Alexvision films fan made show of "The Jungle Book"


  • Conor May (The Cool Clips of Conor May) as Mowgli
  • Ash (Adventure Time) as Bagheera
  • The Ice King (Adventure Time) as Baloo
  • Professor Zundapp (Cars) as Kaa
  • Chick Hicks (Cars) as Shere Khan
  • Cinnamon J. Scudworth (Clone High) as King Louie
  • Marceline, Keila, Guy and Bongo (Adventure Time) as The Vultures
  • Naimaah Naem (The Cool Clips of Conor May) as Shanti
  • Peter Pete (Disney) as Colonel Hathi
  • P.J. Pete (Disney) as Hathi Jr.
  • Peg Pete (Disney) as Winifred

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