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Stories from the films and the classic tv series by Todd Strasser illustrated by Gil DiCicco.

  • The wicked witch from Snow white and the seven dwarfs:
  • Mirror, Mirror.9
  • Who's the fairest one of all?.10
  • Jafar in deguise from Aladdin:
  • My plan is working perfectly!.19
  • In search of the lamp.20
  • Cruella de vil from 101 Dalmatians:
  • A very fine fur.29
  • Puppy caper.30
  • Captain hook from Peter pan:
  • Sweet revenge!.37
  • Pirates, or the Plank!.38
  • Maleficent from Sleeping beauty:
  • Fear my wrath!.45
  • A birthday surprise.46
  • Stromboli from Pinocchio:
  • Gold galore!.53
  • No strings attached.54
  • Ursula from The little mermaid:
  • Atlantia will be mine!.61
  • Mermaids and mortals beware.62
  • Gaston from Beauty and the beast:
  • Me!.71
  • A beastly encounter.72
  • Napoleon from Animal farm in 1954:
  • How dare snowball make plans!.81
  • Dastardly plans.82
  • Buxton the blue cat from Dougal and the blue cat in 1972:
  • Who likes the colour called Blue?.91
  • Blue things.92
  • Texas pete from Superted in 1982-1986:
  • I wanna rule the gallaxy.101
  • Taking over superted's space station.102
  • Prince pyjamarama from Hanna-Barbera Home Video presenting The further adventures of superted-Leave it to space beavers on the US VHS in the 90's:
  • I hate my nephew
  • New types of pyjamas being made and becoming the new rajah
  • Clayton from Tarzan:
  • Being a traitor will be easy to capture the gorillas
  • Betraying Tarzan, Jane and Professor porter
  • Sid from Toy story:
  • Man, If only i could blow the spaceman up
  • Ready to destroy Buzz in the sky

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