The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald is a television series based on the McDonald's videos from 1998-2003. It is set as a Television series made for Disney Channel and ran for three Seasons and fifty-two episodes from September 3, 2005 to February 23, 2008.


  • Follow the adventures of Ronald McDonald (voiced by Jason Marsden), his wife Rita McDonald (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern), his children 10-year-old Nathan McDonald (voiced by Lainie Frasier) and 6-year-old Valerie McDonald (voiced by Eden Sher), his pet dog Sundae (reprised by Dee Bradley Baker), his friends Grimace (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke), Birdie (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) and Hamburglar (voiced by Tom Kenny), his rival Frederick McCormick (voiced by Jim Cummings) whose wife and Children are Lenora McCormick (voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin), 10-year-old Boomer McCormick (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) and 6-year-old Fauna McCormick (voiced by Jocelyn Loewen), and his boss Brandon Harrington (voiced by Charlie Adler). There's also his elderly parents Luca McDonald (voiced by June Foray) and Frank McDonald (voiced by Adam McArthur).


  • Jason Marsden as Ronald McDonald
  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Rita McDonald
  • Lainie Fraiser as Nathan McDonald
  • Eden Sher as Valerie McDonald
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Sundae
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Grimace
  • Kelly Sheridan as Birdie
  • Tom Kenny as Hamburglar
  • Jim Cummings as Frederick McCormick
  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin as Lenora McCormick
  • Nancy Cartwright as Boomer McCormick
  • Jocelyne Loewen as Fauna McCormick
  • Charlie Adler as Brandon Harrington
  • June Foray as Luca McDonald
  • Adam McArthur as Frank McDonald


Season 1 (2005)

Season 2 (2006)

Season 3 (2007-2008)

Production Companies

  • Klasky Csupo
  • Disney Channel Original


  • This is inspired by the McDonald's videos.
  • Dee Bradley Baker reprises his role as Sundae.

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