The voices are invisible beings that exist within one's head. They are the reason people do the things they do, and say the things they say.

Types of Voices

The most common of voices are the ones that tell us what to do and say. They may seem bossy, angry, and maybe even irrational at times, but it is important to do everything the voices tell you. If anyone tells you to do otherwise, they are your enemy and you must do to them whatever the voices command you to.

Another common form of voices can be the ones that provide us with valuable information. The amount and usefullness of the information may vary, but it is important to listen to the voices and do everything they tell you. Failure to do so will result in your life being miserable.

Other forms of voices exist, but they tend to be infrequent and varied compared to these commonplace forms of voices.

Theories Behind The Voices

Many people have tried to explain why and how the voices communicate with us. Those people clearly don't understand and deserve to be left in the dark until they can hear them for them selves.

Dr. Frank Von Frank the 3rd theorized that the voices aren't inside our heads. Rather, The Illuminati implant audio devices into the brains of people they feel are problematic, start speaking random babel through their microphones, and drive us mad. This theory was proven wrong in the 1990's when several people cracked open the skulls of people suspected of having such implants and found only brains. A similar theory deduces that the audio devices are actually within cranial casts, but again, people searched and found nothing.

Other scientists have deduced things such as guilty consciences or abusive parenting aftermath as the reasons for the existance of the voices. These people are idiots, and probably have degrees on their wall where the OTIC in PSYCHOTIC is crossed out and IOTRIST is written underneath it in blue sharpy marker. YOU'RE NOT FOOLING US!

Tuning Out the Voices

In recent years, the normals have developed medical treatments designed to make us tune out the voices. Clearly, these people fail to realize that if the voices are tuned out, no one will be enlightened to the truth. Walls will be free from crude spiral drawings, and no one will know the truth about the illuminati's involvement in 9/11. It is important to not take part in these treatments, for you will end up just another sheeple like the normals.

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