The Victorious Adventures of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride is the 15th crossover in the Victorious Adventures series. Its release date is unknown.


The crossover opens as the animals of the Pridelands and Hollywood Arts crew gather to witness the celebration of the newborn cub, Kiara, daughter of King Simba and Queen Nala. As she grows older, Kiara becomes annoyed at her father's over-protective parenting, and Simba assigns Timon and Pumbaa to be her babysitters. Kiara and the HAC manage to escape the duo's attention, however, and enter the "Outlands", where they meet a cub designated to be the heir of Scar, Kovu. After escaping a river of crocodiles, Kiara and Kovu become friends, but when Kovu retaliates to Kiara's playing, Simba appears out of nowhere and roars at the young cub, and Zira, Kovu's mother (who had been watching them from the bushes) also emerges. Zira and Simba face off, with Zira reminding Simba of how he exiled her and the other Outlanders. She also tells him Kovu was hand-chosen to be Scar's successor, but Simba decides to ignore her and returns to the Pride Lands with Kiara, lecturing her on the dangers the Outlanders pose. In the Outlands, Nuka, Kovu's brother, openly expresses his jealousy of Kovu to his sister Vitani (who is about Kovu's age), but quickly stops when Zira comes home. Zira scolds Kovu for going into the Pridelands, reminding him that Simba was the one that killed Scar. Kovu explains that he did not think Kiara was so bad, and Zira realizes she can use Kovu's friendship with Kiara to get to Simba, and sings her son to sleep, all the while plotting an evil plan for revenge.

Now an adolescent, Kiara heads with the HAC out for her first solo hunt, but Nuka and Vitani trap them in a fire, allowing for Kovu to rescue them. Simba, reluctant to thank the young Outlander, is forced to accept Kovu's asylum now that Kovu saved his daughter. Kovu contemplates attacking Simba as he was instructed to, but he goes out to hunt with Kiara and the HAC instead and finds himself bewildered by the emotions she raises in him. Kovu eventually reveals to Kiara and her friends he was never Scar's real son, but that "he was still a part of me". Meanwhile, Simba seeks his ancestor's guidance on his current situation, but Nala helps him see that Kovu is not Scar. Kovu attempts to confess his mission to Kiara and the HAC, but Rafiki shows up and leads them to the jungle where he introduces them to "Upendi" — love. Ultimately, Kovu and Kiara indeed fall in love.

Kovu's guilt drives him to confess about his mission to Simba. Before he can do so, Simba tells him the real story of Scar, which Kovu had never heard. They fall into an ambush set up by Zira's pride, however. Kovu has the opportunity to murder Simba, but runs away instead. Simba manages to escape, but Nuka is killed during the chase while trying to assassinate Simba. Zira blames Kovu for his brother's death and slashes him across the face, marking him with a scar identical to Scar's. Kovu attempts to return to the Pride Lands and begs the king for his forgiveness, but Simba, believing that the rogue lion was behind his mother's ambush, responds by exiling him. Kiara is not allowed to go after him either, and she pleads her father to reconsider, but Simba sternly refuses as he did not know of Zira's ambush. In defiance, Kiara tells Simba that he will never be Mufasa and runs off to find Kovu. Just when Simba notices that Kiara has gone missing, he is informed of an upcoming attack by the Outlanders.

The Outlanders and Pridelanders clash and a battle ensues. Zira and Simba face off, but Kovu and Kiara, along with the HAC, intervene and tell them to cease their hostilities. Kiara reminds her father, by his own words, that "we are one". Although Zira ignores the plea, the rest of the Outlanders accept it and falter. Zira, standing alone, attempts to attack Simba, but Kiara and Tori jump before her, sending them all over a cliff dangling over a storm-swollen river. Kiara and Tori come into safety quickly enough, but Zira is in need of assistance. Zira refuses Kiara's help, however, and falls to her death. Simba, along with Nala, allows the Outlanders and Kovu to rejoin the Pride Lands at Pride Rock, and even accepts Kovu as his new son-in-law and the future king. Simba looks up at the sky to hear his deceased father's approval.


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