side. The pair are eager to go see the fair, but when Copper's clumsy tracking skills disappoint his master Amos Slade yet again, the pup is tied up in the yard while Slade and Chief go to the fair without him. Tod arrives and pulls Copper's collar off, and the pair head with the HAC to the fair.

Tod and Copper get to meet The Singin' Strays. The band has five members: Dixie, Cash, Granny Rose, and twin brothers Waylon and Floyd. It is important that they perform well because a talent scout from the Grand Ole Opry will be at the fair. Cash and Dixie get into an argument, and Dixie walks off before their performance, forcing them to go on stage without her. During the show Copper sings along, and Cash invites the pup up on stage to sing with them. The musical number is a success. Cash invites Copper to join the band, which he does upon promising that he is a "stray". Copper spends the entire day with Cash, forgetting his promise to watch fireworks with Tod, Tori, Trina, Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade.

Dixie finds Tod and the HAC and sympathizes with their feelings of abandonment. During their conversation, they lets it slip that Copper is not a stray, and Dixie hatches a plan to get Copper out of the band with their help. Tod lures Copper's owner, Slade, to the fair in a wild chase. The chase leads to widespread mayhem in the fair, and the Singin' Strays' performance is sabotaged right in front of the talent scout Mr. Bickerstaff. Copper is fired from the band and returns home with Slade. Granny Rose and the rest of the members of Cash's band feel quite sorry for Copper about this and therefore the band breaks up. Tod is sorry for ruining everything, and is brought home by Widow Tweed. Along the way, Tweed narrowly misses being hit by the talent scout's car, and Bickerstaff's hat flies off and lands on Tod.

The following day, Tod and Copper admit their mistakes and are friends again. Hoping to amend for his doings, Tod gives Bickerstaff's hat to Copper, who uses it to track down the talent scout at a local diner. Tod tricks Cash and Dixie into thinking the other is in trouble, and the entire band end up meeting up at the diner. Copper convinces the band the importance of harmony, and The Singin' Strays howl a reprise of their song We're in Harmony, attracting the attention of the talent scout and reuniting the band. Impressed with the band, he arranges for the dogs to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

The crossover ends with Copper choosing to leave the band and play with Tod again. The HAC depart for their next adventure.


  • Jade and Cat Give It Up again.
  • Also, Jade mocks Tori again with that Southern Belle accent.

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