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The Story

The Waffelrøre was started by the Vocalist Petter F.R. and the Drummer Rasmus in the end of 2005. They got a school project. They should make a rap. Then they made Pannekake Rap. A friend called Jan Erik joined them. They dicided too sing one verse each and the refrain together. After the project Petter and Rasmus wanted to start a band. Jan Erik did not, But he wanted to sing on Pannekake Rap only so that's why the song feauters him. Rasmus came opp with the song title Brø Fjøl and the band name The Waffelrøre. Petter agreed the both titles. Some months later it was a school dance. Then they asked Martin and Magnus to join them. Martin agreed, but magnus said maybe (Take it easy. He joined them later). Months later on a school trip Rasmus and, Petter meet Even. Petter asked: "Even? Do you play Bass?" Even said yes. Petter asked Even to join them and he agreed. In the summer, Petter M.G. visited Petter F.R. When Petter F.R. heard Petter M.G. played Guitar did Petter F.R. ask Petter M.G. to join and he agreed.


  • Petter F.R. - Vocals
  • Martin - Lead Guitar
  • Petter M.G. - Rhythm Guitar
  • Even - Bass Guitar
  • Rasmus - Drums
  • Magnus - Keyboard/Piano



  • Waffler of sadness

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