The Victorious Adventures of The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under are the third crossovers in the Victorious Adventures series. Their release date is unknown.


The Rescuers

In an abandoned river boat in Devil's Bayou, Penny, a young orphan, drops a message in a bottle containing a plea for help into the river. The bottle is carried out to sea and arrives in New York City, where it is discovered by the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization inside the United Nations. The Hungarian representative, Miss Bianca, volunteers to accept the case and chooses Bernard, a stammering janitor who has triskaidekaphobia, as her co-agent. Tori, Trina, Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade join the mission to help rescue Penny. The nine visit Morningside Orphanage, where Penny lived, and meet an old cat named Rufus. He tells them about a woman named Madame Medusa who once tried to lure Penny into her car and may have succeeded in abuducting Penny this time.

Traveling to Medusa's pawn shop, the mice and Hollywood Arts crew discover that Medusa and her partner, Mr. Snoops, are on a quest to find the world's largest diamond, the Devil's Eye. They also discover that Mr. Snoops is in at the Devil's Bayou with Penny, whom they have kidnapped. With the help of an albatross named Orville, and a dragonfly named Evinrude, the mice and HAC (Hollywood Arts crew) follow Medusa to the bayou. There, they learn that Penny was captured to enter a hole that leads down into the pirates' cave where the Devil's Eye is located.

Miss Bianca's perfume inadvertently attracts the attention of Medusa's pet alligators, Brutus and Nero. Bernard, Miss Bianca, and the HAC flee and find Penny. Bernard asks Evinrude to round up the local animals to help rescue Penny. He does so, only to be thwarted by a flock of hungry bats, delaying him. The following morning, Medusa and Mr. Snoops send Penny down into a pirate's cave to find the gem, with Miss Bianca and Bernard hiding in her skirt pocket and the HAC just down a distance. The ten soon find the stone within a pirate skull; as Penny pries the mouth open with a sword, the mice push it out from within, but soon the oceanic tide rises and floods the cave. Miss Bianca, Penny, and Bernard barely manage to retrieve the diamond and escape.

The greedy Medusa steals the diamond for herself and hides it in Penny's teddy bear, attempting to run off with the diamond, leaving Snoops without any shares. When she trips over a cable set as a trap by Bernard and Bianca, Medusa loses the bear to Penny, who runs away with it. Medusa retaliates with gunfire, causing the mice to flee until they are met by Brutus and Nero. With help from the HAC, Bernard and Miss Bianca trick them into entering a cage-like elevator, trapping them.

Tori and Cat set off Mr. Snoops' fireworks and sink the boat. Meanwhile Penny and the mice commandeer Medusa's "Swampmobile", a motor-boat used by Medusa to travel in the swamp and resembling the front clip Ford Model T body mounted to a small boat, with a single tractor seat for the driver. Medusa unsuccessfully pursues them, and is left clinging to the boat's smoke stacks with Brutus and Nero trying to eat her below while Snoops is seen rafting away.

Back in New York, the Rescue Aid Society hear that the Devil's Eye is given to the Smithsonian Institution and Penny is adopted by a new father and mother on the television news. Bernard and Miss Bianca remain partners in the Rescue Aid Society. Soon there is another call for help and they soon after depart on Orville, accompanied by Evinrude. Tori, Trina, Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade go too.

The Rescuers Down Under

In the Australian Outback, a young boy named Cody rescues and befriends a rare golden eagle called Marahute, who shows him her nest and eggs. Later on, the boy is captured in an animal trap set by Percival C. McLeach, a local wanted poacher. When McLeach finds one of the eagle's feathers on the boy's backpack, he is instantly overcome with excitement, for he knows that to capture such a gigantic bird would make him rich because he had caught one before (which was Marahute's mate). McLeach throws Cody's backpack to the crocodiles to trick the Rangers into thinking that Cody was eaten, and kidnaps him in attempt to force him to tell about the whereabouts of Marahute. A mouse, the bait in the trap, runs off to alert the Rescue Aid Society.

The message is sent to the Rescue Aid Society headquarters, and Bernard and Bianca, the RAS' elite field agents, are assigned to the mission, interrupting Bernard's attempt to propose marriage to Bianca. Tori, Trina, Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade are back as well; once again Trina had to invite herself.

They go to find Orville the albatross who aided them previously, but instead find Wilbur, Orville's brother (not to be confused with Wilbur in Charlotte's Web). Bernard, Bianca and the HAC convince Wilbur to fly them to Australia to save Cody. In Australia, they meet Jake, a kangaroo mouse who is the RAS' local regional operative. Jake falls in love with Bianca and starts flirting with her, much to Bernard's chagrin. He serves as their "tour guide" and protector in search of the boy. At the same time, Wilbur is immobilized when his spinal column is bent out of its natural shape, convincing Jake to send him to the hospital. As Wilbur refuses to undergo surgery and flees, his back is unintentionally straightened by the efforts of the mouse medical staff to prevent him escaping through a window, while simultaneously injuring the mouse doctor, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Cured, Wilbur departs in search of his friends. At McLeach's ranch, and the HAC have been thrown into a cage with several of McLeach's captured animals after refusing to give up Marahute's whereabouts. Cody tries to free himself and the animals, but is thwarted by Joanna, McLeach's pet goanna. Realizing Cody's weak spot, McLeach tricks Cody into thinking that someone else has shot Marahute, making Cody lead him to Marahute's nest.

Bernard, Bianca, and Jake, knowing that Cody is in great danger, jump onto McLeach's Halftrack to follow him. At Marahute's nest, the three mice and the HAC try to warn Cody that he has been followed; just as they do, McLeach arrives and captures Marahute, along with Cody, Jake, and Bianca. On McLeach's orders, Joanna tries to eat Marahute's eggs, but Bernard found the nest first and replaced the eggs with egg-shaped stones in order to protect them. An annoyed Joanna simply tosses the stones into the water. Wilbur arrives at the nest, whereupon Bernard convinces him to sit on the eagle's eggs, so that Bernard can go after McLeach. McLeach takes Cody and Marahute to Crocodile Falls, where he ties Cody up and hangs him over a group of crocodiles and attempts to feed him to them, but Bernard, riding a type of wild pig called a "Razorback", which he had tamed using a horse whispering technique used by Jake, follows and disables McLeach's vehicle, preventing the use of its crane to put Cody at risk. McLeach then tries to shoot the rope holding Cody above the water. To save Cody, Bernard tricks Joanna into crashing into McLeach, sending them both into the water. The crocodiles chase McLeach, while behind them the damaged rope holding Cody breaks apart. Although McLeach manages to fight off the crocodiles, only Joanna reaches the shoreline, while McLeach falls down an enormous waterfall. Bernard dives into the water to save Cody, but fails. Jake and Bianca free Marahute in time for her to save Cody and Bernard, sparing them McLeach's fate. Bernard, desperate to avoid any further incidents, proposes to marry Bianca, who accepts eagerly while Jake salutes him with a newfound respect. All of them depart for Cody's home. Wilbur, whom they have neglected to relieve of his task, incubates the eggs until they hatch, much to his dismay. And Trina's allergies act out again as well.


  • Jade's crying moment is during the song Someone's Waiting for You.
  • Jake and Beck are kinda similar in some ways.
  • Robbie was inspired to propose to Cat but she didn't want to. Trina is also really mad because it made her realize that every time Jade said nobody likes her, she was right. And Jade is also mad now that she broke up with Beck.
  • Evinrude doesn't appear at all in the sequel, despite the first movie saying that he accompanied Bernard and Bianca.
  • Robbie was also inspired to become a hero like Bernard did in The Rescuers Down Under.
  • Trina had to go to the hosptal with Wilbur, because of her excessive allergies. But it wasn't until Bernard finally proposes to Miss Bianca that she stopped, then they started again when the eggs Wilbur was watching hatched because she's allergic to poultry.
  • In both movies it is never confirmed wheather or not Medusa or McLeach died.

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