The View From the Mirror is the first quartet in The Three Worlds Series.


The four novels in the quartet are named as followed:


The setting for most of the action that takes place in the quartet is Santhenar. However there are two other worlds of note that do appear in the quartet: Aachan and Tallallame. These three worlds are connected by a limitless place of brutality and horror called The Void. Each of the worlds has a species that inhabits it, however four thousand years before the beginning of the View From the Mirror, The Forbidding closed the three worlds off from one another. This was a grave occurance, as all three of the off world species, Charon, Aachim and Faellem, had sent a representation of their people to Santhenar in the hunt for the Golden Flute. The Forbidding shut off each of these representations from returning home and forced them to create a life on Santhenar, along with its native Old human people.

Main Characters

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